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    I am so delighted you came to join me in my Godward musings. You never know what I will be thinking about, so you're never quite sure what I'll be discussing...but, regardless of the topic, I do hope that you will feel well received and treasured - for you are. By all means, jump right into the conversation - the more the merrier!

    Regardless of what you find going on here, I hope, most of all, that you will fiind Jesus.

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The Importance of an Ear…..

Surely, the man was full of the poison he’d heard from his master. After all, he was a bondservant, pledged to his master.  But in that moment, the one very brief moment, when he was looking directly into the eyes of the One who was about to die – the Lamb being led to slaughter – … Continue reading

Daddy’s Girl

The problem with forced silence is, my musing brain doesn’t stop.  It just keeps going and going and going…. SO, when I come out of hiding, my mind is full of things that have been “churning” in the background.  What does one do with all THAT?! One of the things that I have been musing about … Continue reading

Walk, not run

Just a short, little bit to start your thinking in the right direction for the week. Jesus was never hurried – nor harried. He always walked with His Father, at His Father’s speed, in sync with each of His steps.  Not only did He time His steps with His Father’s – He walked with a … Continue reading

Saturday Morning Musing

Grab your Bible – come do some wallowing with me – I can’t wait to share this with you and hear your thoughts… Let’s go to John 11.  I’m going to be quoting from ESV (and a little from the DCV, too) but that doesn’t matter, just follow along in your preferred translation.  You won’t … Continue reading

Hands Like My Jesus…

There are moments in this life that the Kingdom of God seems so close – so real – that I think I should be able to reach out and grab a hold of the gate and slip in and fall on my face before my Savior King! I had one of those moments today. I … Continue reading

Abraham, I am God Almighty….

Oh, I so desire to live a life of holiness and please God!  The desire consumes my thinking.  So, I have begun to pray, asking the Lord to make me holy enough that I can be poured out for others.  That through that holiness Father would work in my life, that others would be blessed. … Continue reading

Things are not as they appear…..

We first moved to our community in the midst of Oktoberfest.  For those of you who have not experienced such an event, it basically entails beer, brats and polka music.  I’m sure that there were other things going on, but for someone who was brand new to this, I didn’t see it. Having a houseful … Continue reading

Rock Head!

This morning, I just can’t stop thinking of God, our Rock!   I just can’t seem to shake it from my head.  I am singing old worship songs about God the Rock….and verses keep jumping out at me.  🙂  I guess this makes me a Rock Head! Won’t you join me? For I proclaim the … Continue reading

Slow down…

…you move too fast – got to make the morning last. For most of us, we get our time in the Word first thing in the morning.  We usually tuck it in the midst of our daily routine to grab the day, wrestle it to the ground and jump on it for a wild ride … Continue reading

Word wrangling: faith

This morning, Jeff and I are discussing/studying/wallowing in “faith.” Considering Hebrews 11 – But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. We all desire to please our Lord.  SO, in light of that we MUST … Continue reading