A Sure Sherpa???

Picture with me –

You live in a tiny town at the base of the most beautiful mountain. From down in town, you can hear the breeze blowing through the numerous trees on the mountain side. You can smell the flowers growing on the path…and you have heard the view from the top is more beautiful than you can think or imagine. From the top you can see the brilliant blue lakes and the trees of many shapes and colors. The creek that runs from the top babbles with the most crystal clear and refreshing water. The air is crisp and pure. It is your heart’s desire to climb this mountain.

Because the path to the top is hindered by much undergrowth and many twists and turns, you ask those who live on the mountain to help you climb to the top. They send you a crippled woman. She is broken and walks slowly. Her willingness to help you is evident on her face, but her body is still broken. Her many trips to the mountain top have damaged her body. She shows signs of many injuries along the way. How can she – one who so obviously has been injured on this mountain, lead you to the top? How can she keep you from getting horribly hurt?

Do you proceed? Do you wait for another, who is stronger, to help you to the mountain top? Do you make the trip alone? The answer to this question is a valid and important one. For you see, I am the crippled woman. I am broken and my walk through learning to train up my children has been a slow one. I have fallen off the mountain many times in my attempts to reach the top in my own strength. I am willing to help you reach the top – I can show you the path that we found, but I am unable to physically help you make the trip. That is the task of the Holy Spirit alone. He is faithful and I can show you where to find Him on this journey, but that is all I can do…

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  1. […] Ok, I came back – does this mean I’m not a total dolt?  I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it would incriminate me. If you are reading this and you have not read, in order, A Sure Sherpa? and Headline: Crippled Woman Climbs Mountain, please go back and read those first.  […]

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