I’ve been meme’d…gasp, you suppose one dies of such things?  Does one need House for such a thing?  (“Clean up on Javadawn!”)  : ) : )

So, here we go:
1) One homeschooling book you have enjoyed?  ONE?!! Is this a joke?  That’s like asking me to pick one child…sigh…. Oh, I get it, one I like for each child… “When You Rise Up”, “Homeschooling by Heart”, “Educating the Wholehearted Child”, “Teaching the Trivium”, “I Saw the Angel in the Marble”, “Wisdom’s Way of Learning” and  “Dumbing Us Down.” 

2) One resource you wouldn’t be without? (I will be good- I will stick with one this time) Internet.

3) One resource you wish you had never bought?  Ugh – you know, my problem is every time I made a poor choice for our school, it was such a HUGE teaching opportunity in ME; sanctifications galore!

4) One resource you enjoyed last year?  Jeannie Fulbright’s science books.

5) One resource I will be using this year?  TruthQuest history

6) One resource I would like to buy?  Um…2?? “Teaching the Classics” and Jill Novak’s book on family writing.

7) One resource you wish existed?  I wish I could find a product, that you could add water to and shake – and pour out into 3 serving bowls.  One would become the main dish, one a veggie and the other a salad.  (Perfect for the busy home schooling mom!  I know it would sell well – I’ll even sell you my idea, if any of you would like to produce it. The amazing part is that it all needs to comes in one canister – but the food that comes out should be different each time. I’ve even got the name, Poppins Popouts….whatcha think?)

8) One homeschooling catalog you enjoy reading?  Well, I used to enjoy reading Elijah Company’s – but, since they aren’t producing them anymore, I CAN make it just one – Veritas Press. 

9) One homeschooling website you use regularly?  Hmmm, I haven’t been using one recently.  I should – AND dare I confess this?  I have never spent much time on Ambleside.  Will you still speak to me BrewCrew???  What if I promise to do so? : )

10) Tag 5 other home schooling moms…. polimommy, sixkidlets, momof7j….whoever else will join us.  : )

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