All My Sheets to the Wind!

Many times when I think of Sabbath, my mind is drawn to the “hassles” of preparing, the chaos of the last bit when we’re all racing to get to the dinner table. (Invariably some crisis happens at the last minute.) I think of the weariness that enters my bones when I finally sit down to Sabbath dinner and how grateful I am that the week is over.

THIS has been a long week.  There are many things that are going on – not the least of which was the death of a beloved pet.  (I can safely attest to the fact that animals in death throes during dinner are NOT good for the digestive system) There are, in fact, so many different things going on that I don’t even know how to share them.  I signed in Friday morning, thinking that I would share part of what was on my heart – nothing – and everything – came to mind.  There was no way that I could share with you all that was going on between these 2 ears of mine.  (Not that you’d particularly WANT to know what was going on between my two ears, but that’s a different vein of thought, altogether.)

BUT, the week ended last night when I drug my weary body up the stairs and climbed into bed.  As I did that, I was made aware, anew, of how wonderful it is to climb into a bed, freshly stripped and remade. Dear Sisters, silly as this may sound, may I encourage you to start this habit?  When I first began it, it was a matter of convenience – Jeff was home to carry the heavy laundry basket up the stairs and outside for me to hang the sheets, not to mention he was here to help keep an eye on the Littles while I was doing it.  Now, I do it to refresh my self and my beloved and my dear chillens. I know the Sabbath is in full swing, when I look out and see our clothesline full of sheets – flapping in the breeze. What a joy the Sabbath is – and how much better it is for fresh sheets!!!

Shabbat Shalom, Dear Ones, Shabbat Shalom!

One Response to “All My Sheets to the Wind!”
  1. beth says:

    Aaaah, yes, what a GREAT idea! I think I’ll start flying my sheets on the Sabbath too! LOL

    here, I’m pasting my reply to you from over on my blog, just to make sure that you see it. 😉

    VERY cool! Indeed it is always so nice to meet someone else who’s also learning of the Feasts, and honoring the Sabbath. What a blessing they have brought to our family! Our kids have embraced the Sabbath tradition, they love to help prepare.

    Our children consider Hanukkah their very favorite holiday. N recently commented on how he loves the quiet, ceremonial stillness of our nightly candle-lighting time. We all sit together by the light of the candles and draw, while listening to Chris read or to music or share stories (they love to narrate the Hanukkah stories of Channa and her sons or Judah Maccabee)…it’s a beautiful time of remembrance, with such richly deep spiritual lessons of purity and redemption. To think that our Messiah would not have been born if not for the courage and faith of the players of that time! This year is our 7th, or 8th? Isn’t that terrible, that I can’t remember exactly?! I kept such bad records before blogging! LOL

    Now that you mention it though, it seems to me that you’d had some sort of comment in your sig. line of an email to the TQ list that had made me wonder if you celebrated the Feasts too… that was before I’d *met* you though! LOL And I’d meant to email you way back then, but never did get around to it.

    Yes, I am SO glad that you found my blog though, and do so look forward to getting to *know* you better, and hearing more about your own family’s journey!

    I’ll continue to pray for you and your family as well. *sighs* It’s tough to go through, but so long as it strengthens our relationship with Him, and deepens our own capacities for understanding, then I’m all for going through it!

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