Book Discussion Starting: No Ordinary Home

Next Monday, we’ll start our discussion of “No Ordinary Home”  !!!!!  Read Chapter 1, please, so you can join the discussion.  (If you don’t have a copy of the book or don’t get time to read, PLEASE join us anyway, there is plenty there to glean from, with or without having read it.) I think you will really enjoy the book.  (I hope you do, anyway.)  Our first “hostess” will be andwe_areoff – thanks and! If anyone else would like to  be a hostess, please drop me a message.  (You can click on it – there on the left side of the page)

While we’re doing this, please send any suggestions you have on improving what we’re doing – I’d love to hear them.  (THEN, if we decide to do another book, we’ll just be getting better and better.) 🙂

Can’t wait! 


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