Lessons from the Loaf

You know, this whole free bread deal has been very enlightening for me…and for our family.  It has provided quite the fodder for discussion and seeing God.

First of all, the Lord is doing a huge work in our hearts in conjunction with living in “Egypt” and living in “The Promised Land” – this is a blog for another day – suffice it to say that this bread is reminding us of the fact that the Lord ALWAYS provides for His children and generally in excess.  While we “could” keep it all for ourselves, we would not reap of the blessings that come from giving/sharing from Father’s bounty. (Point – last night, we had a free meal – corn given to us, tomatoes given to us, bread given to us and peppers given to us. The only thing we paid for was the heat to cook it and the butter to slather on it.)

It is training us to listen to Father to better know how to administer His excess- whether that is clothing, money or….bread.  The responses of the people, that the Lord is gifting through us, has caused us to stop and review our own motives.  Are there “blessings” that the Lord would bring into our lives, that we turn our noses up at?

Lastly, it is a picture for us of the gift of the Living Bread.  We have been going out and offering it to people, asking them to take it freely – some have come over and taken, delighting in the smell and the flavor.  As they gather, there are some who are interested in sharing it with everyone they know – others are only interested in gathering for their own family. Then we have those who have come over and picked through the piles and taken one or two things, only those that appeal to them and leaving the rest behind.  Still others have come and only taken the sweet things – not interested in the bread of daily life.  Finally, there are those that aren’t interested at all.  They openly reject the gift of free bread…..

    “A certain man was giving a big dinner, and he invited many; and at the dinner hour he sent his slave to say to those who had been invited, “Come; for everything is ready now.” But they all alike began to make excuses…..”

Oh Lord, may it never be that we are found making excuses to dine at Your table.  And Lord, I’ve got some GREAT bread I could bring……


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