No Ordinary Home, Chapter Two

Since we’re dealing with a holiday weekend, I wanted to get this posted today, so that should any of you plan on being gone on Monday – you can feel free to comment “early.”

Overview: “Whatever Happened to Me?”
“I sat in front of the mirror today and wondered what happened. Obviously, three children in three years, but a lot more than that must have happened. I don’t look like myself at all.”

“I think my whole life has changed beyond recognition.”

“My first five years with children were the hardest on my self-esteem. I had valued my job, my church and my marriage so highly that the things I did defined me.”

“I just had trouble equating the day-in and day-out mundane chores of housekeeping and child raising with that mystical and holy thing called mothering.”

“Jacob’s Ladder – that ladder is a sign of my wrestling with God, of my desire to be named and to know what work He has for me to do.”

“There is nothing I can do. Nothing. I am His workmanship. Even the good works I am to do were prepared for me ahead of time. I am justified through faith in His redemptive work. No job, no career, no success, no amount of financial reward – nothing will ever earn me His love and approval.

“Being vs Doing. God’s only concern was and is what I am being – a child of His, forgiven, justified by the work of His Son, His heir. “

“It was finally clear. It was His name that I craved, not a definition of roles. A realization of a name. A holy name.”

Mrs Brazo’s questions:
Look up the following passages: John 1:12-13; John 3:18; Psalm 139:13; Psalm 139:14; Psalm 139:16; Romans 8:16-17; Colossians 1:13; Ephesians 2:8-10; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Romans 12:1; 2 Corinthians 5:21.

1) Which two do you find hardest to believe? Memorize them. (Share them, if you can)

2) List 3 changes you would make if you really believed these Scriptures.

Ladies, I have to confess, I’m nigh on crying right now, as I type. The tears are clogged in my throat – if someone were to come speak to me, I’d have to just…sign to them, I guess. When I read this, I remember my own struggle to find who I was in Christ, yes. But, most of all, I think of all the ladies that I have spoken to/read who do not have a grasp of this.

Time and time again, I’ve come face to face with young women who see their entire value wrapped up in what they do. “I do this for God…” “I am that…” “I…I…I…” It’s always about “me.” When I re-read Mrs Brazo’s words: “It was finally clear. It was His name that I craved, not a definition of roles. A realization of a name. A holy name.” How I wish I could communicate this to the many young women I find wrestling with this issue. How I wish I had known this when I was in the middle of wrestling with this issue!

Just recently I was party to a young woman communicating her need to be about the business of the Kingdom. She felt that her at-home involvement with her children was not only unfulfilling, but also keeping her from truly showing her love for the Lord and her desire to serve Him. I wanted to remind her that she was already serving Him.

I wanted to remind her that what she has done for the least of these, she has done for Him. Every nose we wipe, every story we read again and again, every single thing we do for our children, we offer up to the Lord as an act of worship.

Let’s be honest, there is no one who is coming along, giving us pats on the back and brownie points for being a good mom. Our glory – our reward for this is long coming. Yes, there are moments – when the grumpy little face on my lap turns her head and purposefully reaches up to kiss my cheek – when my daughter thanks me for being her friend – those moments, they are a reward.

BUT they aren’t THE reward – those will be the jewels in our crowns. We will know them well, when our Lord steps out of the crowd of those surrounding the Throne of our Father – and He touches our cheeks and He looks in our eyes and He says, “Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. When I was frightened, you comforted Me. When I was sad, you encouraged Me. When I was alone, you sat with Me. When no one else would be on My side, you were there. You always chose Me for your team.”

Why then, when we have such a “retirement party” awaiting us – why do I … why do we faunch and wrestle with what we DO? How is it so easy to forget that the things we are called to were appointed to us before time? Do we think that the Lord who saw fit to appoint these things to us BEFORE TIME, would allow them to go unfulfilled? Is our understanding of our Lord’s ability so limited that we can not see that He makes all things complete….but in His time? Oh that we could all keep our eyes on the end and not the muddle, here in the middle. (You like how I make it a “we” instead of a “me” issue?)

Dear Sisters, I’m sorry for rambling so long – may the Lord graciously give us all eyes to see and ears to hear – that we might be aware of Him in our daily lives – that we might see Him in the faces of the very ones we are called to serve.

41 Responses to “No Ordinary Home, Chapter Two”
  1. molleth says:

    Just seeing if this comments box worketheth!

  2. javadawn says:

    You are AMAZING!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. molleth says:

    Good, good, good. Let me know if you need any help messing around with any of it, especially the “look” (I had NO clue what you would want…dark, light, pastels, bold, bright, WHAT ALREADY?????)….LOL…

  4. javadawn says:

    Hey – where’d your avvy go?

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    I made you a mocha avatar…just let me know if you don’t want it…
    Okay, now , I’ll stop snooping around in your kitchen cabinets and give you your blog back… LOL…
    (Seriously, if you want to try a different look, LET ME KNOW and I’ll mess with stuff and we’ll see if we can find you what you would like, if your oldest amazing daughter doesn’t have the time)… πŸ™‚
    Love ya!

  6. molleth says:

    OOOPS! See, that was ME, Molly, that just said that, NOT you…
    Okay, I logged out and shall never enter your admin section again (well, unless I’m invited–lol)…
    Love ya, woman!

  7. javadawn says:

    Man, M.E. – all these yummy coffees could make me drool on my daughter’s laptop! : )

  8. Holly says:

    Found you!

    Cool digs! Man. Molly never did anything like THIS for me…:)

    What is she trying to bribe you to do? Come to Alaska? πŸ™‚

    (Seriously. This was very nice, Molly. Thank you for helping Dawn. Her archives will be so tidy now. πŸ™‚

  9. Owlhaven says:

    Hi! Just stumbled across you via ‘tag surfer’. Looks like we have a fair bit in common: Christian HSing moms with large families.

    Mary, mom to many

  10. javadawn says:

    Mary, I’m so glad you did – hope you’ll come back and visit again.

    Holly – you didn’t WHINE enough. (Either that or you’re not totally inadequate behind the keyboard, as I am. Father graciously put my eldest in my house or I’d still be emailing only.) πŸ˜‰

  11. Michelle says:

    Dawn, It’s lovely over here! Sigh, I will be so lonely over on xanga. Oh well, hubby says I should not be spending so much time on the internet anyway. Regarding Ch. 2…I loved the whole concept of doing vs. being…I’ll need to spend more time meditating on it throughout the week.

    The two most difficult verses to believe? Hmmm…On one level, the easy level, I believe them all because it’s God’s word and I believe God’s word is true, all of it, so therefore I believe these verses. On a slightly deeper level I believe even the difficult ones because it’s GOD. He can do anything, so it must be true, to not believe it would be to deny His perfection in some way. On a level deeper still I read John 1:12-13 and especially 2 Cor. 5:21 and think “There’s no way, we’re talking about ME here. I KNOW I’m not the righteousness of God.” So those are the two verses I need to work on this week I guess.

    Note to all you theologian-mommies out there: My version of John 1:12 says “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the RIGHT to become children of God–” (emphasis mine) What this indicates to me is that it’s not automatic… maybe there are those out there who believe in Christ, who have the right to become his child, but have not done so…I’m not teaching or preaching here I’m wrestling with what this means because up to this moment I always thought that since I believed in Christ I automatically became a child of God, but is it possible that God will only become as intimate with me as I allow him to be?

    How would my life be different if I actually believed these verses? I don’t know, it’s more than I can think about or imagine right now, but please, please, PLEASE feel free to comment.

  12. Tiffany says:

    Ok Dawn, pardon me while I take over your comments box πŸ™‚ Lots of thoughts, most disjointed though, so I hope I make some sense.

    Ok, the whole thing about feeling brain dead….yes! Now, it isn’t that I don’t think and ponder and consider any more, it is just that now for the most part it is all baby stuff and home stuff. Now, I find it interesting and everything but when all of your thoughts revolved around one subject after awhile you just feel like everyone you talk to must think you are the most boring person on the planet. I find myself really worrying about this with my husband. He is REALLY smart (no, I’m not just saying that because I’m his wife….he’s a physist and I’m not even sure I just spelled physist correctly) and anymore I feel like what I have to bring to a conversation is so far below his level. Now, he is not only smart but wonderful too and assures me that he really does love hearing about the girls and all that they do. But when so many days go by and you’re still in your PJs, cute jeans no longer fitting, br*asts not nearly as perky as they used to be, make up untouched for months, circles under your eyes, and the main topic of conversation on your mind is the fact that the baby hasn’t pooped in three days it makes a gal a bit insecure, ya know?

    And then there is the whole greater work in the body of Christ. There seems to be this pull for young moms to be the ones to be working in the nursery. Now, I don’t mind being in the nursery I really don’t. I’m happy to help where help is needed. But everyone just assumes that you feel called to work in the nursery simply because you have small children. I feel no calling what so ever to childrens ministry. Now, like I said that doesn’t change the fact that I really do love to be in there and serve my church body in this way, but I always kinda wonder if I mention the fact that I would really rather be in the band if they are going to look at me like I have 5 heads, ya know?

    So all that to say that I totally get this obssesion (for lets call it what it is) with defining myself by what I’m doing instead of who I am in Christ. I really don’t know why that is to be honest. Is it a self-centeredness? Maybe. Is it culturally difficult to think otherwise? Maybe. Is it just not being in the Word enough to truly know? Yeah…I think that is it….I think where I really struggle is in all of this tired, busy, unshowered, poop filled (literally) days it is so hard to really get into the Word. Now, I can read it and read books like this and do a study with friends, but I’m talking about REALLY getting into the Word. An older man once said to Nolan and I that it has been his experience that lack of Wisdom related directly to not being in the Word for oneself (ie: not just doing studies of other peoples wisdom, or listening to sermons, but learning about who God is for yourself, knowing Him and fearing Him, and receiving wisdom FROM HIM.)

    So for me, I think this is what this is about. Delving deep into my Saviors Word, letting it seep into every part of me, so that I know who I am IN HIM first and foremost and from there seeking Him and His wisdom in how to live my currents roles as wife, mother, and working in His body.

    Geez Dawn, I didn’t even know that this is what I was thinking when I started responding….I’m so glad to be doing this book with everyone. It really was just what I needed.

    Oh- on a slightly less heavy note….I love this idea of the ladder. Not necessarily a ladder for everyone, but that in our home we have items that aren’t just pretty or astetically pleasing but that God speaks to us through them, that we can use to glorify Him to those that come over. It seems so much cooler to me than simply “yeah, I like the picture so we bought it.” Think I’m going ot have to pray more before making my decorating decisions. Do any of you have items like the ladder in your homes? How did you get them? How have they blessed you and your family and visitors to you home? Anyone else want a “ladder” of their own?

  13. molleth says:

    WOW. Now that was one heck of a great (real) comment. WOW. Man, have I ever had almost all of those same thoughts… Whew!

    (Side note: things DO change as they get older…my oldest is only 8, but I promise, everything DOES change compared to when they were all littles)…

  14. Michelle says:


    Hang in there, you’re not alone! My children range from 12 months to 12 years but I still struggle at times with finding something to talk about. DH and I finally have a moment alone and lucid to talk and all I can talk about is kids/homeschooling and all he can talk about is the farm and I’m thinking “Has it come to this? Can’t we even talk anymore?” Something that I have found that helps is that we subscribe to WORLD magazine (weekly news magazine from a Christian perspective)so we can talk about the articles together. We also listen to talk radio (when it’s clean enough) so we can talk about the issues that came up that day. We used to try to read a book together so we could talk about that, but we’re increasingly finding that we don’t have time to read and be alert at the same time. I would start to read after the kids would be asleep and soon John would be asleep as well. John is good about getting up really early, but I’m just not up to getting up before 5:00 or 5:30 and that time is devoted to the Lord.

    I guess what I’m encouraging you is that the issue you are struggling with is a common one among women, but you can find things to talk about! Do you listen to Focus on the Family or some other ministry? Watch a good movie together? Are you interested in politics? I’m not saying that your kids aren’t interesting to talk about, because I bet they’re more interesting to him than to you since you’ve been around them all day, but there’s more out there to talk about, just reach out and look for it.

    As far as ministry is concerned, I can’t speak to your church, but I know at mine if you volunteered to play in the band, they’d love to have you! It’s just that people don’t always know what you’re interested in and tend to ask parents to work the nursery because there aren’t enough workers and maybe want everyone to “take a turn”.

  15. This is just a quick thought because I’m trying to get caught up on the book (it’s here!) and I don’t want to get ahead of myself. But I had to jump in about the church nursery. Ours makes me crazy! For the longest time the only babies have belonged to me and one other woman – and guess who the only workers have been. Now I love my church and these are normally very helpful, loving people. But everyone is so busy with their own ministry area that the nursery gets ignored. Of course those of us who need it have to fill in. And I don’t mind doing it and I would probably be in their a lot anyway, but the nursery is an important ministry to babies and mommies who would love to hear a sermon! So that’s my little rant about that:)

  16. molleth says:

    Boy, do i ever agree. I have practically ran the nursery since we started attending our current church 7 years ago. I have felt, many times, that it was my “tomb.” I know I’ve met the Lord in that tomb, so don’t get me wrong, but it can also be very hard to swallow that no one cares about the fact that you need to be *with adults* sometimes too.

    Oh well. Someone’s got to serve so that others can grow. What’s hard about it, though, is that the stage where you have a bunch of young babies is a stage where you desperately need to be with adults sometimes, hearing and sharing and worshipping together. I have thought that many times, that I need to *remember* how this feels when I am an older woman, so that I can reach out to the younger moms and offer myself so that they can be refreshed.

    (Before someone says to keep the babies with you in the service, I must humbly add that it doesn’t work if you are in the type of gathering that doesn’t really approve of that, not to mention if you have the kind of babies who fuss loudly–lol).

  17. javadawn says:

    I am typing grabbing infant in lap so this will be brief – here’s my rant re: nursery. What a stinking HUGE opportunity for the older women to minister to the younger women – both in being in there to allow the younger moms to be in the sermon and also to sit and talk to them when they come in to nurse babies. My personal take, not that any has ever asked me, LOL IS no one with young children/infants should be on the nursery rotation. That’s MY rant. πŸ™‚ (Actually there’s more – it has to do with training the young women in the Body to serve in that capacity. There needs to be an older woman and a young girl to serve in the nursery, in my not nearly wise nor humble enough opinion.) I did say brief, didn’t I? I’ll hesh…

    Tiffany – I’ll be back to discuss your comments. I OH SO remember being in that stage. I remember one night INCREDIBLY clearly when I was telling Jeff how pleased I was that I had managed to orchestrate all the diapers and the children and still figure out 4 things to have in the oven that all required the same heat….I was giddy at my accomplishment. He just looked at me. I started to cry. He thought it was because I was hurt. I thought it was because (you know this one…) a mind was a terrible thing to waste. :/ SO, I’ll be back!!! πŸ™‚ Yes, that IS a threat. LOL

  18. Dawn – That is exactly what I’d like to see – one older (or just out of the have-a-baby stage herself) woman and a younger girl in the nursery. Our church is finally growing to the point where this is possible, so I’m actually down to one Sunday morning a month in there now (yahoo!).
    I know I sure feel like my mind is being totally wasted sometimes. Sometimes it’s more like *been* totally wasted. We all have stories I’m sure of the crazy forgetful, absentminded kinds of things we’ve done in a moment of mommy-madness. But I feel sometimes like I have actually lost the ability to think something through! For example (and I still haven’t figured this out, so feel free to jump in with suggestions!) – I drive a camry with 3 smallish kids, all still in somekind of carseat. Levi’s is essentially a booster seat with a back and headrest, Brenna’s is a big toddler sized seat, and Jack is still in the read-facing infant seat. It takes forever to get them in and out because Levi can’t get to his own seatbelt buckle and do his own seatbelt. So the other day as we were riding to town I tried to figure out if there was a better way to configure the seats to be more effiecient – for the life of me I couldn’t think about it long enough to figure it out. Everytime I’d start someone would interrupt me (mom, look a horse!, me see horse, too! mom can we go to walmart? me go to walmart too! can we get a slushee at walmart if we be good? me get a slushee, too! – you get the picture). It’s like having ADHD inflicted upon you. So if I can’t think about carseats long enough to figure something out, how am I supposed to think about “important” stuff like current events and theological questions? But, maybe carseats and diapers and cooking are important, too. We should be trying to fit the “grown folks” kind of thoughts in too, but the things that go along with our profession are worthwhile, too. A vehicle safety specialist somewhere gets paid a lot of money to figure out things like where to put which carseat in the car. Hmm, maybe I should call them:)

  19. javadawn says:

    Shannon, my dear – go ahead and call them – if you’re like me, you’ll try and look the number up only to forget whose number you were looking for in the first place and then you’ll get distracted once you remember and then you will have a bawling baby, so you can’t call right now and then someone will need you in the other room and you’ll go do that and you’ll come back in and find a little slip of paper with some phone number on it, that doesn’t look anything like any number you know of, so you’ll throw it away and 4 days later, you’ll suddenly start wondering what ever happened to that phone call you were going to make……

    I’m sorry- what were we talking about?? πŸ˜‰
    (Ooops – meltdown – tornado sirens just started going off – test only, but 7 yr olds don’t get that yet…especially when it’s already raining – must fly!)

  20. Dawn – That’s it exactly:>

    I’m sooooo glad we don’t have any sirens. Levi is very skittish ( and that’s putting it mildly) about loud noises and would freak!

  21. Tiffany says:

    Acctually for the most part it is the older women and younger not yet with babies women that do the nursery at our church….but there really are only three families who come regularly with small children. I’m actually the only nursery mom at this point, which is really great. For me my struggle is everyone talking to me with the assumption that I feel called (as many of them seem to be) to children’s ministry. When really the majority of it is that I don’t know how to say no when asked to do things. *sigh* speaking of that I have a sewing project calling my name….anyway….

    Yes, ADHD imposed upon you, that is exactly it! Thanks for the encouragment that I’m not the only one that feels this way and that this sort of mommy fog does get better (you did all say that, right???)

    Michelle, thanks for the good ideas! Maybe you can all relate, but I just forget that there are other thigns to discuss, if that makes sense. When we call relatives they want to hear about the girls, friends who are far away want to hear about the girls, Nolan in the evening wants to hear about the girls…..there just comes a point I think where I really lose track of the fact that there are other conversation topics. I think that is why I love blogs and forums so much. Even if many of the ones I read are mothering themed we all still talk about other things too and it helps stretch my brain a bit. Gets those non-mommy muscles back in shape.

  22. Michelle says:

    When really the majority of it is that I don’t know how to say no when asked to do things. *sigh*


    I completely understand what you are saying. I never wanted to say “no” because I am a people-pleaser at heart. I didn’t want them to be “mad” at me. A couple of things for you to ponder (in your oh-so-abundant pondering time :o~) 1. People pleasing…is it fear of God or fear of man? It’s o.k. to be helpful as long as your motivation is in the right place. 2.You don’t have to say “no”. Here are a couple of phrases to help you get started…”Wow! Thank you so much for asking me, I feel really honored that you thought of me, but this isn’t the right season for me to take that on. Perhaps another time.” or “Thanks for thinking of me but I feel the Lord leading me in _______________ direction right now and I want to be obedient to His call” (assuming of course that you actually do feel led by the Lord in a certain direction. I am not advocating hiding behind His name when it is not his will for your life.) or “My husband has asked me not to take anything else on right now and I want to honor his request.” (again assuming that he has, although my dh has given me permission at times to hide behind his name. :o)

    Your fellow struggler,

  23. Michelle says:

    Dawn, Quick ?…

    I know someone who may be interested in joining the book discussion. Are the rest of the chapters going to meet here or do you have a schedule of where we might meet?

  24. MamaKayB says:

    I know I am late in this conversation but I wanted to post a couple of thoughts on chapter 2.

    I love the idea of the ladder (& she talks about this concept again 6). I am terrible at decorating! Bookcases full of books & family pictures are as creative as I get. I keep trying to figure out an idea that would work for our family memorials but haven’t figured out anything yet. Do any of you have some ideas to share?

    Being vs. Doing is what struck me hardest in this chapter. Closely tied with that is Ephesians 2:8-10 is the verse I find hardest to believe. I keep thinking if I just try harder, if I do more or better than I will be who God wants me to be but that isn’t true. God just wants me to be his and to let him transform me instead of trying to do it myself. God does want me to do good works but he wants me to do the ones he has prepared for me to do. Just thinking that God has things prepared for me specifically to do is such a wonderful and comforting thought. His plan is so much better than my own if only I can submit to his authority over my life instead of trying to take it into my own hands.

  25. deborah says:

    hey all. i’m sorry i haven’t contributed much lately. we had a full weekend, a houseful on monday, and now we’re back into the swing of things with schooling/chores/life. i can’t guarantee my consistency right now. i’m trying to be faithful to my current tasks and sometimes (all the time?) the internet intrudes. gee whiz, i haven’t even showed my face at CH for some time now! must be proof i’m busy :).

  26. Michelle says:

    How funny! The smileys inserted themselves for me. I’ll have to watch what I type from now on.

  27. javadawn says:

    Michelle, quick answer – I am hopeful that we’ll be passing the discussion around. My goal is to get a schedule – if that would be helpful to anyone. Otherwise, I’ll just plan on asking people from week to week – so Michelle – would you please plan on hosting next week??? (For those of you that would like to comment, but can’t on xanga – email me, I have a way for you to do that!!)
    Anyone want to claim the next week???
    (if there is a specific chapter you want, let me know that too!!) I really DO intend to get in here and comment – but I’m being paged. πŸ˜•

  28. hoping to get to this soon…missing you ladies πŸ™‚

  29. Michelle says:


    Thank you so much for thinking of me, but this isn’t the season of my life to be taking this on and my dearest husband has asked me not to take anything else on at this time. ;o) See how easy that was, Tiffany? Seriously, if you need a hostess, I can probably manage it for Monday.

  30. javadawn says:

    What? You’re telling me no?? Oh woe is me, (wringing hands) who will take this on if you don’t do it? Surely the Lord has plans for you to do this thing. Don’t you love the Lord enough to do this one little thing???

    (OH SO TOTALLY KIDDING!!! SO TOTALLY! Although I have been given that kind of rigamaroll when I refuse to take something new on.)

  31. I once said to someone “I’m sure I’d really enjoy it, but right now I really need to concentrate on Casey and my kids right now.” And they said ” maybe you should stop having so many kids so you can do more for the church.” I swear I tried to be polite.

  32. Michelle says:

    Dawn, I’d be glad to do it Monday, just modeling a gracious “no”.

    Shannon, I’m POSITIVE you were much more gracious and polite than I would’ve been in that situation! Oh MY!!! The only response I can think of is well….probably not worth mentioning here.

  33. deborah says:

    shannon! seriously, who says that stuff? gee whiz!

  34. Dawn C says:

    Shannon, Did you do something other than perform a Daffy Duck impersonation – flipping up and down spitting and sparking??? If so, you were more gracious than I.

    Michelle, I knew you what you were doing. I couldn’t resist giving you some grief. πŸ˜‰ (My official job description, I think.)

    Hey Deborah – it’s about time you showed up….;)

    NOW, if we could just drag Jen back…. OH JEEEEENNNN!!!

    Ladies, I’m sorry – my day is in multi stages of meltdown, please forgive me for not being here this week. I WILL show up early tomorrow morning – as there were several SUPER comments that I wanted to respond to. (Thank you for extending grace to me.)

  35. Dawn – Can I have chapter 4? That’s the week afternext, right?

  36. javadawn says:

    Chapter 4 going once….twice….SOLD to the highest bidder. Gee, Shannon, no one else was lining up begging for it yet. πŸ™‚

    WAIT – Krystal! You asked for a wk, right???!! I’m so sorry – would you be amenable to doing wk 5???!!

  37. Tiffany says:

    I want a week! And whatever happened to posting a picture of our livingrooms? I thought that was a really fun idea! Oh- dawn, I had a dream that you and your husband and eldest came to visit and that I had nothing ot make for dinner! It was really weird. And your apprearance changed like every other moment in the dream. Too strange.

  38. MamaKayB says:

    Week 5 would be fine for me.

  39. javadawn says:

    Tiffany – I remembered last night that I hadn’t posted my living room pic. I’ll try to get BondServant (aka JavaJR) to do that this weekend yet. πŸ™‚

    Krystal…I’m so sorry. With fear and trepidation…did you already plan your post? If so, which week did you plan – wk 3? Michelle is flexible enough she could probably switch (especially if I send her chocolates as bribery.);) I will happily do so, if you have already planned the discussion.

    Also – Tiffany, I put you down for Chapter 6. Now, about dinner….I promise I will always bring crackers and cheese if I show up for dinner. πŸ˜€

  40. MamaKayB says:

    I didn’t plan a post yet so don’t worry about me. Whichever week you need me to do I am happy to oblige. It’s all good. 8)

  41. javadawn says:

    Ok, if you’re sure that’s no problem, I’d love to have you do Chapter 5 – Sabbath. Thank you, my dear, for being so gracious.

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