Please remain in your seats until the ride comes to a complete stop…..

(Please read this article by Reb Bradley)

Couldn’t resist – this discussion is going to be quite the ride for me.  Javajoe and I went out to grab a frap tonight, just for opportunity to talk for a few minutes.  (Ok, for that and to get Javababy to take a nap.  Oh my! Heat, teething babies and tired moms – it can get ugly folks.  Grace is truly, truly an amazing thing.) His final comment to me was, “Do you have any salt water you can throw on me before you start screwing the next issue in?”  (He wasn’t in reference to anything *I* was saying, as all I was doing was reading and re-reading what Reb wrote.)

Ok, got your cold drink?  Let’s go…..

First point – Self-centered dreams.  I must say that this was one of the easier points for me to get down.  (There were others that were just down right painful.  I LOVE having my sin confronted….really, I do.)

Jeff (uh, that’s Javajoe around here) and I were both just pierced when he said, “I was more worried about the failure of my dreams of “success” than the fact that my son and I had a broken relationship.”  UGH.  It sure made me stop and pray that the Lord would make me attentive to the things that I turn into “issues” at the peril of relationship with my kids. 

At the risk of being misunderstood, I’m going to use the word “destiny” here.  I DO think that we have a destiny that is put in us by God Himself.  I don’t mean something New Age-ish by any stretch of the imagination.  What I’m talking about is a calling/giftings – things (hopes and dreams based on giftings and talents) that are placed in us by Father FOR THE PURPOSE OF HIS GLORIFICATION. That’s a big difference from what the world supposes destiny to be – that would be for self-glorification.  Different game – different ball park – possibly different planet, depending on who you talk to.

We are in the really exciting place of being able to see some of that destiny being played out in BSoC.  She is gifted with so much creativity.  It’s really exciting and fun to see her embrace those gifts and stretch her creative arms to move in them. 

This is an area that the Lord has REALLY been working on in my life – the area of seeing and nourishing the differences found in my children. Those differences then need to be fostered and supplemented by our schooling choices.  I wanted to do things just the same way that public school does.  I wanted to offer them one cookie cutter education.  I wanted to be so entwined with the Scope and Sequence that we had another place set for it at the dinner table!!  The Holy Spirit really convicted me of our need to personalize the education of each child.  So that where one child may excel in science, another will need additional training/freedom in another area all together.  Makes my job harder, but what an honor to partner with the Lord preparing my children for their place in the Kingdom!  WOW.  Certainly elevates grading papers and planning school for the next week, doesn’t it?

What about you?  What impacted you most about this first section??  Did you agree with it?  Did you find anything Scripturally disagreeable?  Any analogies/metaphors come to you??  Share……

(After seeing how long this ended up being, I’m not going to touch #2 right now. Talk about a ride!!) : )

8 Responses to “Please remain in your seats until the ride comes to a complete stop…..”
  1. javadawn says:

    This is a very quick comment because a baby is hollering, but I printed off the article and read it and…


    Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!

    Okay, so that wasn’t a very good contribution to DISCUSSION, but it’s all I got for now.


    Molly by Golly

  2. javadawn says:

    May I take it that you didn’t find any Scriptural disagreements? LOLOL

    Molls, I just wish you could be passionate about SOMETHING …ANYTHING!!!!! ; ) ; )
    Posted 8/1/2006 at 8:10 PM by javadawn –

  3. javadawn says:

    Okay, I now have a second…

    I am very UNpassionate about SOME things, Dawn, particularly things that are tedious and repetative in nature… ‘Member, us ENTP’s??????? lol…

    On his point Numero Uno,


    Oh, wait, I already said that.

    This one was first MAJORLY brought up to me by the Holy Spirit when I went to a used curriculum fair with, at the time, my four young children (age 4 and under). They were often, back then anyways (haha), very good in public, so I was sort of expecting that.

    As we waited for the sale to open, I chatted with a dresses-and-headcovering lady with meek and mild children (all in homemade plain clothing, of course) who lives sort of near me and who I was wishing would like me…or at least respect me, heathen non-plainclothser that I was.

    In the meantime, my children started going bebonkers. Like, super hyper. And I was SO angry with them, but also thought, “Aha, here’s my chance to demonstrate that I, too, am an amazing godly mother, so I pulled my children in and gave them a good lecture, raising my volume enough to ensure that this lady friend of mine could hear my stern words of admonition. (I wanted to get the point across to her that my children hardly EVER acted like this, you know). 🙂

    They proceeded to completely ignore me and kept on being wild. In retrospect, they were just being little children, sick of being in the minivan for a half-hour, and ready to play. They weren’t being bad at all, it’s just that I wanted them to stand there in order of their ages and be all prim and proper like HER children were doing, NOT seeing who could be the loudest snorter while doing the monkey dance up and down the hallway.

    I was completely embarrassed and it continued while I shopped through the sale. The lady never said anything about it to me, but I know what she was thinking because we had talked at an earlier date about all that “like-minded” stuff. (barf). I was humiliated and sulked to myself on the ride home, but then the Holy Spirit horned in on my self-centered pity party and helped me see that I *should* be humiliated, only for a very different reason than the one I was sulking over.

    He showed me how UGLY my pride was, how I wanted my children to act a certain way simply to IMPRESS this lady (this lady who I hardly know, no less!), and because I wanted to feel superior to others (as if a silent straight row of children is a mark of anything other than an abnormality—HA)!

    That was the beginning, I would say, of a journey I have been making where I began re-evaluation some of my parenting philosophies, learning to discern when and where a thing is just something I want to make ME look good, or whether it’s something God wants for our home and for His glory.

    How’s that for a ramble, ay????

    Gotta run…

    Molly over at
    Posted 8/1/2006 at 9:18 PM by mollyfromchoosinghome

  4. javadawn says:

    I bet I’m gonna say this a lot while we’re discussing this, but he’s talking to ME, ladies. I am the only homeschooler I know in the outside world -outside the computer I mean:) Not that y’all are inside the computer…you know what I mean. ANYWAY. I catch myself all the time trying to impress. Trying to make sure everyone can see that homeschooling is the best and my kids are going to turn out so great b/c I *stay home* and … yuck. Picture me reading an article on how daycare sparks aggression in children and feeling all smug at the playground with my working mom friend as my precious homeschooled angel shoves her kid down the slide for what appears to be no reason. I can’t tell y’all how glad I am that she talks a lot and I hadn’t brought up the article yet:) It’s so easy to cross a line where we go from trying to discern and follow His will and being proud of ourselves for doing it.
    Posted 8/1/2006 at 9:31 PM by javafriend

  5. javadawn says:

    Ramble away! : ) Mi blog es su blog.

    I thought that this issue ooooozzzed into the next one, too.
    Posted 8/1/2006 at 9:34 PM by javadawn

  6. javadawn says:

    S~ For REAL?? You’re the only homeschooler you know, IRL? Man, is that good or is that bad? You know, when I get in a crowd of homeschoolers, it’s so hard to not let that sin of comparison just jump up and down in my heart. I guess in a way that would make it a bit easier for you. I just think you should move. Really. That’s all there is to it. ; )

    (PS We were typing at the same time, or I’d have included my comments to you in my previous post.)
    Posted 8/1/2006 at 9:37 PM by javadawn

  7. javadawn says:

    can i jump in here? thanks! i’ll not wait for a response 🙂

    boy, i can certainly relate to THIS! i spent the first i-don’t-know-how-many years making certain that my oldest dd obey me to a ‘t’ b/c i HAD to look like i had it all together. then, more kids started coming one after the other and voila’, i end up with 6 kids with 6 different personalities and 1 mom trying to shove them in a perfect mold. it dinna work. I TRIED SO HARD to look perfect and have my kids be perfect (thou shall not sit on the arm of the couch, thou shall not have fun while we are at walmart, thou shall not make faces at each other in the restaurant….). ENOUGH! i’m done. i’ve come to the conclusion that my kids are kids and they will play and goof off. i don’t let them cross the line into disrespect, though. but i certainly am not going to stop them from enjoying each others’ company!

    my oldest dd and i have a little joke when she goes to babysit or do stuff with the neighbors. it goes like this: “rebekah, i want you to be a blessing and offer to help mrs. neighbor with whatever she needs. and do a good job SO I DON’T LOOK BAD.” we laugh about it and she knows i’m joking. but she also sees teh double standard that so many parents have (and i USED TO have….i’ve grown…ha ha) that kids need to BE perfect so i LOOK perfect. blech!! now our kids run around the house screamign bloody murder b/c DAD is the one after them! it’s dad makign faces in public, it’s mom doing goofy stuff at the table. we’re having fun with our kids and it’s ok!! plus, and here’s the best part, they KNOW we love them when they make mistakes. our little ‘perfect’ family just got better b/c we let go of the image monster and held onto each other and GOD’S VISION for our family. life is so much easier now!!
    Posted 8/2/2006 at 12:27 AM by sixkidlets –

  8. javadawn says:

    Dawn – There are some other homeschoolers around – a whole group on fact. I just don’t know any of them yet. The kids in the group are mostly older, but I’m sure that’s just because we decided to homeschool so early. I still might not mind moving though:) Any land for sale in your neighborhood?
    Posted 8/2/2006 at 9:21 AM by javafriend –

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