Ssshhhh – do you hear that?  Hit the mute button – NOW do you hear it?  It’s the soft and quiet sound of the rhythm of nature…God’s heartbeat, so to speak.  This is what I heard – with my ears and my heart, today.

My wonderful husband and the Javatribe gave me a day with  my prayer journal, my school stuff, and Father.  BondServant loaned me her laptop and they shut the door and left me to study. They supplied me with room service (taco salad for lunch, fresh water, Breyer’s vanilla ice cream with a few of the last peaches and sprinkled with almonds.  Hot coffee, no less!  Mmmm)  Other than becoming addicted to this – it has been a very rich and blessed time.

Our house is biggish (2600 sq ft or so) and it is old and SOLID. (Jeff loves this, he made us all line up to see the 24 x 36s – or whatever they are – that they used to build the walls of our old house.)   It is nigh-on impossible to hear anything from down stairs.  So I had only the sounds of my own space. (Thankfully the neighborhood wasn’t as “noisy” as it was a while back, when I was sitting on my porch)

I had the sound of the ceiling fan, quietly spinning, the sound of the breeze rippling in the trees outside the window.  The cicadas sang to me and every once in a while, I’d hear the sound of one of the Javatribe jumping on the trampoline.  (Nothing else could make that squeak.) In the dearth of noise, I heard the beat of time. 

I could hear how our homeschooling has changed, year after year, as the Lord grew and changed Jeff and I, so that we could help the children grow and change. (thump) I heard the cries of my heart – my prayers and hopes – for my children have changed. (thump, thump) I heard how issues that once were of grave importance simply aren’t any longer.  Some have changed by circumstance – my Mom’s passing or a child finally getting potty trained – some have changed by the difference wrought in me, by the Holy Spirit. (thump)  Above all, I heard how our children have grown, just by the lack of interruptions I experienced.  They are all growing up, including Javababy.  Even she hasn’t spent much time up here today. (thump, thump)

I could hear the beat of the sun changing already.  The day was cooler, indicating we’re already slipping quietly into the next measure of the song of creation.  Soon, the next beat will hold changing leaves and snuggly sweaters.  (thump)  The chilly nights will orchestrate the crescendo of the fall music – color galore swirling above our heads and about our feet. (thump, thump)

Just as earth purges the greens to make way for the golds and reds, I too long to purge and cleanse inside, to prepare for the soon-to-arrive fall.  I long to see the things of summer pass by and the things that mark fall, for us, step into place.  I am ready, in my heart, to ready my home for the coming of the next season.

Today, I understood anew, why the Lord has made it so clear that He’s going to move us out of town.  My heart longs to wrap itself in the rhythm of the seasons.  I want to twirl  with the fluttering of snowflakes and jump with the roll of thunder. I want our home to change, just like the earth, itself, with the change from one season to another.  I want to dance to the rhythm that Father has given to the land.

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell within…..


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