To Dream the Impossible Dream

I am tired of talking to a computer screen, when I know each of you are such lovely ladies.  I’m tired of seeing bread and PASTRIES line my Tuesday morning table, without you here.  I’ve simply decided one of us has to make enough money to send for everyone, by private jet, and I’ll put together a Javadawn Retreat – complete with a breads and pastries continental breakfast. 

First, our retreat will have a spa, so we can get a pedicure and a massage – the non-embarrassing kind. : )  Each couple can choose whether they want an iron scroll bed, a sleigh bed or a plantation bed.  You may choose from dark wood or white. Since this is my fantasy, you may even choose the color of your room.  (How much more accommodating could I be?!)  Each room will have the option of either a gas or wood fireplace.  You will also have a hot tub outside your room, on the deck and an in-room stereo with a large supply of music in your room. 

There will be rooms for the children….on the other side of your suite.  There will be a lovely sitting room between the two sides, as well as a small kitchenette.  Each suite will have a “lower” level with a game room.  The game room will have a fireplace, lots of glass windows and plenty of things to do….only no TV. (sorry – we’ll keep that in the “day care” area)

We can start each morning with Bible study and worship together – take a walk or work out in the gym area and then have brunch, as families at 11.  (Remember – the pastries and bread and fruit were served in your room early, so no one will be starving) Jeff (or any one else) will lead some group worship and then you’re free to hang out, doing whatever you wish as a family. (Of course there will be some form of swimming available, as well as quaint CHEAP shops and a lovely family zoo, with a carousel – for free.  HEY – if I’m gonna dream, I’m gonna dream big.)

We will have a special time with our hubbies in the evening.  We will have REAL food, soft music, candles that no one blows out or sticks their fingers in, on the tables. Dinners will be china and stemmed glasses, real silverware….ooooh, and cloth napkins! 

I will have BondServant gather some friends up (Hey, EssieSox, if we’ve got a private jet, Japan is NOTHIN’ – you can come help!) and they can watch the children for us.  We’ll get them a lovely big room with plenty of  protected space to play in  – and a TV with DVD player.

It’ll just be a delightful time.  I’ll let winkies plan the menu.  She’s so gifted at that.  (This of course means we’ll have a few months to make all this money, while we wait for her to move.) 

Coffee and tea will be available all day long – and we’ll have our own Barista in the “food court” area.  There will also be an unlimited source of fruit, cheese, veggies and dips.  (Naturally paper towels galore!!) Late afternoon, we’ll put out hor d’oeuvres – some for adults, some for the kids.  All in all, we’ll have a lovely, spoil-us-rotten time. 

SO, what do you say??

((Before you ask – the only thing I’ve been snorting is the smell of yeast.  It might be due to the lack of sleep, however.))  : )

2 Responses to “To Dream the Impossible Dream”
  1. Mrs. L says:

    If you need an ASL interpreter for your fantasy retreat, I’d love to volunteer!

    Glad I’m not the only person who dreams like this,
    Mrs. L

  2. javadawn says:

    I don’t need an interpreter, but Jeff & I would love the chance to “bone up” on our ASL – come on along! (We haven’t been in the thick of the deaf community for nigh on 15 yrs now, so we’re not as quick as we used to be, you’d have to be gentle with us.) LOL

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