Javadawn is throwing another tantrum. 

Once again, we went and got bread from my niece’s store.  There was even more this time than last.  We shared it with all our neighbors, called some friends and had them come by and get some and there was still a ton left.  Now, mind you, there weren’t as many pastries and “goodies” this time, mostly bread.  (4 1/2 industrial sized garbage bags full) So, why, you wonder am I pitching a fit?  Not about the bread, itself…

I am pitching a fit at how hard we’ve had to work to get people to receive this free bread. ??? What is wrong with this picture?  (I don’t know if I’m able to say which restaurant we’re obtaining this bread from – but it’s quite a well known chain, so we’re not offering Red Green’s bread making service or some such!!!)

We took a luscious Danish coffee cake (It has little sections of apple, then cherry, then plain cheese, then apricot, then back to apple again.  It’s lovely, as well as quite yummity) to one of our neighbors.  She looked at it and said, “What IS it?” (It was not a welcoming query.) She reluctantly took it.  We offered another woman (with a large family) 2 large grocery bags of multiple types of bagels and bread – she kept 2 bagels and a loaf of raisin bread. She rejected 6 LARGE loaves of various and sundry other wonderful types of bread. (sour dough, sesame bread, basil cheese bread, foccacia bread….) 

I tried to give it to our local nursing home – they can’t take it because the food isn’t from their vendor.  (I just need someone to dump water on me because I’m hot enough over this one I could spit nails.)  These poor folks have the chance to receive a BOUNTY of wonderful, whole grain, preservative-free bread for FREE and they are refusing it because it isn’t overpriced Wonder bread being brought in by a guy whose hat matches the color of his shirt and truck?!!!  ARGH!!!!!

I can’t tell you how many people we offered bread to and they simply didn’t want it.  Am I just a sponging, greedy individual?  It seems to me that should the Lord bless with free food – we embrace it with grateful arms.  GOOD GRIEF.

I wish you all lived closer, I’d have loved to share it with you and your families.  I don’t think that next week it will be nearly as much, because they adjust their cooking according to sales (and many college kids returned to school this week, leaving many local jobs open) but I will still take a picture – you gotta see it to believe it!!  (We had nearly 100 bagels this time, 48 (!!) loaves of miscellaneous breads, tons of pre-sliced stuff, etc.  It really is more than you can imagine!!)

Thanks for letting me pitch my fit.  I feel better.  Now, I can fix lunch.  Gee, wonder what we have in the house to eat……… 


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