I love to write.  I am an oldest – lists are my life-blood.  (Said kind of jokingly – but I really can’t think without one.) 🙄

There are many things that I write about, but the one that I am most often found doing, is praying.  I found many years ago, that I am unable to adequately remain…well, quite frankly, awake to pray the way that I desire to pray.  SO, a few years ago, I started journaling my prayers.  Now, I have a prayer journal in my “brains” (a burgundy leather “folder/notebook” I carry…GASP – YES MOLLY I DO HAVE ONE OF THOSE….) 😉  I have one at my “prayer chair” (the place I sit most often to pray) and I have another in my bedroom, in case the Lord lays something on my heart in the middle of the night.  (A not uncommon thing these days with a teething infant)

I used to keep my prayer journals until I realized several things…(TMI, trust me!) I was keeping some of them, so that Jeff could see how I had agonized in prayer over how he treated me (I am ashamed to confess such a thing) Of course, this would necessitate me being dead – so then he could REALLY feel guilty.  (I should be shot!! Zheesh  Grace is an ASTOUNDING thing!) Secondly, I realized that I was recording some of the absolutely MOST private things that people had shared with me for prayer.

The Holy Spirit jerked me up about my heart attitude regarding Jeff.  I jerked myself up thinking about someone reading another’s deepest needs – so now, I fill up my journals and I throw them away.  I know that there are things that I have prayed that I would like to see how the Lord answers, but it is best that these journals have a short life span.  I trust Father to bring to my recollection any amazing and awe inspiring thing that He does in answer to prayer.  (Like work on my heart enough that I would never want to hurt my dear husband with my words, like I used to….)

Right now, we’re in a season of the Lord leading us into some new things/new places – and I felt clearly that the Lord has asked me to keep a new prayer journal.  One that is strictly for the purpose of recording His miraculous hand in our lives.  THIS journal is one I will keep.  It will become a family heirloom.  Since I’m just using a little purple theme book, it will look ragged and worn long before we’ve read it for the last time – but it will be filled with treasure beyond belief…a memory of how the Lord met His people and took them to the Promised Land.

6 Responses to “Journaling”
  1. Valerie says:

    I like to journal, too, Dawn. I like the idea of keeping this family record – it WILL inspire you and encourage you, I know my past journals have, especially the prayer I wrote down YEARS ago about what I wanted in a husband. 😉

    Your coffee pics are making me drool, thank you. I’m a long way from a coffee, here at work. Sigh.


  2. Definitley keep the story of what God is doing with y’all right now! I journal prayers too – it’s the only way I can keep things straight – and I am so glad you brought up the point about not keeping all of those around. It had not occured to me that I have some things about other people in them that should not be shared with whomever thumbs through one of my old journals. Goodness there are things in there that could really be used against someone. So I’ll be going through those and tossing!

  3. MamaKayB says:

    I love writing my prayers down!

    It really helps me to keep my focus especially since I am nearly always interupted.

    Thanks for the thought of getting rid of anything I don’t want others to read. I’ll have to look through my old journals.

    btw — love your new blog especially since it is much easier to comment on! 8)

  4. Listening says:

    Beautiful here…like you, Dawn.
    Ann V.

  5. Shanlilac says:


    I like this! So crisp and clean and yet the same theme and feeling, just better. Yay for your new blog:)

    I came over because I was still smiling over your comment about chocolates and writing over on Ann’s post. You are too funny.

    But this post over here was great. I have kept some old journal entries over things I agonized over in my first year of marriage, honestly, not because I wanted them to torture my husband someday (though I confess, I have at times had that in me; it was good of you to admit it!), but because I didn’t want to forget how even in happy marriages the first years can be full of big adjustments.

    I didn’t want to forget and lose compassion for others. I easily forget how challenging certain life periods can be and then I forget to be aware of how I can be a blessing to others.

    So I wanted to remember. But after reading this post, I wonder if maybe it is just not best. Or if there is a way to condense the big things I want to remember and throw away the rest. You’ve got me thinking.
    Any ideas?

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