Hear our cry O LORD attend unto the need…..

(Ladies, my heart is heavy over many things this week. I find that my normal blog time has been taken up with the holy burden of prayer. Like the donkey that carried Mary, that burden is a joy, but it has been a burden, none the less….I’d like to invite you into my prayer closet, that you might share with me the delight of lifting a Sister in the Lord before the Throne of our Gracious Father.)

Father, I lift the Godfrey family before You. I ask Lord that You would hear the prayers and cries of many, on their behalf. I ask Lord that You would manifest Yourself in this situation.

Lord, they have said that the baby has Potter’s Syndrome. Lord, I ask that it would be so – that You, our Potter, would re-form this precious life, in his mother’s womb and make him whole. Lord, we know that this is not beyond Your ability. We know it is not beyond Your eyes to see the need. What we don’t know Lord is if it is outside of Your will for this family.

Father, whatever Your will, I ask that You would be an ever present help to them. I pray especially for Susan, Lord. I pray that Your hand would be upon her and she would know of Your intimate love for her. I pray that she would know You as never before. Father, what a willingness she has to be poured out for Your work – to allow her body to be the hiding place for this precious life….OH LORD, what an honor – what a way of demonstrating our willingness to lay our lives down, is the path of pregnancy.

Father should You desire to take this child home to Your arms, I pray for all those in the delivery room, Father, I pray that they would sense that they are on holy ground. I pray Lord that Your presence would fill the room. I pray that there would be no corner of the room where anyone could hide from the holiness of You. I pray Father that people would be humbled and lives changed from participating in this event. Father, I pray that forever, in Susan’s memory – in the memory of her family – and those that are there with them, that they would remember the nearness of You – the sense of being involved in a form of worship such as they have never experienced before.

Lord, since they are potentially looking at such a short time with this baby, should You choose not to heal him, I ask that there would be no need of a C-section. I pray, instead, that Susan would be fully attentive and fully awake and fully able to be in awe of the holy wonder of new life.

Father, as this hour approaches, I cry out for the things of daily life to be relegated to nothing more than background noise. I ask Father that Your father’s heart would surround this daddy, and You would provide all this family needs financially, so that he can focus his attention on ministering to his household, rather than fussing about money. Lord, I have a HUGE imagination. You know I can imagine a LOT. I ask that You would amaze me in the way that You provide for this family. I ask that You would attend to the washing machine and the grocery budget and the vehicle Lord. I ask Lord God that You would magnify Yourself through the Body of Christ stepping up to minister to this family.

Father, I thank You that I am able to come to You in prayer. Lord Jesus, I thank You that You have made a way for us to do that. Great and mighty are You. Perfect are Your ways. Lord we come to You – we cling to You, for in You is the fullness of our hope, our dreams and our faith. Blessed be Your Name, O Most High. Glory and honor are Yours. In Jesus’ Name….. Amen.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Godfreys found out in June that the baby Susan was carrying had no kidneys. This is the second baby that they have had that has had this disease. If you would like more information….please read Susan’s blog…you will likely need kleenex. Her faith and ability to stand on the grace of God is amazing and challenging. (She answers questions here and you may follow the rest of the story there on her blog.)

Thank you for joining me in prayer this morning. Please continue to hold this family, as they are anticipating being induced on Tuesday morning. If you would like to sign up for being a part of a 24 hr prayer time, please go to Amy’s site and do so. (While you’re there – enjoy all the wonderful things she has over there.) 🙂

9 Responses to “Hear our cry O LORD attend unto the need…..”
  1. deborah says:

    amen and amen!

  2. Listening says:

    Praying and casting with you, Dawn…
    Amen, Abba, Amen.

  3. Holly says:

    My prayer, too.

  4. Margie says:

    Your words of petition to the Father are eloquent. I come before the throne of grace agreeing with each and every word.


  5. Michelle says:

    Where two or three are gathered in His name, there will He also be.

    In agreement with all my sisters, Lord, Amen.

  6. ReneeM says:

    thank you. I haven’t been able to pray more than token words for this family, and FINALLY my heart was hit and I was able to cry out to Father for Susan and her family.

    Lord I agree…

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