Quick Kudos

Do not walk – RUN to read this post.

You won’t like it, but your soul will love it. 🙂

(Happy Molly???) 😉 😉 😀

3 Responses to “Quick Kudos”
  1. molleth says:

    Try this (and then delete this comment–lol). Go in and edit this post. Type the word that you want to have a link in it. Something like, “Go HERE right now.”

    Then, using your mouse, highlight that word HERE (ask oldest daughter if that makes no sense).

    While HERE is highlighted, go up and click on the little button (in the same row as all your other options, like italics and bold and whatnot) that has a chain link on it.

    That will make a window pop up and it will give you a place to put the url address.

    Put the address in, click “okay” and walla—it will insert the link into your word HERE and your post will look super purdy! 🙂

    Love ya, girl!!! And that *was* a great post.

  2. javadawn says:

    Watch it – I know how to do that myself. 😉

    I just couldn’t because I was doing a balancing act of nursing baby and laptop and 2 children who were reading to me. (ssshhhh….I wasn’t supposed to be reading blogs)

    SO, I’ll go fitz it.

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