Somethings coming, something good..if I can wait…..

I love fall. I have always loved fall. I love the smell of fall. I love the feel of fall. I love the sounds of fall. I love the colors of fall. I just love fall.

This year – because I’m older? because of all the things the Lord is doing in our lives? because I have a new baby? who knows why…but this year, my heart is longing for the coming of fall more than any other year.

The other morning I woke up and my bedroom was filled with the smell of the changing season. I was so excited. What hope….it is so near…. I got up and made pumpkin bread, just to appease my longing for fall.

More than just a desire for fall, my heart is longing to beat to the rhythm of the seasons. I do not know how to explain what that means, but I’m weary of having my days determined by the rhythm of something other than the plan that Father has given for the seasons.

Starting school in August or September seems silly. The days are so nice and rich, why waste them inside being about the busyness of school? Is that not what the cold temperatures and wet days of November are for? This is the time of canning and food processing. It is time for the smell of apples drying and squash cooking, not the smell of sharpened pencils. It seems like such an anathema.

How do we live, within the constraints placed upon us, organically? In tune with nature and not in opposition to it? How can we give our children a sense of the holiness of the ticking of God’s clock when we’re confined within the cuckoo clock of society? (Not that I’m advocating running to the hills and hiding from all society….just wanting to figure out how to align our days with God’s rhythms and not man’s.)

(By the way, Michelle (hillfarm_momma) has posted a recipe for Autumn Oatmeal Cutout Cookies. I had planned on making them this weekend, but it hasn’t worked out …yet. (I know, the weekend isn’t over yet.) 🙂 Be sure to get the recipe when you’re over there for our book discussion this week….she’s our hostess.)
As I sit here tonight, it’s a warm evening and the smell of fall has passed. I DO know it’s coming…. eventually… but it’s so hard to wait.

(PS Anyone recognize what the title comes from??) 😉

3 Responses to “Somethings coming, something good..if I can wait…..”
  1. Dawn – I’ve been feeling this way too – maybe it is having a new baby:) Really though, I think it’s just a longing for home. For our real home. Something about fall feels like a new beginning and yet an ending as well. I can’t help but feel relieved as the close of another year draws near bringing me that much closer to Him. Growing up I never really understood why “old people” (isn’t it funny how that no longer seems to apply?) would talk about “anticipating our homecoming.” I mean Heaven just always sounded great for when I was dead and didn’t have anything else to do, kwim? But now…I do absolutley LONG for the day when I’m with my Saviour always. WHen I’m with my brothers and sisters always (that’s y’all!). Maybe it’s right that churches around here always celebrate Homecoming in the fall – it just seems right.
    SO I say bring on the cider, bring on the boiled peanuts, the apple butter, the bonfires…and bring on my homecoming:)

  2. Valerie says:

    Isn’t it funny how the change in seasons brings that sweet ache? I think that we are being reminded of the passing of time, and that is both beautiful and hard.


  3. Sarah says:

    Ohhh, Dawn! YES! You nailed it!
    There’s something invigorating about fall, like no other season — it’s like the beginning of things. We all huddle a little closer as a family, because it’s cooler and we love the warmth, because it’s busy with harvest and preparation and storage and baking and cooking and activity and school and learning and nature and… well, you know, and because it’s the Eve of wonderful family holy-days: the happy gratitude of Thanksgiving, the quiet eternal Gift given at Christamas. Fall is a beautiful liturgy in and of itself — the unchanging God reflected in ever-changing colors, eternal life reflected in the dying of leaves, the flow of His spirit felt in every gush of wind.
    I’m so glad He has piqued your heart so uniquely — it’s as if He’s whispering in your ear with a smile: “Behold! I do a new thing, do you not perceive it?”

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