The gift that keeps on giving ~

Ann, in her usual gentle quiet way, has blessed me with a gift copy of her new book, The Glorious Coming:A Jesse Tree Advent Celebration.

Ladies, we have studied and attempted having a Jesse Tree for many years. I have never found a resource that “fit” our family. THIS book does. It is filled with Scripture and it is rich in worship. (Would you expect any less from Ann?)

I have not been able to soak in this, as one would a hot bath, but from the initial read through of it, I can not commend this book to you enough. It is beautiful to look at, yet it challenges us to be transformed this holiday season.

Of all the holiday treats you give your family, this one will linger long after the last of the decorations have been tucked away. This is a gift that will easily be passed through the generations.

Ann, my children and my children’s children thank you for this gift of worship, wrapped in the pages of your book and beribboned with your friendship.

4 Responses to “The gift that keeps on giving ~”
  1. Michelle says:

    I LOVED it! I’ve bought my copy! Fair warning, though. It’s an e-book to be downloaded not a hard copy to buy. Since all we have is a b/w printer I’ll have to take it over to my sister’s to print.

    Well done, Ann.

  2. Listening says:

    I came to read Dawn’s lovely thoughts today… and this!

    I hear you Dawn about not finding a Jesse Tree resource that fit your family… we too had been at attempting for the last 7 years and have several Jesse Tree books on shelves, but, as you said, none quite fit. Last Christmas, as we began our Jesse Tree Celebration, Darryl (dear husband) asked if I might write up our own devotions. I posted them at our weblog last winter, and now Graham Family Ministries has nicely compiled and published them, with the illustrator, Nancy Rodden, granting permission to use her beautiful symbols.

    Michelle, yes, you are right, it does come as an e-book to download…or one can buy as an actual hardcopy, bound book here:

    Warmest Blessings…

  3. javadawn says:

    Buy the hardcopy!!! I’m going to have to – I can see that a year of being well-used and loved is going to leave it “real” 🙂 I think this would make an ideal wedding gift!!!

    Ann, thank you again for blessing so many of us with this!

  4. Listening says:

    Hey Dawn!

    I, too, love “real” things ~warm smile~ You could also choose to print out the e-book again each year, for a fresh, pristine copy?

    We printed our symbols on heavy cardstock, then mounted them on corrugated, rippled paper, then mounted that on bristol board, punched hole and tied with raffia. We hang on a regular evergreen tree and the symbols are our only “real” symbols. (The base ornaments are paper angels and snowflakes out of brown paper.) Another lady wrote to say she was going to copy the illustrations onto fabric and sew them up as ornaments. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

    And yes, wouldn’t it be grand for every married couple to begin this as a family tradition?


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