God’s goodness, wrapped in a receiving blanket….

Susan Godfrey has graciously allowed us a picture of the goodness of the Lord and His care of her family during Gabriel’s birth. She has shared the birth story on her blog…and it will make you weep, no doubt. (If her words don’t touch your heart, Gabriel’s precious pictures will.) I am so blessed that she would allow us to share in this intimate time. What a gift she has given to others.

I never cease to be amazed at the strength and faith of this family.


Oh Lord, what a witness this wee family has been – 5 people touching the hearts of hundreds….and all for Your glory, my Lord. Father, I humbly come and ask, for mercy…for comfort….for grace. Lord just as You were faithful in the delivery of Gabriel, we anticipate the telling of Your faithfulness in the healing days to be just as great.

Father, I pray that You would minister, personally, intimately and abundantly to this precious family. Meet them each in a way that they can’t think it is anything but You – God of the Universe – reaching down to extend Your hand to touch their cheek, to wipe their tears and hold them up when their own strength is failing.

To You, Lord, we give you all the glory, honor and praise!


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