The Lord God Almighty is His Name

Last night we shared a story about a friend of ours, with the kids.  As we were sharing, I felt that there was someone else that needed to hear this story and be reminded that our God is sufficient unto the day!  Do not be dismayed, nor let your heart be troubled, for our Lord is God.

Our friend David felt the Lord calling him to go to China for a year for missions work.  He began doing the initial foot work to find out how much it would cost him and he began to make the adjustments needed to make such a change in his life. 

First of all, being a single guy, he simply gave up his apartment, put all his stuff, except his clothing needs and a few boxes of books into storage and moved into the corner of a friend’s basement.  He saved money by eating rice and beans, dumpster diving (he was a PRO at it – a story for another morning.  A FUNNY story for another morning) and going to the Lord for his daily bread.  He would wake each morning and ask Father to provide whatever food He had for him that day – and what came in, that’s what he’d eat. (Many of us in the church had the wonderful delight of welcoming him to our dinner tables during this time, as well.)

In addition to all this, he found he could save even more money by eliminating many of his personal products.  So, he bought a quart of Basic H and it became his deodorant, his soap, his shampoo and his toothpaste.  (I’ve tried it – it works. Minty fresh it ain’t, but it will suffice, if it must.)

Even after many months of living in this totally austere way, he still didn’t have sufficient money to make the trip.  The Lord had given him a specific date, in prayer, that he was to present himself to the airport to buy his ticket. So, even without the money, David packed his suitcase, allowed us to pray over him and bless him and send him out – and off to Chicago he went.

All the way to O’Hare he was praying, “Lord, you know I still am short $500 to get all the way to China.” The Lord kept reassuring David that He had it all under control.  David still kept praying.  🙂 He arrived at O’Hare and wandered around for a while, rather unsure of what to do.  The Holy Spirit REALLY urged him to get in line, the plane he was to catch needed to have tickets purchased NOW, so into the line he got.

Standing in line, he was 6 people back from purchasing his ticket. (I’m sorry – this has been a few years ago – I don’t remember why he didn’t purchase his ticket BEFORE arriving at the airport.)  Over and over he reminded the Lord of his need for the additional money.  The line kept getting smaller and smaller.  Suddenly he was next in line, still short the money.  (He admitted later that he wondered if there would just be a sale on the tickets all of a sudden or a computer glitch that allowed him to get the ticket cheaper or a student price that wasn’t advertised.  He just didn’t know, but he DID know he was to fly out that day.) As the man in front of him turned to leave the line and allow David access to the counter, another man ran up to David and grabbed his arm.

At the same second the man was reaching for him, the clerk was saying, “How can I help you?” The man who was grabbing him was a middle aged gentleman, who was out of breath, “You David?” he asked.  David said all he could do was nod – the guy handed him a wad of cash and said, “Sorry I’m late, the Lord told me to get this to you a little while ago, but the traffic was bad and the line at the bank was slow. Have a good trip.” With that, he turned and ran out of the airport.

So, here was our dear friend David, standing at the counter with $550 from…well, from Father, through someone he doesn’t even know – and isn’t likely to this side of eternity.  David left on that plane and spent over a year in China.  The training he had here in the US while preparing to go was all used while he was there.  The Lord showed Himself quite able to care for our friend and our friend learned to trust God in ways he had never imagined before.

Oh – and the extra money?  The Lord had him give it away to someone else.  Nothing is wasted in God’s economy.  🙂

David always said that the Lord provided for him at the last second of the last second of the last second….just so he could know that it was the Lord and no other.

May your faith be strengthened and your heart be encouraged to know that THIS is the Lord we serve!

7 Responses to “The Lord God Almighty is His Name”
  1. MamaKayB says:


    What timing your story has for me! I just finished reading the YWAM Gladys Alward’s story to the girls. How wonderful to hear how God provides for even today! Thank you.

  2. Michelle says:

    Our pastor asks every week for members from the congregation to come to the microphone and share how they have seen God at work during the week. This was a great story!

  3. Sarah says:

    OOoooo!!!! I just LOVE Him!!!!
    And thank you, Dawn, for reminding me of how much MORE life is when lived outside the boat!

  4. Oh yeah! Great story! 🙂 I LOVE it when we tell of His faithfulness, over and over again.

  5. javadawn says:

    Agreed – it just offers strength to my heart. Thanks for letting me share this story – I think *I* am the one that needed to hear it again. It does a soul good. 🙂

  6. winkies6 says:

    He is a magnificent Provider! I think He is forming another wonderful testimony with my family. He provided us a new community here, He provided us a new job, He provided my children with a safer school, He provided us lodging and food while we wait for a home to be readied for us, He is always there when we think we are alone.

    Thank you for being a wonderful, flowing vessel, Dawn. I have been blessed just for being able to read the Holy Spirits wonderful words of wisdom flowing from your finger tips!

    I have been feeling very alone here in this hotel room.

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