Time is a funny thing….

There are days that seem to fly by and there are others that I am certain I spend a month’s worth of time in.

Our dear Sister, April (Salt for the Spirit) is in that position right now. Last Tuesday, coming home from her Great-Uncle’s funeral and burial, she found out that her baby was showing a high risk for Trisomy 18. She had to wait until THIS Tuesday (yesterday) for the next stage of testing…..now she has 3 (THREE!!!) centuries years weeks to wait before hearing the results. Three long and arduous weeks.
During these really difficult weeks, please remember her in prayer. Of course, we want to seek Father for wholeness for her precious baby, but also for peace and wellness of soul for April and Dennis.

EDIT!! April and Dennis were in a terrible car accident while on the way to the tests. They hit another car going 55 mph. April is going to require surgery on her broken arm as well as spraining her leg and ankle. Dennis has a compound fracture in his arm and broke both feet. They are in separate parts of the hospital. 😦 PLEASE hold them up in prayer for healing and TONS of peace as the genetic testing has been put on hold for now. Her sister has posted the information on April’s blog. (Thank you Sarah for the heads up – I had just been on the site early afternoon to see if April had posted after her testing yesterday and it wasn’t there. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Sarah!)

4 Responses to “Time is a funny thing….”
  1. Sarah says:

    Hey, Dawn!!! You might want to post an update to this as well — April & Dennis were in a terrible car accident on their way to the hospital for the results. Her sister posted about it on April’s blog. I know we’ll all want to be praying more specifically and fervently for them!!!

  2. javadawn says:

    YIKES – I was JUST on there this morning and didn’t see that – SARAH, THANK YOU!!!

  3. I was there this a.m. and didn’t see it either. Thanks!

  4. Michelle says:

    I will certainly be holding them up in prayer. If I may, I’d like to pass along another couple for prayer. I went to h.s. with Darren and April (oddly enough the women share the same name). Darren recently found out he has a brain tumor. They are waiting for test results, but when I spoke with the family last night, they said the dr. thought it was approx. 95%cancerous. April’s sister Robin is a Christian and goes to the same home school coop I do, but I don’t get the imrpession that either Darren or April are believers, although I don’t know for certain. Robin is asking that we pray for complete healing and that the Lord uses this situation to bring them both “where they ought to be” with the Lord and with one another.

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