Candida Info

Ladies, I know that many people fight this battle, often requiring stringent lifestyle changes.  I have just heard a report from someone about a new product that they used to GREAT avail.

Again, I have no knowledge of this product and I have felt like we have seen good results with taking coconut oil and eating more cultured products, but the road is long and we don’t always have the time to eat the way we should.  (Sometimes real life steps in.) 🙄

The product that was most recently recommended to me is called Candex. (By Pure Essence Labs)  It is an enzyme. Candex basically breaks down the cell walls of candida, causing it to die.  BUT because of the way it dies, it isn’t stimulated into releasing the die-off response, hence you don’t go through the normal painful/uncomfortable reactions.

The person who recommended this to me also recommended following it up with Royaldophilus (an acidophilus product by Young Living) to complete the process.  She even stated that she has maintained her occasional after dinner treats. (Literally, she means she still eats sweets and is having this much success!)

This is unheard of in most health circles. Again, all I can do is share her story. I will tell you, she has struggled with candida for many years and she has been symptom free for 10 full months.  You really can’t beat that. (Let me know if you have any questions)

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