God revealed in Beanie Babies

Several years ago, our children had a whole new batch of costumes to show off play with and they were wanting to go trick or treating. This is something that we haven’t allowed our children to do for many years.

We reminded the children of our stand and encouraged them to be obedient – with a joyful countenance – as we went to dinner, instead of out trick or treating. They received our encouragement and we had a lovely time at dinner.

After dinner, we took the children to a cozy little coffee shop. (Not a Starbucks) 😉 While we were there, a gentleman walked in and asked how long we would be there, as he had something he desired to share with our children, but it was in his daughter’s car. Just as we were preparing to leave, in walked his daughter, carrying a large box filled with Beanie Babies. The man came up holding the box out to my children and allowed them each to pick one out. (These were the $5 size!)

The children were delighted – and we were grateful. Father was so faithful to offer my children a real life lesson – that obedience ALWAYS brings blessing. Always. It’s a law. It can’t be broken. Every time we see one of those Beanie Babies, my children remember the Truth that they reveal.

Will someone please keep reminding me of this? 🙂 We are entering a difficult, yet exciting, yet scary, yet hard, yet exciting, yet exhausting, yet fun, yet exciting new stage of life. (I plan on sharing with you more about it this week.) I would covet your reminders that there is ALWAYS blessing with obedience. 🙂 (And no, I’m not pregnant.) 😀

4 Responses to “God revealed in Beanie Babies”
  1. I think we all need this reminder! I’m excited to hear how things are going with your big exciting thing you’re going to talk about:)

  2. winkies6 says:

    Isn’t amazing how God blesses us when we HONOR one another? 🙂 Sorry, I couldn’t help it….

  3. javadawn says:

    WATCH IT!!! 😀 You need to get out of that hotel room SOON – you’re getting ornery. 😉

    Shannon, thank you for the NICE words. 😆 😉

  4. Jen says:

    I think I caught a hint of what might be on the horizons over there Dawn while I was reading at Fighting for Milk last week. All ears here 🙂

    Sweet story with the beanie babies. 🙂 You keep providing me with fantastic object lessons. 😉

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