Hey batta, batta…Hey batta, batta


Ever been in a conversation that feels like this?!!  How do you respond when someone is taking a swing at you verbally?  (I know my inclination and I’m quite certain that it is NOT God honoring.)  Does anyone besides me want to respond in such a way that someone watching would yell, “Batter OUT!”  😕 😕 😉

12 Responses to “Hey batta, batta…Hey batta, batta”
  1. If you get some good advice about how to respond please forward it! I have a sil who is aiming for the hall of fame:)

  2. javadawn says:

    Well, I notice you didn’t leave me any good advice here. 😀 You can tell from my initial post that *I* am certainly not the person to get ideas from. 😕

  3. I do suggest a bite plate since we do a lot of gritting our teeth:)

  4. whimsy says:

    Actually I’m pretty good at this one. (years of practice you know)

    If they are baiting you for a response, just don’t give it to them. “I’m sorry you feel that way” is one of my favorite phrases. I like to say it with a smug little grin on my face. Makes them CRAZY I tell ya!!

    OK – I’m not sure it’s the most Christian response, because it reeks of passive aggressive-ness (how’s that for a made up word) and it’s not really loving, so I’m not sure. But it does beat tearing into them like I’m prone to do. (Which I used to be VERY good at. Nary an opponent stood a chance in a verbal battle with me!)

  5. Jen says:

    I had this happen about 6 months ago and knocked the pitcher was out of the game after I threw the bat at her. oops.

  6. javadawn says:

    Jen – I’ve been the one throwing the bat, the ball and possibly a bleacher or two, in my day. 😕 By God’s grace, my mouth has been…slightly tamed. Most days, mostly tamed. It’s just when all of a sudden someone takes off and I’m taken off guard, WHEW~ it’s all right there.

  7. Jen says:

    Yes, the issue of being off guard – it is dangerous. Who knows when someone you are friends with will rattle off a MONTHS long list of offenses at you. His strength, not my own, and boy was I ever in my own strength that day (just had enough strength to through the bat…hehe).

    there is a reason, dear Dawn, that it is called *progressive* sanctification. 🙂

  8. Violet says:

    In commenting on Mark 3:5, 21-23, Amy Carmichael wrote: “When our Lord had looked round on them with anger, being grieved for their hardness of heart, He said a loving word to a poor man…What do we say when we are grieved and angry? Do we speak a kind word to someone who needs it?…There is not a word of indignant self-defense, just a quiet question. It was the overflow of the sweetness and peace of His heart. When we are unkindly and unjustly accused, perhaps just when we have been helping someone, how do we react?…there is always time for a look up to Him. ‘Thy sweetness, Lord. Thy peace, Lord.’ It will always be given.”

  9. winkies6 says:

    Oooooh, this just happened to me last night. But I knew it was coming from this friend. I knew she was upset that we had come into town and not stopped by her house. I started a chat with her last night on line and she threw it at me (in a manipulating way, I might add). All I said to her was that I was sorry her feelings were hurt. (when her feelings are hurt, she’s downright mean–I’ve seen it a million times from her toward others) She went on to be short and obviously upset. I told her that I hoped she wasn’t taking it personally, but there was no time and we had no control over that. I reiterated that I was sorry her feelings were hurt and that sometimes things happen that are out of our control. I was calm. I could tell she was not (knowing her quite well). She dropped the conversation and walked away. I tried to be as pleasant as I could be and not allow those feelings of anger or rage to grow inside me (you know that burning feeling!). I could have also shot back some things about her, but I refrained. It’s not worth it. Hope that helps!

  10. Heidi says:

    For better or worse, the accusation/insult mode of choice in my family is via letter/email. This allows plenty of time for me to stew, have imaginary/practice arguments, and worry unfortunately. Praying for them has helped to combat this, but probably the most helpful thing has been to sing. We sing a lot of hymns in our home and church and I have even made a small booklet of hymns that I keep in my purse. There’s something about actually singing, versus just listening to songs. When we are traveling and will see those that hurled insults in the past, we sing in the vehicle for an hour or so. It makes a tremendouse difference in our ability to focus on Jesus and glean His strength to endure the visit cheerfully and hopefully be a positive witness for Christ.

    It is our desire to be blameless before God and man as much as is possible. Sometimes, no matter what you do (and how blameless you are before God), it will offend someone and elicit an onslaught of accusations and hurtful comments. That is part of the cost of being a Christian and God has used it in our lives to get at issues that God wants pruned in order that He would be glorified. Believe me, there has been A LOT of pruning going on in my life…and a lot more pruning has yet to be done. PRAISE THE LORD!

  11. Shanlilac says:

    Someone at church once suggested we (well, me probably) were negligent because our daughter’s feet turned in a bit and she thought we should have her in a cast or something:) I smile now; after all, the doctor said it wasn’t that bad and would iron itself out; but at the time this lady’s assumptions frusterated me greatly.

    In times like these, I find inner humility goes a long way; not so much in what I say, but in how I handle the situation in my heart.

    It can be a growing time; because suddenly I realize that I, too, have been wrongfully judgmental, even if I did not express it as this person did.

    If I start thinking about how I may have accidently hurt others with a barely detected, but actually present, critical attitude, I don’t feel so upset anymore because I remember my Lord has forgiven me for that. How can I not forgive others who in some sense do the same thing to me? And hey, who says I don’t deserve it? Sometimes thinking this way brings me around to feeling great thankfulness and peace.

    Don’t know if this is even slightly applicable to your situation, but it is what it made me think of.

  12. javadawn says:

    Shanlilac, Ahhh….you hit on the head the very thing I needed to do :”If I start thinking about how I may have accidently hurt others with a barely detected, but actually present, critical attitude, I don’t feel so upset anymore because I remember my Lord has forgiven me for that. How can I not forgive others who in some sense do the same thing to me?”
    When I remember to hold to that – keeping in mind how I have sinned against Father and wounded Him, her words/ actions don’t seem nearly so hard to endure.
    Thank you for encouraging me to stay the course of doing what is right!!

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