Tuesday at 3 pm

Ever have one of those days when everyone you’re working with is a bit loopy…and every loop is wanting your attention THIS VERY MINUTE?!!!

Our friend June found herself in that position yesterday. She was at work when a group of young men from Sicily came in wanting to buy trees to ship back to Italy. (I guess someone has to figure out what to put in those overhead compartments now that none of us can carry on luggage.) 😉 Unfortunately, most of the young men were yelling all at once and they were a little weak in their English skills. While she was straining to understand them, another customer came in and slammed her apples down on the counter.

This poor woman was VERY upset that the two bags of apples she bought didn’t taste the same. While trying to calm the young men, June also tried to share with this dear lady that she had purchased Jonathans and Golden Delicious apples, therefore it would be expected that they would taste differently. She was VERY confused – it made no sense to her – both bags were filled with apples. Apples are apples are apples….why would this one be sweet and the other one be tart?!

Just at the moment that June thought perhaps she could help both the woman and the young men, the local homeless gentleman came in, pushing his cart to get out of the rain.  “Hey!” he yelled, “Can anyone tell me when the pumpkins will turn orange??!”  The barn became instantly quiet.  Everyone stared at him.  You see, the entire front of the barn is COVERED with orange pumpkins.  There are gaylords FILLED with orange pumpkins.  There are rows and rows and rows of shelved orange pumpkins.  “WELL?! Does anyone know when the pumpkins will turn orange?” Totally frustrated by this point, one of the other employees yelled out, “Tuesday at 3!”  “Good” said the older man, “I’ll be back then.”

So, if you have nothing else going on and want to pull up a ring-side seat – I happen to know the one place in Michigan where all the pumpkins will suddenly become orange. I bet while you’re there, you could even get an apple or two….they had two bags returned just yesterday. 😉

5 Responses to “Tuesday at 3 pm”
  1. New comment says:

    WAIT! You mean that there really ARE different flavored apples?!?! *Is shocked*

  2. javadawn says:

    You DORK!!! 😆 😆 This is from one of my goofy children, no doubt.

  3. Jenna says:

    Wow, you can return apples? *chuckles* That’s just too funny, getting huffy over buying two different kinds of apples.

    The homeless man, that just cracks me up. If I were there, it wouldn’t have gotten quiet but for a second, right before I started rolling on the floor in laughter. Heeheehee… Being the person that I am, I probably would have bought him a little orange pumpkin and taken it out to him. lol Goofy people crack me up!

  4. onebeggarsbread says:

    Dawn, a few years ago a friend of mine mentioned she didn’t like apples. Incredulous, I began quizzing her, “You don’t even like golden delicious or fuji or granny smith apples?”
    She seriously thought all apples tasted like mushy Red Delicious (which I don’t like either!) Now, I am no apple expert, but it sure was fun to introduce this gal to a few new varieties! She buys apples for the family now 🙂

  5. javadawn says:

    Obb, HOORAY for you – you rescued one family from apple boredom. I love doing that. We have some friends who “don’t like apples” – except the ones we’ve given them. They admit they do like those. (LOL – if only they know we’ve shared probably 10 different types with them.) 😉

    So, do you wear a red cape with a big apple on your chest too? 😉 😉 😀

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