Ooooh, ooooh, pick me, pick me!!

Remember my raving about “The Glorious Coming“, the Jesse Tree devotional by Ann Voskamp?? (an insufficient raving, but a raving none the less.)

Weeeellllll, Ann is going to be on Marilyn Moll’s phone seminar with Shari Graham, author of “The Twelve Week Holiday Planner for Christian Families“.  The call begins at 9 pm EDT on Thursday October 5th.  The number to call is: 1-620-782-8800.  Use access code 754073.  I know you will be blessed for the hearing.

AND if you haven’t obtained your copy of “The Glorious Coming” yet…WHATCHA WAITIN’ FOR??! 😉

(Fair warning to all you holiday feet draggers: We had our first family holiday meeting (or would that be a first holiday family meeting??) of the season. That pushing feeling you have in the middle of your back is ME!! I’m going to push you right into the holiday mood/season. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) 😀

6 Responses to “Ooooh, ooooh, pick me, pick me!!”
  1. Jenna says:

    *grump, grump* Hey, be careful with my spine, gal!


    Do I have to think about holiday stuff already? I know, I know. It’s getting to be that time, but we’re just feeling…quiet…this year. I’m sure that makes no sense. lol

  2. javadawn says:

    You of ALL people need to be doing holiday prep Toots! 😉 You will be busy with being very pregnant and taking good care of your body – think of it this way – it’s probiotic holiday prep. 🙂 That way, if you’re too pregnant to feel like messing with anything, it’s all been done for you.

    Ahhhh – the true delight of arriving at December 1st with nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy the holidays. SO worth thinking Christmas in October. 😉

  3. Yep, I have a hard time getting “in the mood” this early, too. But I must! I sooo want this year to be special – focused on HIM. And I won’t have time for that if I don’t start planning now…. I miss being a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl (I painted my nails while driving to get my hair done on my wedding day!), it’s all I know! SO Dawn, be a pal:), and stay on me about this, would ya? Thanks!

  4. Holly says:

    I just looked thru Sheri’s planner tonight. (I went to college with her. Did you know that?) I’m supposed to be making lists…

    They BOTH did just beautiful jobs! Excellent stuff!

  5. Teena says:

    I missed the talk…. would love to hear Ann.

    I order The Glorious Coming~

    I can not wait to start it… it is wonderful.


  6. javadawn says:


    Ann sounds JUST like I expected her to. She has a lovely gentle voice that fits her perfectly.

    I’m not certain – it may be that you can obtain a copy (MP3?!) or just listen to – the call from Marilyn’s website. Do be sure to check. You will be richly blessed, I’ve no doubt.

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