Is this a frog or an elephant…

and does it really matter or do they both just taste like chicken, anyway?!!!!!

I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying about eating an elephant, right?  One bite at a time…

What about a frog?  Do you know the rules for eating a frog?  If you eat a live frog every morning, you’ve gotten the worst thing about your day out of the way first.  (Note – if you have two frogs to eat, eat the ugliest one first)

I must say, this season of being grown, stretched, pressed – not to mention shaken and stirred  – I am feeling like I start each morning facing something akin to one of these.  The problem you see, is that I have so many different things to be turning my hand to, I honestly can’t figure out which it is – a frog or an elephant. One would think I would be able to discern the difference, but that’s just the point, I can’t!

In light of this, my prayer has been “Oh Lord, show me what to do…show me what has  the most import.”  Sometimes I’ve been able to quiet myself long enough to hear, other times I’m giving the appearance of being quiet, when in fact, there’s a motor running in my heart that is revving itself, waiting to speed off onto the next thing. (Like this morning – I have that “idling on high” feel in my gut…does anyone know what I mean by that?!! PLEASE say yes, even if you have to stretch it some.) 🙂

The other morning, I prayed my normal “show me” prayer and I felt the Lord stirring me to go and make my bed.  Not just throw my blankets and coverlet up, but make my bed.  Take my time, delight in the fact that I have one, delight in the feel of the cotton in contrast to the down, delight in the contrast of the weight of the matelasse’ and the woven blanket….just enjoy the process of making my bed.  Make that moment a moment of worship and thanksgiving for the blessings I have.  I did it.  It was wonderful!  I have repeated it every morning since…. ahhh (deep sigh of contentment)

The act of making my bed, for me, is a return to the basics.  I love a made bed.  If my bed is not made, my house is not clean.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else can see, I KNOW my house is in disorder.  (Flylady has a shiny sink, I have a made bed) By beginning at the begincement (HEY – it’s MY blog) 😉 I was remembering the need to hold fast to the foundations.

So, when your world is in chaos and you are being tried to the nth degree – what is your begincement?  What one thing calls to you “Start here”…..  are you doing that one thing or like me, do you end up shoving it to the back, thinking you’re “saving time”?

7 Responses to “Is this a frog or an elephant…”
  1. The laundry is my begincement (I love a girl that can make up her own words!). I have to get it going first and it’s such a good feeling to have all the piles seperated and ready to go. Once I get the washing machine going I can start the rest of my day. Also, I ofetn need some piece of clothing in that laundry to be able to do something else that day (need a clean bra so I can go to town!) so it’s literally got to get done:)
    And, buy to I ever know what you mean about idling on high. SOme days I feel like I’m just looking for a fire to put out! Did you read Humble Amy’s post (in the last day or two) where she talked about playing non-stop whack-a-mole? I had to laugh to keep from crying.

  2. ReneeFL says:

    I am going to think about this BUT — if it tastes like chicken anyway, just eat chicken! (They tell me alligator tastes like chicken too but I have never ordered it instead of chicken!)

  3. javadawn says:

    Alligator?!! BLECH – Jeff tried it once. We can’t remember for sure – but it seems like it did taste a bit like chicken. 🙄

  4. javadawn says:

    Shannon, 🙂 starting the laundry is my second thing! I love to hear the sound of the dryer tumbling while I’m having my quiet time. Makes me feel like I’m getting closer to being Polly Proverbs. 🙂

    I would agree – having a bra to wear to town would be a good thing…a VERY good thing. 😆

  5. Patricia says:

    I absolutely relate to the “idling on high” feeling in my gut. What I truly dislike are the days when I am ultrabusy, like now, and I wake up idling on high…sometimes in a panic. My first thought will be, “what is today – and what am I supposed to be doing instead of sleeping.” I am in such a different season in life than most of y’all. I remember the days that my begincement and daily schedule rarely changed, but with just one child still at home and my parents in Glory, I don’t have the need to do the same things every day like I did before. Probably making my bed and sorting laundry, whether it is to wash today or another day, are the two things that would most likely define the beginning of my work day…though sometimes – especially if I am not doing laundry that day – I move right on into tacking the “first thing” on my list. Like you, Dawn, I don’t think my house is clean unless my bed is made and it is the one thing that doesn’t bother my husband at all. If I am away over night, he will not make the bed.

  6. winkies6 says:

    Hey! Where is Humble Amy’s post? I’d love to read about feeling like she’s playing whack a mole all day long. Sooo been there myself. 🙂

  7. Kim's Vineyard says:

    This is SUCH a boring begincement, but mine is wiping up the coffee stains that dh leaves on the counter each morning. He adores making coffee before bed and drinking it COLD in the morning! I guess it is my wiping away of yesterday in order to start fresh for a new day! It is the very first thing I do. Then, it’s the dishes! The kitchen is open to the rest of the house, so if it is not clean, the house is not clean!
    After the kitchen is clean, I have begun to bake something in the mornings. It does not help to make it through the list of the days chores, but I feel *so* prepared for guests, or it becomes a special treat for dh’s homecoming! It really has been a form of worship in serving God through my home!

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