Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

My name ain’t Mary, I can be very contrary and my garden is AWFUL! 

So what?!  WELL, we have “Gardens” as our discussion for next week and I don’t have a hostess.  This is fine, as long as you’re willing to endure the penultimate choice for that. (Although, I’m not sure which choice could possibly come after me…. I digress)

If someone else is desirous of sharing on this topic, please let me know and we’ll plan on showing up in your garden on Monday….otherwise (cue ominous music) you’ll have to come here…………………………………………….

2 Responses to “Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?”
  1. Heidi says:

    Ummm…I’m new to this whole thing and I’m not even sure how it works, but I have a couple posts that I wrote this spring/summer regarding our raised bed gardens and companion planting. Is that even what you are looking for??

  2. javadawn says:

    Oh HEIDI, I am SO blessed by your kind offer to serve me! That is so beautiful – THANK YOU!

    Although I’d love to have you teach me how to do raised beds (or flat beds or any beds…except mine, which IS made today 😆 by the way) in this case, I’m in reference to our next chapter of “No Ordinary Home” – a book we’ve been discussing.

    Even if you don’t have the book, please join us in the discussion! (AND don’t be the least bit surprised when I come knocking on your “door” to get info on how to do raised beds.) 🙂

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