Postcard from the desert

Hi – wish you were here! Granted, there is the occasional wind storm, sending sand between the teeth that is a little …. overwhelming, but the VIEW from here is amazing.

If I really were in the desert, that truly is what I’d be sharing with you. The view from here is AMAZING. It’s amazing because it’s God. All God.

Every time I start a post about what Father is doing in our lives regarding entrepreneurship, I’m stifled. How can I put in words the amazing things He is doing? How can I impress upon you the totally “ONLY GOD” kinds of things He is doing in our lives? How do I share some of this with you and not sound like a total idiot? (I guess I really don’t mind that much, because I do manage that part so well…)

Then I realized it – it doesn’t matter if you get it – you have your own story. Each of us have the same Father – we each have our own story of how Father is or has done great things in our lives. For some it involves BarlowGirl, for others it will involve missions work, for others still, it will involve life and death. Our God doesn’t really have a Most Favored Child status (even if it does seem like Jeff seems to get it on a regular basis) <;)> We ALL have Most Favored Child status. So, my job is simply to share with you the things that we are seeing Father do and allow it to bless you, knowing that this is YOUR God, too. So, share I will – on a regular basis, I will be sharing some of the things that we’re seeing the Lord do/doing. My prayer is that your faith would be encouraged.


Waaaaaaayyy back when, when the Lord began to nudge Jeff about becoming an entrepreneur and leaving the safety of his “Egypt” job and wandering into the desert of the unknown, an amazing thing happened. A small thing, a silly thing, but one that points totally and only to Father began to happen. You see, in Jeff’s job, he uses a spray-on solvent. This solvent invariably clogs up the nozzle and requires replacing sometimes several times a week. Until now.

For the first time in YEARS of doing this job and using this product, Jeff’s nozzles are not clogging. Like the sandals of those who have made this exodus before us, they are simply not wearing out. Each day as Jeff goes to work, his faith is built up again. Every time – numerous times a day – that he uses his solvent, it is a tangible reminder that the things the Lord is leading us to He will accomplish in our lives. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

A few weeks ago, we were headed out for church. As we drove past Starbucks the kids asked if they pooled their money, could they share a frappuccino. (DECAF!!) We agreed. Everyone put their funds together and sure enough – just enough for one mocha for Dad and Mom and one frapp for all 6 kiddos to share. We placed our order – when we pulled up to pay, the barista said, “I’m sorry, we made a mistake, you ordered a venti frap, our guy back here made a grande – do you want it too? I mean, we’d GIVE it to you, of course.” “Why SURE, thank you!” Before we pulled away that day, the “guy back there” had made 5 mistakes!!! Our family ended up paying for 1 venti mocha, 1 venti frapp and we received both of those plus 5 grande frapps made in error. We were flabbergasted. No such thing has ever happened like THAT – one error, yes. Two? No. Five? Unthinkable.

Driving away, Jeff turned and said to me, “I forgot to tell you how Gary felt the Lord leading him to pray over us for this next season….he has been praying that like the Israelites, we too would plunder Egypt. I guess we just saw that, didn’t we children?”

Day after day on this adventure, we’ve been amazed at the things the Lord is laying on our hearts – the way He is changing us, as a whole family, all at once – and day after day, we’re amazed at how much more we want to see Him. How much more this has to do with Him and how much less it has to do with work or entrepreneurship or anything else.

Yes, we are on an adventure – yes there is sand in our teeth sometimes, but the VIEW is great – it is HIM that fills our sight.

11 Responses to “Postcard from the desert”
  1. Dawn – i love hearing your story, especially being in on it as it unfolds! It’s so encouraging to me – I find myself recognizing His hand in my own life and letting myself get excited about it (I have a big bad habit of not getting excited about things).
    Thank you for sharing all this!

  2. javadawn says:

    Shannon, my dear, I wish I could take the things that are happening and package them up to share. So much of it has to do with the changes in our hearts and the collective way that the Lord is moving in our family.
    It takes my breath away when I feel/hear something in my prayer time and before the day is out all 6 speaking children are coming to me, privately, to tell me that they are hearing the same things. 😮 It AMAZES me.

    There are opportunities that are coming before us and it appears that the Lord has simply miraculously opened doors for them to occur.

    Today, a young man that Jeff knows, but not KNOWS came up to him and said, “Um, I think the Lord has told me I’m to ask you if you’ll meet with me every week to share the things that He is doing in your life. I need to know them AND He is doing something weird in our lives too and I need the encouragement.” 😮

    Shannon, I don’t even know for SURE – as you know I have a pretty good idea – but not FOR SURE where we’re going. It doesn’t matter. I just want to only be where He is. If He is moving – I want to be going. I feel like Lucy from Narnia. She just wants to be with Aslan more than anything else. AND the fact that He isn’t a tame lion, only makes the journey all that much more exciting! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing in my excitement with me. It’s a rush, that’s for sure.

    The hardest part is I’m pretty sure this isn’t a “forever” way to live. I expect that to some degree things will “slow down” some and it won’t be this intense…as do all marriage relationships. I’m going to be sad when His presence – His nearness – is not as tangible. Excited because I know it will mean I’ve done some maturing and we’re in a new place, but sad none the less. I’m certain that the Children of Israel didn’t have the Cloud by day and Fire by night forever – I can imagine their sadness the morning they awoke and the cloud was no longer there…… BUT that day isn’t this one and I will not dwell in that place YET. I don’t have time. 😆 HUGS Shannon, my dear!!!!!

  3. Margie says:

    Dawn, thank you so much for sharing the work of the Lord in your lives. I too, am on a journey. Not the same journey, but it is so encourging to see the Father working in your life. It has opened my eyes to His work in my life.

    Your image of the desert is vivid for me. As you know, I physically live in the desert. God moved our family here just over two years ago. I am moving from a spiritual dry place to a desert place where God’s voice is clear (I SEE the cloud and the pillar of fire!). The desert experience is so often presented as negative. But, what joy to SEE the Father at work and walk in close companionship with Him here in the desert.


  4. Jen says:

    “we were headed out for church”

    hey! Does that mean you’re going to a local gathering now or that you were headed out to do family worship somewhere?

  5. javadawn says:

    🙂 Ahhh, you’re fast little Miss Jen. We were headed out to do family church. Sometimes when things are chaotic here, it becomes too distracting for us to settle in to worship here. Nope, thus far, Father continues to call us to family worship, instead of corporate – and we continue to ask. 🙂

    Margie, I am finding it is only in the desert that I am able to remove the distractions of “the skyline” and REALLY see what Father is doing. I understand that the Lord took the Children to the desert for the purpose of removing them from Egypt, but even more for putting them in a place where they would have NOTHING blocking their eyes from HIM! Just them, God and a few megabazillion sand grains. It’s amazing how helpful that is to the eye sight. 😀

  6. Jessica says:

    Thanks so much for you comment about our pumpkin pictures!
    I think I am starting to feel better! I have ups and downs of course but overall I think I’m over the worst. The Supermom vitamins have been amazing! I take them twice a day and towards the evenings I actually crave taking them. How weird is that!
    I love your post about the desert! That is the discription we have used about our lives for the past couple years. Except God actually did move us to the desert!

  7. Patricia says:

    Awesome!!! Don’t you just love it when God reveals Himself to you in ways that only He could…and in ways that only you would know it was Him! Our God truly is an awesome God! Thank you for linking to my story. I pray that it is a blessing! Love ~ Patricia

  8. Holly says:

    Wow. I’ve loved reading about your adventures, Dawn. I’ve been hoping that you would share..the big stuff, the little stuff…all of it is a faithbuilder for those who are watching you.

    You are hard to keep up with…:)

  9. winkies6 says:

    This certainly has been a season of a changing wind. I don’t think I ever imagined God putting us in this place where we are now. I was certain we would be in the same city we had lived in for the past 11 years (hubby even longer) and that our children would be attending the same school–the one that ALMOST made me a homeschooling mom. –nothing against homeschoolers, you know it’s just not for me 😉 Now hubby has a new job and we are relocating and all that really happened in a 2 week timespan. Nothing like uprooting your family in 2 weeks! You can go back on my Xanga site all this past summer, especially in August, and see God’s work in our family.
    Praise God, He is soo good!

  10. winkies6 says:

    By the way, what timezone did I post in? 🙂 Because I know I wasn’t online at 2:30 in the am. LOL More like 11:30? 🙂

  11. Crystal says:

    Hey sorry this is off topic…

    Remember that music thread on the forum and you told me about this awesome band? Well I need you to tell me again!! I can’t remember their name and I want to get their music!!

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