I keep bumping into

Beth Moore.  Every where I turn someone is talking about the Beth Moore study that they’re doing.  I have never done one of her studies, I have never even seen one of her studies, I can’t say I know anyone IRL who is or has done one of her studies.

I HAVE however done Precepts studies. Jeff and I got certified to teach them several children ago. 🙂

SO, can anyone compare the two for me?  I’m needing a new study to tackle, as I’m study-less right now…..so can anyone recommend a particular study for/to me?

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  1. MamaKayB says:

    I am in a Ladies Bible Class with our church. We always do a Beth Moore study in the Spring and an easier study in the Fall (Right now we are using Max Lucado’s It’s Not About Me.)

    I’ve done one study from Kay Arthur (Lord, I’m Torn Between to Masters), listened to her on the radio during a season of my life and read some of her other books. I have done 6 studies of Beth Moore’s (A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place, Breaking Free, John: The Beloved Disciple, Believing God, Jesus: The One & Only and Living Free — in that order).

    Beth Moore and Kay Arthur both write very scripture based studies.

    The Precept books to me seem more like great sermons or devotional thoughts with questions to direct you into studying God’s Word for yourself using her great method of analyzing what the Bible says.

    Beth Moore’s style is more of following her on a journey as you dig into the Word with a wonderful tour guide. Our ladies class is always amazed at the insights she has into God’s Word.

    Her studies are hard work! Each day usually takes me 30-45 minutes to complete the homework. Our class actually takes 2 weeks to do 1 week of her study. We discuss the study itself the 1st week and then watch the video & discuss it the 2nd week.

    Do you have specific questions? I’d be glad to try to answer them. What topics have you studied in the recent past? What are your favorite types?


  2. Patricia says:

    I agree with MamaKayB – she has done an excellent comparison. I, too, have completed studies by Kay Arthur and Beth Moore. Personally, I prefer Beth Moore, but maybe it is because I have had greater access to her studies over recent years. Two of them are available on line, and both of them are excellent. I like being able to work through them at my own pace and watch the video teachings over and over again. They are rich. You can watch a short video about her study “Believing God” at http://www.lifeway.com/bg/ and “Living Beyond Yourself” at http://www.lifeway.com/lby/ I am presently doing Beth’s “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place” for the second time at my church. The only study of Beth’s I have not done is her new on on Daniel.

  3. javadawn says:

    Have either of you done a Precept Upon Precept study?? (Her regular Bible studies, as opposed to the devotionals…) If I walk away from a Precepts study with less than an hour or two of study per day, I feel like I must be nearing genius or Sainthood. 😉 Is that very similar to what you’re talking about re: Beth’s studies as well?

    What Biblical tools would I need to do one of Beth’s studies?

  4. javadawn says:

    MamaKayB – I’m sorry, I blew through your question as to which of Kay’s studies have I done… Um, I didn’t do too many topical studies, although we did do her study on covenant and marriage. (ouch) 😕

    Other than that, we have basically done her Precept studies, which are book specific to Scripture. (I don’t even remember which ones we have or haven’t done.) I have Peter sitting here waiting for me to get into it, but I must confess, it’s so hard to find the time needed to spend an hour or so in study, in addition to spending time in prayer in addition to…. you know the routine. You’re a busy mom too. (I just end up manipulating myself into spending more time than I “should” because I can’t seem to do a partial study for one day and leave it until the next. It’s perfectionism…a la pride, no doubt.) 🙄

  5. javadawn says:

    So….which study should I start with? (And Michelle, when are you going to lead us in a study? That might make a nice next book discussion.) 😉

  6. Along this line, what would y’all recommend for a group that only meets once a month? We’re all willing to do some homework, but we’d be stretching it out over about a year. What would y’all recommend?

  7. MamaKayB says:


    Considering your recent wanderings in the desert you might like the A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place. It is a study of the tabernacle.

    My favorite study was Believing God which uses Hebrews 11 as the text. This study focuses on Believing God not just believing in Him.

    For tools you really only need your Bible and a good concordance. (I personally like to use e-sword.)

  8. Lynn says:

    Dawn, I’ve done both Precepts and now Beth Moore. This is my first Beth Moore bible study and it’s the one on Daniel. I love it!!! She’s taking history and prophecy (most fulfilled which makes more history, right? :0)) and making it applicable to my life today. I loved Precepts and feel like I learned a lot in the studies I did (Revelation – my favorite, Genesis – a close second, John and Romans) but for me it felt like it was mostly head knowledge. I realize this probably isn’t everyones experience and I most likely missed out on something – but that’s what I got. With Beth Moore it’s taking that head knowledge one stop further and applying it to my heart, applying it the my daily life, giving me something I can use. (Does that even make a lick of sense?) And like you said, who has time to add 2 more hours of study to their busy schedules? Not that I wouldn’t like to, mind you, it just isn’t going to happen in this season of my life. But with this study I can easily fit in the approx. 30 min. it takes to complete and am reaping so much from this awesome book! I’m excited to find out that you can do some of her studies online!

    Our class on Daniel meets for two hours per week – the first hour we discuss our homework and the second hour we watch the video. It’s opposite of Precepts in that the video presents material you’ll be studying in the coming week instead of going over what you just studied. I am so excited about this that I’m going to bring it home and do a small bible study with my family and friends. Our church bought the DVD’s, which I can borrow, and I’ll get the workbooks for everyone. I’m looking forward to going over it again and I’m only half way through!

    BTW, these friends have been at our house and we’ve all sat around the kitchen, on the floor, having great theological discussions. We’ve therefore coined the phrase “kitchen floor devotions”. It’s one of our favorite things to do… sit there with children (mine, not theirs) climbing on our laps, discussing God, praying… it’s a sweet time.

  9. javadawn says:

    Lynn, a) your kitchen floor devotions sounds WONDERFUL! Especially if you’re providing food to those on the floor. (Maybe you could call it your “fish and loaves meeting”) 😉 b)thanks for the comparison. I must confess, I too have done some Precepts studies that have allowed me to enter and gain head knowledge and not be greatly changed. So I very much appreciate the comparison. c)what’s a folks gotta do to get themselves invited to come sit on your kitchen floor?? d) I’m impressed – having a kitchen floor that’s always clean enough to sit on. (I just left my shoe on mine the other day. 😀 We had had a bag of apples sitting on the floor and unbeknownst to us, the bottom one was rotting – it oozed onto the floor. Someone saw the ooze and picked the bag up and took the bag away to deal with the apples. They forgot the mess and here I came tra la tra la – and I stepped in apple goo. I literally stepped out of my shoe!!! I also grumped quite loudly about it too.) 😕

  10. Lynn says:

    ROFL – no, these are friends who love me in spite of my not so clean house… and my house is a pit right now! You are welcome to our KFD’s any time, though. No invitation needed, but advanced warning will guarantee a swept floor, at least. I’ve had the same thing happen on my floor but it was potato goo – ugh.

  11. Listening says:

    I have appreciated this conversation. The Precept studies have so grown me up in the Lord, nourishing me in the Word, fanning a passion for Abba into flame. I am not familiar with the Beth Moore studies, but will now take a closer look. Thank you each for sharing your experiences. This sister is *grateful*….
    All is grace,
    Ann V.

  12. javadawn says:

    Oh Ann, I thought for a brief second you meant you appreciated the conversation because you too have had goo on your kitchen floor that got sticky enough it removed your shoe. 😉

  13. 🙂

    Beth Moore is good. Really good! I’d say more, but I’m nursing.

  14. Dawn, did you get an e-mail from me a couple of days ago? You mentioned that you weren’t getting them from me. I asked you about how much lemons to “drink” in a day’s time…yeah…that one?

    (Baby’s in bed now. He was just nodding off.)

  15. Margie says:

    I have not done a Precepts study, but I can say that I am loving Beth Moore’s Daniel. At first glance it looks like a “fill in the blank” study and I don’t like those. But, it really does get into personal application. Like Lynn said up there: “With Beth Moore it’s taking that head knowledge one stop further and applying it to my heart, applying it the my daily life, giving me something I can use. (Does that even make a lick of sense?)”

    That makes total sense to me!

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