A penny saved…..

Heads up!  A gentleman in Denver, who has a passion for coin collecting has put a rare 1914 D penny into circulation.  His entire reason was to make people pay attention to their coins.  Good thinking – that penny is worth about $500.  So, what’s in your wallet pocket??

5 Responses to “A penny saved…..”
  1. The Unnamed says:

    Lint is the only thing at the moment. 😀

  2. Kim's Vineyard says:

    What does it look like?

  3. javadawn says:

    An old wheat back. Keep your eyes OPEN!!! 🙂

    As for YOU, Unnamed…. not even any chocolate in those pockets? Sad, sad, truly sad. 😉

  4. Crystal says:

    Good to know!! I’ll be keeping my eye out for sure!!

  5. The Unnamed says:

    Nope. I can’t keep chocolate in my pockets, cause it melts. And then it mixes with the lint….

    Yuck. XP

    BTW, I’ve gotten a tip from an outside source that you’ve figured out who I am. Is that true?

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