Making Homemade Christmas Gifts?

You must see this site. I was giddy at all the possibilities here. Enjoy!

8 Responses to “Making Homemade Christmas Gifts?”
  1. onebeggarsbread says:

    Dawn…how did you get your little coffee cup to show up in your sidebar? I can’t figure out how to do something similar on mine. I did just upload an avatar — will that show up on my blog soon?
    Sorry to bug you 🙂
    BTW — the craft site is amazing. Reminds me that Christmas is SOONER than later, isn’t it!?

  2. javadawn says:

    Deborah, NO BUG! 1)I had to go to Molly to find out how she did it in the first place 2) I had to have BondServant help me do it even AFTER Molly had told me how to. 🙄

    SO, since BSoC is still abed, I’ll have to “fake” my way through it. Go to um….I just tried doing it and I still can’t. I’ll have her post on it later. 🙄 (that would be a BIG 🙄 on my part)

    Isn’t it astounding how easily Christmas can slip up on us? I am amazed each year.

  3. javadawn says:

    (Uh, Deborah, BondServant is at work – she isn’t still in bed at this hour. Just thought I ought to clarify!) 😀 I’ll have her pop in here when she is back. (Sorry, she wasn’t any too lucid before she left, I thought it best to wait until she could think clearly. She’s one of my night owliest!) 🙂

  4. javadawn says:

    WAIT! Go to My Dashboard, then Presentation Click on Sidebar Widgets. Go down and add however many # of widgets (read:pics/text) you want to add. Then at the bottom in the big blue “pool” called, “Available Widgets” drag the new “Text #” into the sidebar column.

    Try that – let me know if it makes sense/or not. 😕

  5. But how do you get pictures in that text box? This has confused me, too. I’m so illiterate, until I see how easy it is…:) because I’ve copied off of someone else!

  6. Deborah says:

    I can’t figure out how to get pics into the text box either 😦 I tried cutting and pasting, and tried pasting in the photobucket url. Maybe it depends on the blogskin you are working with? Maybe I’ll change around and see if it is easier in another template.
    Thank you so much for trying to help 🙂

  7. javadawn says:

    Ok, Ladies, here’s the deal. I put my own new little images into the side bars this weekend, JUST so I could explain it better. 😆 (pathetic, huh?)

    So, here’s an option – do you have IM capabitlity? I can walk you through it, if my words don’t make sense.

    Ok, go to sidebar widgets. If you are wanting to add pics that you don’t already have, go to the second section “Text Widgets” It says, “How many text widgetty things ya’ll want?” (or something close) 😉 You may add however many widgets you want – let’s say you want to add one more in and you already have 4, change that to 5. This will put a Text 5 in your available blue pool of widgets. Click on it and slide it into the sidebar arrangement, where ever you want it to sit. Then, click on the little upper blue corner. You can paste your url there. Try that – see if it makes sense/works. If not, IM me. (Yim – damama27 – I have one for MSN, too, but I’m clueless…if you need that, let me know!)

  8. onebeggarsbread says:

    You are awesome. I am having so much fun now that I am figuring this stuff out! Yippee!!

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