Keep Christ in Christmas

with Everyday Mommy! Jules  is planning on offering suggestions on ways to keep Christ in Christmas, beginning November 1st.  You will notice I’ve added the banner on the sidebar.  I’m eager to see us (no, there ain’t no mouse in my pocket, my dears.  I mean me and THEE!) join the challenge.  Please be ready to share ways that YOUR family keeps your Christmas celebrations Christ focused.  Specific things – even if they seem silly to you – they may be JUST what someone else needs to hear.  (Even if there are things you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet….or have heard….or have thought about….or have read about…I think you’re getting the idea.)

I trust that together we can find ways to help our children – who am I kidding? to help US – keep our focus on the King of Kings, who submitted Himself to being born in a manger, that we might have life everlasting!  To Him be glory, honor and praise forevermore!!

One Response to “Keep Christ in Christmas”
  1. Wonderful idea!!!! I will be checking back soon & often!
    Bless You!

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