It’s that time of year ~

Ahhh, it must officially be here. In watching the morning news, along with the 2,4oo,000 political commercials, I saw 8 holiday commercials. (Other than the lipo/body enhancement commercial, I don’t even think I saw anything BUT those 2 kinds.)

The hype is beginning, the world is preparing for (cue the music) the holidays. Sweet, wonderful holidays….

The world presents each holiday as this picture perfect event that is filled with food, peace and goodwill toward all capitalists. Sadly, the Church is generally found running right alongside in the same holiday “marathon.” But, as Believers, our ways of preparing should be as different from the world’s ways as the east is from the west. Not that they don’t mingle, there somewhere over…say, Kansas or so, but that our very focus must be different. (Sorry Valerie, my dear, I think you’re the only one reading outside the US, so I stuck with Kansas…apologies for “leaving you out.”)

While the world is planning on the perfect gift and Rockwell meals, Everyday Mommy is challenging us to plan our holidays with our eyes on keeping Christ in Christmas. She is offering regular ideas for ways we can do so.

In order to do that, may I ask that you join me today, in committing to taking a few minutes (or however long the Holy Spirit encourages you to linger) to pray and seek Father’s heart for your upcoming month? Ask Him what things He would have you pour your energies into. Ask Him what relationships need your attention. Ask Him if there are any changes He would have you make in your days….anything that you need to do? Or need to NOT do?

It may indeed be, as hillfarm_momma shared, that you too, will focus on honoring others, rather than have a “normal” Thanksgiving season. It may be that the Lord would ask you to lay down your ideas of the holiday season altogether and simplify to the HILT. Whatever your Lord asks of you, won’t you say, “Yes!” ? Let’s not just keep Christ in Christmas, let’s wrap the entire holiday around Him, with Him. In Him, through Him and to Him are all things, including holiday plans.

(Once you’ve heard from Father, won’t you share the things you’ve heard? I will do the same. I am eager to hear what the Lord has in store for each of our families. I love seeing the diversity of the Bride!)

Happy November!

5 Responses to “It’s that time of year ~”
  1. I’ve started a blog called advent for evangelicals where I hope to inspire families to celebrate CHRIST in Christmas!

    I’d love for you to stop by, Dawn.

    And, the political commercials, oy vey. Is there any wonder we’re all disenchanted???

  2. javadawn says:

    Thanks Lindsey – I sure will!!

  3. Kate says:

    just to say that you’ve a regular reader in London, UK. . .

  4. javadawn says:

    Kate, you sweetie!! 😀

    Val is in Oz, you’re in the UK. Looks like it all comes together in…say…Texas, then? 😉

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