Birthday party for JavaDawn

Hello my dear friends and relatives. This is JavaDawn’s oldest daughter. I have hijacked JavaDawn’s site for the day. Instead of the usual post today I have changed this into a special online birthday party for our beloved JavaDawn. Today is her (….I’m not THAT mean, I am not giving out ages today) birthday, and I wanted to create a place for you guys to be able to join us in celebrating her special day!

So, please come, enjoy the cyber-java (Starbucks, natch) and the cyber-pastries, and wish JavaDawn a happy birthday.

Thank you all for participating in this.



69 Responses to “Birthday party for JavaDawn”
  1. Outcast says:


    *Sends virtual pie and a mocha*

    I thought you might be wanting those. 😉

    Have a good one, crazy parent!!!

  2. Happy birthday mom.
    Thanks for the fun, you’re the best. LOL!
    We all love you tons!
    ~Minijavabeans 1-7, and Dad

  3. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

    I’ll send along virtual truffles as your gift. And, heck, if we’re virtually sending things, I’m virtually sending myself to meet you in real life and have a cup of coffee with you! 🙂

    Happy Day.

  4. Margie says:

    Oh what fun! I love a party!!!

    I’ll bring the sticky buns and some of my apple upside down cake since I baked another today 🙂

    Happy Birthday Dear JavaDawn!!!!!
    May your day be special and may our Father shower you with blessings beyond your wildest imagination today and in the year ahead.

    [img] [/img]

  5. Violet says:

    Happy Birthday, JavaDawn!!!! No matter how old you are, I’m older – sorry, you’ll never catch up!

    I’m sending you some of that Jasmine tea I’ve been waiting for you to come and sip with me. I feel so blessed to have you as a cyber friend. Can’t wait ’til we meet face to face.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Susan says:

    Have a wonderful birthday. I have so much enjoyed your posts.

  7. Napoleon says:

    Happy b-day old person. I did some logarithms to figure out your age. My gift to you is virtual moose poop. (My scruples don’t allow me to put an emoticon here.)

    Sweet computer hacking skills minijavabean. You’re probably the best that I know of. Gosh!

  8. Lynn says:

    Happy birthday, happy happy birthday!
    Happy birthday, happy happy day!

    Oh how I wish you were here in Alaska so “g” could fix you a great cuppa coffee and I’d make a totally fattening birthday cake for you.

    Minijavabeans – great job on the par-tay! Give your mom a big hug for me. (Hope you didn’t get in trouble chatting with Napoleon tonight.)

  9. ReneeFL says:

    Happy Birthday to one of our greatest blessings in cyberspace! I just had one of those unknown birthdays too — isn’t it fun to be whatever age we feel like that day! You know, they say aging is inevitable but maturing is optional! Hope you have a fantastic day celebrating.

  10. Leah says:

    Birthday greetings from another Alaskan!!

    Hope your day is wonderful, relaxing, peaceful and absolutely TERRIFIC!!


  11. Jen says:

    Happy Birthday…another excuse for sweets?! Yahoo!

  12. Patricia says:

    Dearest Dawn, I know that it is your birthday, but I must admit that you are the one who has been the gift to me! I’m sending you hot banana chocolate chip muffins right from the oven, to wash down with a fresh pot of hazelnut cream coffee. Though maybe in the desert, you’d prefer a gallon of sweet tea? May the Lord bring you to an oasis on this day, pouring down His Holy Spirit, bringing renewal and refreshment for the days and years to come. Love ~ Patricia

  13. javadawn says:

    Dear Goldilocks, SO, you’ve been sitting in my chair, eh? Did you eat my chocolate stash while you were there? 😉

    Thank you Babe, Mama Bear

    Oh Friends, what a wonderful surprise!! Thank you so much!!! It just makes me long for heaven al the more – I know our focus will be on our King, but I trust that He will also allow the delight of meeting one another IRL, as well. (S’pose we’ll all be running around holding up those cardboard signs like they do at airports??) 😉

  14. javadawn says:

    For the record, my stomach is now growling. I was hungry when I sat down, I’m famished now. 😀 (I think it was the hot banana chocolate chip muffins and hazelnut coffee that was the “final straw” so to speak.)

    Off to drink a yummy morning protein shake. Mmmm (compared to sticky buns, apple cake, truffles, muffins, Lynn-cake and Robert’s pie add to that unlimited coffee and Jasmine tea (I’m on the lookout for that Violet – I haven’t seen it yet, but when I do, I’m going to buy some!) I have a hunch after all those delightful temptations, my whey protein shake is going seem pretty pathetic.) 😆

  15. deborah says:

    hey there dawn!!! hope you have a very very happy birthday!!! you have a GREAT family, a wonderful husband, fantastic cyber friends, and an adoring Father. what more could a gal want?? (oh yeah, chocolate….so here’s a milky way dark…just for you!)

  16. Kristine says:

    Since this is a cyber-party and I’m not spending any real money, I’m sending you something I know you will need in Michigan. A super-duper espresso machine. Not the home model, mind you – you need the heavy duty one – the De’Longhi™ Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine which you can view here (if I can figure out how to paste in links):

    While you are sipping your cyber-mocha, I think you will enjoy this CD. I heard John G. Elliot at the Revive Our Hearts retreat last weekend. His music really ministered to my soul. I think that I have listened to this CD about 2 dozen times this week! On his website, you can listen to samples from his CDs.

    Happy Birthday, Dawn!

  17. Kim's Vineyard says:

    Northern Chocolate Fluff coming your way!

    Sending B-day greetings from the 45th Parallel,

    P.S. YES, it is snowing—flakes, BIG flakes….

  18. April says:

    Happy Birthday, Bossy Boots!! And surely by now you’ve already had a piece of that cake so I can muscle in and grab one, too, right?

    For your virtual present, I decided to get you the French and Saunders version of Lord of the Rings. Have you seen it? As I recall, it involves ants for extras and a large hairdryer. You’ll probably appreciate it more than I.;)

    And it looks like you have plenty of coffee, so maybe I’ll throw in a virtual pedicure, too? Of course, some one there at the JavaStation could make that into an actuality by grabbing some lotion and peppermint oil and propping mom up in a chair…

    Have a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL day, dear one!!

  19. Kate says:

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you . . .
    I’m toasting you with a cup of Lady Grey tea!
    Have a great birthday.

  20. Jenna says:

    Dawn, I hope that you have a Hoppy, Hoppy Birthday! *giggles*

    Here’s my cyber gift to you: 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,800 sq.ft. , 17 acres.

    Year round getaway or home in Southern Marquette County. Nicely wooded 17 approx. acres ideal for wildlife and hunting! Home currently sleeps 12! Neat and clean. Spacious family room great for large groups. 3/4 block basement has 2nd 3/4 bath. Main floor laundry. Updated furnace with central air. New metal roof. Close to Witch Lake and Michigamme River plus tons of other lakes/rivers. 2 car garage for all your toys plus a 5′ deep covered maintenance pit and work bench area.

  21. To my favorite online “big sister” although I have a sinking suspicion that you’re really not much older than me:) Or maybe it’s just that I’m catching up so doggone fast. Here’s to being Queen for a Day! And thank you minijavabeans for this great idea:)
    By the way I’m bringing my famous fruit dip (marshmallow fluff and cream cheese) with honeycrisp apple slices and plum wedges to dip. Soooo good (and it’s fruit, practically health food!). ANd the best ever strawberry slushy punch = better than a strawberry margarita any day! Love you, girl!

  22. MamaKayB says:

    Happy Birthday, Dawn!!

    I hope you have a splendid day with your family praising God for all the blessings he has endowed you with. Thank you for sharing your life and lessons with all of us! I’m so glad that I’ve been able to get to know you!


  23. Crystal says:

    Happy Birthday amazing wonderful Dawn!! Isn’t your daughter just AWESOME! She sent out an e-mail forever ago telling us she was doing this!!! Her love for you is a huge testimony on just how amazing of a mother you are!

    I love you Dawn with all of my heart. Thank you for being so encouraging to me ALWAYS. For speaking truth to me ALWAYS. For making me laugh ALWAYS! For just being an God honoring glorious and beautiful friend to me. Thank you for reaching out to me and loving me through the hard stuff with Emily. Thank you for being there when we find out what just is going on with Emily in December. I KNOW you will be there either to swoop me up if I’m way down. And you will still praise our Father together with with me. Or to be blowing trumpets of joy with me if we get the news we are hoping and praying for!

    OK that’s starting to get a little heavy and this is a celebrations!!

    Dawn I love ya girl!! I just really truly love ya!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear sistah-in-Christ!

  24. Crystal says:

    Oh and tell that BondServant of your that the blog looks AWESOME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the template!!! I think it’s my favorite of the word press temps! Your BondSevant is just way cool Dawn to do this, WAY COOL!


  25. Happy birthday!!!! May it be the best year yet…

  26. Holly says:

    Sorry that I’m late to the party! Julia has Shingles now, too. 😦 And there are three sick little boys here…:( (I despise church nurseries. Have I ever mentioned that?)

    So -I’m so thrilled to be at this auspicious celebration. 🙂 I’m not bringing any food…ugh. All of these sweet things almost make me feel ill! (What? How can that be? It is the delirium speaking.)

    Happy birthday, dear friend. May it be a wonderful year for you and your family. May you be lovingly shaped, not painfully shaped. (That awl thing you always quote sounds painful!)

    You mean so much to me.

    I give you the virtual gift of complete and total health for the entire year. NO SICK KIDS! 🙂

    Love in Jesus,

    Oh, and p.s. BondServant – You write JUST like your mom! You sound so much like her! 🙂

  27. MiniJavabeans#3 says:

    Hey ma, This is my birthday gifts to you.

    You better start drinking those coffees. 😉 LOL.
    Have a great day.

    Love ya,
    MiniJavabean #3 (Meaning, your third child) 😀

  28. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday, dearest friend. For your special day I’m sending you a gift certificate for a day at the spa, some lavendar-scented squalane oil by Oceana (it really does smell heavenly), a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble and my grandmother’s chocolate cake (the one with the fudge frosting).

    I wish you the very nicest kind of day, may the Father richly bless you.

  29. Lynn says:

    Hey Minijavabean #3… are you sure that second gift isn’t for you?

    Dawn, that is way too many sweets even for me, so forget the cake, I’m bringing salmon dip and artichoke dip.

    You are so loved, Dawn! You give so much to all of us cyber-friends and I thank you for sharing your life and your wisdom with us.

  30. JavaDad says:

    Wow! This site looks great! Nice job, MiniJB!

    JD, the only thing better than sharing your birthday with all these wonderful cyber-javafriends is being able to give you a birthday smooch IRL! In fact, I think I’ll take you to Starbucks right now for java and a smooch!

    I love you so much and my prayer is that I get to enjoy the next XX years with you (I know better than to reveal ages, too!)

  31. Crystal says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww….what a wonderful husband and family you have javadawn!!

  32. MiniJavabeans#6 says:

    yummy I’m drolling on your cake. Gosh.

  33. javadawn says:

    MY GOODNESS! You guys are just toooooooooooo sweet. I can’t believe you would do this for me. I’m just so utterly blessed.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you EVERY ONE!! (Except maybe you, minijavabean#6 – not sure we all like you drooling on our cake.) 😉

    Especially you Little (?) Sneaky daughter of mine. The blog looks wonderful – and it’s been such a fun time to read all these kind sentiments. Thank you very much DJ, it made my day!! You’re such a blessing and a delight to me. Definitely Grace manifest in my life!!! Love you, you booger, you.

  34. whimsy says:

    You STINKER!! I’m glad SOMEONE told us it’s your birthday!!

    Happy birthday and lots of chocolate and coffee to you. I’ll partake of some on your behalf.


  35. ReneeM says:

    And a Happy Birthday to you… hope your day is lovely, but not as lovely as the rest of your year… which, should be the best one yet!! 🙂

  36. molleth says:

    I’m late, I’m late, but these are my presents for you, dahling!

    HEY! Why are you throwing cake at me! HEY! I was just trying to give you stuff you might need! HEY, watch it, that one almost hit me! Sheesh, those bifocals are really working great! OW!!!!

    But I have more…

    No, wait, I wasn’t done…


    *yelling from a distance*

    Okay, well then I’ll come back tomorrow to give you the rest. By then you’ll have forgotten today, anyway…



  37. molleth says:

    (Pssst—-Hey, check your spam blocker. It tried to eat my post with all your birthday presents in it. SO go recover it already, okay, or you’ll hurt my feelings)…

  38. John Smulo says:

    It looks like guys aren’t invited to this party but I’m stopping by to say happy birthday anyhow 🙂

  39. molleth says:

    Ah, thanks, you released it from Spam Purgatory. THough once you click the links, you might want to put it back…
    SORRY, I couldn’t help it! Honestly, I really do respect the aged. Really, I do…

  40. javadawn says:

    John, you are MOST welcome to this party….certainly more than some of the rotten young punks that showed up. Not wanting to point anyone in particular out, MOLLY!!! 🙂 🙂 (Just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait!!)

    As I was saying – hidden in this pile of estrogen, I happen to know there is a small contingency of testosterone, so please, help yourself to the goodies and drink lots of coffee. I do have that 12’ tank of it!

    Well, everyone, THANK YOU again – I just feel so incredibly blessed. Blessed but totally tired. 🙂 I’m taking my aged (pplgh Molly) body to bed – I pray you all rest well and that Father would return to you the blessing you have imparted to me today.


  41. Sarah says:


    Hope it’s been the GREATEST birthday you’ve had so far! Since it’s probably clean up time, I brought some paper towels and bags and such to help.

    But while I sweep up, you sit down and pick yourself out something from here (I just couldn’t choose!):

    Oh, and I know you’ve eaten gloriously all day, so I brought you chocolate muffins (made with freshly ground wheat flour and flax seed), a big plate of tropical fruit, and a bag of Starbuck’s Kona blend for breakfast tomorrow (and it’s all relatively healthy!). And just in case you’re up for a late night snack, I made ya some white chocolate green tea ice cream.

    Thanks for being a friend and inspiration to all of us! You are AAAAA-mazing! Love you, girl!

  42. Sarah says:

    Oh wait! I think you also need a matching something from here!

    Now, back to sweeping up… 🙂

  43. John Smulo says:

    I’m sorry about that Molly. She’s caused lots of trouble on my blog too, but to give you a hard time on your birthday (shaking head)


  44. Valerie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Just about to go offline for a week. Have an awesome day, dear one.

  45. Kim says:

    Oh rats! I missed your birthday! Hope it was a good one with lots of laughter! (Can it be any other way with you around, dear lady?)

  46. javadawn says:

    Perhaps you all noticed, dear Jenna has provided me a LOVELY vacation house for my birthday. SO, we’ll simply plan on continuing the party there, this weekend. Everyone bring food – it’s going to be chilly for the first part, good for those of you who hunt and sunny and delicious on Sunday. I don’t think the snow took ALL the color away….close, but not completely, so you’ll want to plan a lovely long walk for Sunday.

    Can’t wait to see you there!!! 😀

  47. Jenna says:

    Watch out though, as we’ve been getting SNOW here in Michigan. (grumble..grumble..)

  48. jettybetty says:

    What a great birthday! Our twins share your bday!

    Hope yours was FANSTASTIC–and hope it’s okay that I sharing a cup of tea in celebration with you!

  49. MiniJavabeans#3 says:

    jettybetty, I’m THRILLED that you’d have a cup of tea in celebration with me. Have you tried Violet’s Jasmine tea?? Kate had Lady Grey tea….in fact, all this talk is helping me hear the cup of Darjeeling calling me from the kitchen. Thanks for the good idea! 🙂

  50. javadawn says:

    🙄 That will teach me to not check my account before posting. That was ME.

  51. javadawn says:

    Btw, John, I see you know our Molly well. 😉

  52. Robin says:

    Happy birthday to you!

    Happy birthday to you!

    Happy belated birthday dear Dawn!!

    Happy happy birthday to youuuuu!

    And many morrrrre…On channel fourrrr….

    I hope your day was a wonderful one. :mrgreen:

    Hugs, Robin from CH

  53. Lazy_linx says:

    Hey Happy birthday JavaDawn. I posted santanna’s costume pics on.

  54. Eddiemund says:


  55. javadawn says:

    Hey Friends, Thanks – glad you made it over.

    Violet – Kristine just blessed me with some Jasmine tea. I HAVE had it before! I had it when I was in Hawaii. I just didn’t know what kind it was. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for having suggested it!!

    Hey Sarah, that jewelry is SO cool – thanks for directing me to that site.

  56. Dave says:

    “A…happy birthday to you, a happy birthday to you, every day in every way may you know Jesus well, a happy birthday to you, a happy birthday to you, and may you have the best day you have”

    Or something like that, anyway. Happy Birthday!

  57. Listening says:

    Dawn… dear, dear Dawn… I am here… late. As always ~sad smile~. But I come with love… and warm hugs… and many prayers of blessings… I know… I *am* still late. Better late than never?? ~weaksmile~
    I will have to send chocolate to make up for this. Or… come see you?…. or…. send coffee? Until then… I blow kisses ~warmsmile~

    Belated Blessings on your birthday!
    All is grace,

  58. Javadawn says:

    Dear, VERY busy Ann,
    You are not only completing a HUGE curriculum project, but you are the wife of a farmer, my dear. Fall is NOT a time for a farmer’s wife to think about ANYTHING except the harvest. Know that there is no need to have a sad smile, my dear friend. Furthermore, the truly wonderful thing about having a cyber party? All the food lasts! SO, my busy friend, come in – sit and relax for a few minutes. I will even get you a delicious cup of Jasmine tea to imbibe and refresh you!

  59. Javadawn says:

    OH WAIT, what was I thinking??? Yes, I’m upset, I’m hopelessly upset. I am inconsolable. You better come visit. I think that is the only thing that will make me feel better. 😉

  60. Listening says:

    Here, here, dear, a hanky and a shoulder to cry upon… it’s all right. I am back to visit, there, there. ~wink~ I know–*not* the visit we were imagining, eh? Can I still have a cup of that Jasmine tea? ~weaksmile~ Dh is tucked in bed tonight—rained hard here this afternoon—which, I think, he was relieved for: he had less than 2 hours of sleep last night. But our corn harvest is complete. (THANK YOU, Lord!) And now on to spreading the manure (oh. can you say that at a cyberparty? I am late.. so maybe no one is around and you’ll grant me grace, Dawn ?~warmsmile~) and then the plowing remains. He is tired, and God is good. As always. (And I hear little Levi tonight (5) say to Malakai (4), “Let’s save all of our dimes and quarters, Kai, so we can grow up and buy a farm too, someday.” Ah, how they love their daddy.)

    Like your dear daughter so loves you, Dawn. Is there any greater birthday blessing than a party thrown by your daughter? You are a *blessed* woman, INDEED! I smile… and thank God for the blessings wrought in your life.

    May He continue to shower down more of Himself on the Clark home…. Birthday blessings, dear Dawn…
    All is grace,

  61. javadawn says:

    Oh, thank you for the hanky…
    Ah, my dear busy friend, a cup of Jasmine tea and a quiet visit after the guests have all left is sheer delight to me. I know that such a gift is truly the kind that are priceless.
    Since it’s just the two of us, you are welcome to discuss the spreading of manure – we are, after all, in the midst of Amish country and quite well aware when our “neighbors” attend to that needed activity.
    Ann, I must confess how I ache to have land that would draw the hearts of my children, as it has your Levi and Kai. I know that it springs forth from their love for their daddy, but I also know it FLOWS from their Father. What a gift to give your children.
    You are correct, I AM truly blessed indeed. Not only to have a daughter who loves me so, but friends who will sit, in the midst of the left over streamers, shrinking balloons, empty plates and dirty cups and quietly sip Jasmine tea, just the two of us…speaking of life, land and the goodness of our Lord.
    I’m so glad you came back to visit!

  62. Shanlilac says:

    Hi, Dawn,

    I, too, am late, but wanted to tell you I appreciate you. One of my favorite things about your writing is the sense of humor that pops up everywhere, often where I least suspect it. LOL is cliche, but I really do chuckle outloud when I read what you have to say! A smile when I’m going through a hard day is a gift! Thanks.

  63. Crystal says:

    I’m going to host a surprise birthday party for one of my best friends tomorrow on my blog. She was suppose to have a real surprise party but it didn’t work out and she found out about it and was really bummed. She lives in Michigan and with all that was going on (you know) we couldn’t make it. So thanks to your genius daughter I decided to host a party for my friend! I’m so excited! I hope that it will cheer her up and just make her feel so loved and cherished.

  64. javadawn says:

    Shannon, you’re so quiet I didn’t see you there at first – come, here, have a seat with Ann and I. May I get you a cup of tea?

    Thank you, my dear, you are so very kind!

    As for you Crystal – I KNOW you had to come back in, because you’re NOT quiet enough I could have missed you if you’d been here all along. 😉
    I am CERTAIN your friend will LOVE her party – I’m so glad we inspired you. 😉

    I’ll be over later Crystal, for some goodies. Hope you’re serving something yummy.

  65. winkies6 says:

    Hello! I can’t believe I missed it. I knew about it, but I didn’t have any way of talkin to ya! Happy Birthday! Sending you a HUGE strawberry shortcake!
    (((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) and smooches!

  66. winkies6 says:

    OOOH, I almost forgot to tell you.. I heard “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord” about 3 times this past week. I just sat there in the car and thought of you! (We get some Indiana station, I think it’s WFLR? Family Radio. For us it’s 100.3 FM, but I think the dial they say is 104.3? Pretty cool!)

  67. winkies6 says:

    Ok, it’s WFRN 🙂

  68. javadawn says:

    😀 THAT makes more sense. Hey – that cake….that INCREDIBLE strawberry shortcake you sent me…. GIRL that thing makes me DROOL!!!!!

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