Quote-idiot Friday!!!

Here are some of our favorite quotes…. Enjoy them, post your responses and we will pick a winner. As a winning prize, you may choose between having one or more Clark voices on your answering machine OR we will send you your very own package of microwave popcorn, autographed by all the Java-heads here, ready for your next family movie night!

1) May I be frank?
Is that your name?
No, my name is Godfrey.
All right, be frank.

2) Who is it?
Joe Jr.
I’m not here.
I know that trick!

3) Y’know, if you had a bank roll and purple eyes, I’d ask you to be mine.

4) God gave us a great big apple, see, and He said, “Don’t touch it.” He didn’t say touch it once in awhile. He didn’t say take a nibble when you’re hungry. He said, “Don’t touch it. Don’t think about touching it. Don’t sing about touching it. Don’t think about singing about touching it.”

5) Well how do you like that? Not so much as a “kiss my foot” or “have an apple”.

6) Dee-na-mee-tay. Must be Italian.

7) I will simply deny you the crown and live… forever!

8)   Did he actually refer to himself as “the talent”?

9) How is it that you are so brave while the rest of us shake in our boots?
I don’t think of what might happen, only what needs to be done.

10) I thought all writers drank to excess and beat their wives. You know one time I secretly wanted to be a writer.

There you have it, my friends, a Clark quote extravaganza. Frighteningly there’s plenty more where those came from. Hope you have fun playing with this.

Goodbye, trolley people! (extra credit)

20 Responses to “Quote-idiot Friday!!!”
  1. Caleb says:

    #7 is Twitchy from Hoodwinked

  2. Caleb says:

    Make that #6.

  3. javadawn says:

    Hold off Caleb and submit all 10 – don’t you want the Clark’s voice on your answering machine?? …Gosh

  4. Crystal says:

    I like the first quote, I’ve heard that one before??? Fun post Dawn!!

  5. Lynn says:

    Gee, Dawn, I don’t think our family is as well rounded in such “quality” literature as your family… I don’t think we can get all ten.

  6. minijavabeans#3 says:

    OH! OH! OH! can I guess?

  7. Javadawn says:

    (throat clearing) “Know what my Grandfather says?? GET BACK TO WORK!!”

  8. Javadawn says:

    Note: All lines are from MOVIES this week.

  9. Jenna says:

    I watch lots of movies, but have a memory the size of a gnat. Oh well…… lol The only one I got was #6, and that was because of the trailer. Heehee. We rented the movie, but I fell asleep on the couch. Oops! D’oh. No cookie for me.

  10. onebeggarsbread says:

    The only one I know is #2. Watched that flick WAY too many times with my little gal friends 🙂

  11. jennifer says:

    I know #2. I’ve watched it about a hundred times.

    And it seems like I should know #7, #4, and #9, but I don’t.

    I’m axiously awaiting the answers. 🙂

  12. Dawn – These are hysterical! I can’t wait to hear where they’re all from but I’m not even going to hazard a guess. I’d hate for all the minijavabeans to show me up (and I’m quite sure they would!).

  13. Crystal says:

    OHhhhhhh….we were suppose to guess what movies the quotes are from??? I have no idea then. But when I hear weird quotes like these I’m willing to bet that at least one of them is from The Princess Bride.

  14. Elissa says:

    I only know #2. But I LOVE that movie! #8 sounds familar but I can’t place it…

  15. Okay, I totally know number 4. Maybe a bunch of us should cheat:)?

  16. Javadawn says:

    Wellllll, you could, but how will you end up sharing the popcorn then??? 😉

  17. Yes, by the time we split it up and mailed it all around it might be a tad on the stale side. Yuck. But I do so enjoy being right about something:)
    I love the look, btw! Very cool! And my bookclub post will be up in the morning if it is in fact my turn. If I’ve got the wrong date please let me know. I don’t want to step on any toes:) but I can’t wait!

  18. javadawn says:

    Nope, you’re right on target, Toots! I’m working on the overview as we… well, ok, so I’m typing to you as we speak, but you get the idea, yes?? 🙂

  19. What? Think you can go changin’ things on me?

  20. javadawn says:

    I can’t help it. I was getting the itch to change the house around and Jeff suggested I go for the blog instead. Especially since I had visions of additions in my head. 😉

    This is all coming up caps. Sure hope it doesn’t post like this. Hmmm….

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