No Ordinary Home C 10 Lent Overview

Mrs Brazo opens the chapter sharing her pain and frustration in her search for the holy during the Easter season. Most of her frustration stemming from her deciding to “do” Lent, rather than seeking the Lord to see how He would have her pour out her worship.

In her search to find a good way to worship, she, with the help of her friend Wendy, decided to make an Easter tree. However, Mrs Brazo notes her lack of creative gifts seemed to be a bit intimidating. (Granted, this is her own assessment of herself. We do doubt it a bit.) This tree would have one Scripture reading for each of the 40 days of Lent. Scriptures would be used that would be 40 stories of God showing His faithfulness, with one ornament for each story.

The entire chapter is filled with story after story of God showing His faithfulness to her. He supplied her needs to find the different ornaments and to allowed her opportunities to proclaim His provision, through the Cross, to many people who helped her in her quest.

Be sure to note in this chapter the comment regarding the preferred method of communication of older sisters. Snort. Wail, indeed.

She ends the chapter by providing us with a set of Scriptures that we could use for a 40 day Easter Tree, one that would cover the 6 weeks of Lent, as well as one that could be used for the Holy Week alone.  “Whatever you decide to do, set aside the time.  Recognize the significance of the work of Christ.  Think about it, talk about it, teach your children of it, and learn from it.  That work was pivotal for the history of the human race.  Don’t let a busy schedule demean it.”


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