We are believers!

We thought abaguchies* were only true in kiddo books, meant for someone else, but not for us.  But, it is out to get us, that’s the way it seems, howlin haunting all our dreams…..

And then we heard it roar,   Now we are believers,  Not a spoor
Of doubt in our minds,  We are stuck. We are believers, we couldn’t outrun it, if we tried.

So, remember that cougar that was sighted in town?  Well, last night, while feeding the dog, BondServant (aka Minijavabean #1) heard what she described as “…a shrill owl screech, followed by a growl that made the hairs on my neck and arms stand straight up.”  The second the growl/roar/snarl ended every dog within miles started barking.  The thing that frightened M#1 so much is that the barking moved across town, from far away toward us, as though whatever it was, was on the move toward her.

Now, I pause here to say, were it Minijavabean#3, my Cream of Gentleheart Soup child, the fear factor wouldn’t have come as a surprise.  However, Minijavabean #1 is far less apt to a) be startled, let alone, b) be down right scared.

So, today we will institute the Clark Cougar Precautions.  There will be no further playing outside near/after dusk.  There will be no playing outside alone.  All children will practice waving their hands and yelling.  (like that needs practice??)  There will be no letting the dog out by herself for any length of time and further more, at her first bark, we will bring her in immediately.  The rabbit will have to be moved “in” (the garage) for the night.  AND the dog will have to be fed in the morning, rather than the evening.  (There is NO way I’m taking any chances of Lu leaving even a trace of raw meat in our yard over night.)  If any of you more “countrified” folk have other suggestions, we’re quite open.  Suffice it to say that noise we heard last night was a great motivator for being cautious.


*Abaguchie and kiddo books = Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s book, “Boys Against Girls” This series is a HOOT!  I literally laughed over one part of one of the books so hard, I fell off the sofa!  Numerous times we have had tears rolling down our faces from laughing so hard! Excellent read alouds!!!

8 Responses to “We are believers!”
  1. Patricia says:

    Yikes! Well…we are countrified, and that is why we have dogs outside. We don’t have cougar – but we have bear, wild hogs, fox, snakes and gator – and my men are not just Hunters, but hunters! One day, when Emily and I were here alone, we chased a wild hog away with the 4-Runner! We must have looked like idiots! =) I sure hope they catch that cougar…and soon!

  2. I am so glad to hear that someone else has issues like this! We don’t have cougars, but bobcats and a (rare ) bear around. I carry a .45 on my morning walks (alone on my own driveway) and my Hubby snickers at me. It sure would help my cause if something would growl so he could hear it.

    Y’all’s precautions sound reasonable to me…*I’d* probably bar the windows, build a moat and put the National Guard on speed dial according to my Mr. Visionary.

    I think he’s stating it mildly.

  3. Holly says:

    Yeesh! You’re kidding! A cougar in your neck of the woods? Wow!

  4. Violet says:

    We have a cougar here as well. When we first moved in (and I was still getting used to new sounds, i.e. coyotes and unfamiliar creaky sounds in the house), the night before my husband and oldest son were to take off for China for two weeks, a cougar literally screamed like a woman being assaulted in our back lot. My husband and I were stunned, and just laid in bed unmoving. We haven’t heard (or seen) the critter since (that was 11 years ago), but our neighbor across the street who has horses, has seen him frequently in the morning. The neighborhood is being developed now and so the wildlife is kind of having a hard time finding new homes. I think (hope!) they relocated the cougar. They could send him up to the Vancouver campus of Washington State Univ. just across the river – that’s their mascot. On the tamer side, we do have a deer family that resides in our back lot now. Except for their raiding of our produce, I much prefer their presence. They are so beautiful.

  5. deborah says:

    dawn, i didn’t know that cougars lived in the desert?!?!

  6. deborah says:

    gee, i just noticed that i left the previous message at 6:05pm. hmm, and it’s just time for lunch now…..something seems amiss here…..

  7. javadawn says:

    Deborah, One wouldn’t think there would be cougars in the desert – lions maybe – 😉 BUT from the state of the neighborhood dogs again last night, I feel pretty confident that he’s still lurking out there.
    (Uh, that’s GMT – that’s why the time is “off.” I think I can change it, but I never think to do so.)

    Violet – that noise in the dark is… (shivers) terrifying, when you’re not used to it, isn’t it? (Maybe it is even when you ARE used to it)

    Julie, I like your walking partner idea. 🙂 My son will think it is his duty to carry it while we walk, if I mention it, I think. 🙂

    Patricia, my dear – I think I’ll take my lone cougar over your gators and your wild hogs. YIKES

    We’ve never been hunters (nor Hunters, for that matter) but I think that this is going to change – especially with our eyes on moving to the country. Something tells me “We’re not in Kansas, anymore Toto” is a phrase that will be spoken ALOT around the Clark house. 😕

    (Holly – whodda thunk around here, huh? Granger has a couple of coyotes, too. Man, Girl, you move and the place goes to the dogs…so to speak) 😀

  8. winkies6 says:

    Hmmm, all we have here is some squirrels, racoons, possums and chipmunks. At least, as far as I’ve seen thus far. 😉 Keep your armor up and those are good precautions to learn. You are probably being trained for your impending move….

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