No Ordinary Home Chapter 11 – Holy Week

Ok, so my idea of later in the morning and reality just didn’t quite meld, did they??

Today, I’m going to post an abbreviated version of the overview and also post the discussion, as we really did a goodly amount of discussion about this last week, when we were talking about Lent.  Come along – let’s unpack this chapter, shall we?

Mrs Brazo begins this chapter with her journal entry concerning her absolute delight at celebrating Easter all week long: Sunday was Palm Sunday; Monday was the clearing of the temple; Tuesday was the teaching in the temple; Wednesday was the anointing at Bethany; Thursday was the Last Supper; Friday was, of course Good Friday – the crucifixion.

She exhorts us to plan carefully for Holy Week, to not allow it to be jammed with other activities that can distract us from the true meaning/value of the week.  She then offers a few Scriptures to meditate on during the week.

Some of the things Carol shared were common to our house – the leaven search on Wednesday, then celebrating with Passover on Thursday night.  This is something that we have been doing for many years.  The first time we celebrated Passover was with some dearly very BELOVED friends, who also invited a missionary couple from France, who were on sabbatical from their missions work in Africa and 2 other friends who were African missionaries and a Jewish couple.  We were certainly a sight to behold.  But the presence of the Lord was in our midst and it was a holy, precious time in our lives.  Since that year – BC! no less – we have been continuing with the celebration of Passover.

Some years it’s a grand event, with many guests surrounding our table.  Other years, it’s simple with matzoh and chicken soup and just us.  But each year, it’s been special to us.  As we began to add children to our table, we found that the Passover celebration was simply too much for our children.  (The Haggadah and the meal can easily take up to 4 or more hours to complete) So, we began to re-write our own Haggadah.  It has been rewritten many times, each time, as the Lord leads, we have made adjustments to allow it to focus more on Christ and HIS provision, as well as to keep it as close to the original as possible.

We also keep our Christmas tree and strip it of all it’s leftover needles and branches.  We then cut it and shape it into a Cross, which we hang to remind us of the continuity of Christmas into Easter.  We drape the Cross with purple on Friday and replace it with white on Sunday.  I’m hopeful that the Lord will allow me to find something gold to add to that.

As I have been pondering this, I have a few thoughts that are rattling around in my head – for one, I think we will keep our Cross indoors this year.  Our Christmas tree top is a crown of thorns (thank you dear, Tina!) and each year I toy with adding it to the purple of Friday… but because it has hung outside, I have chosen not to do that.  I also think that we will place the purple fabric on all week, replacing it with red on Friday and black on Saturday.  This will make the transition to white on Sunday morning all that more visually startling.

In addition, we have a Resurrection hunt for the children.  All week long we review the story and each night, we add a few new things to our story, so that by Saturday night, we have many “props” for telling our story.  We have a towel and a pitcher and a bowl and a lamb and sandals and a leather bag filled with 30 pieces of silver.  We have several large nails (think rail road track size) and many more pieces to our story.  Rather than hiding candy or eggs, we hide the pieces of our story.  Then our children track down the pieces and re-tell the story to us.
What about your family?  What will you do….what have you done in the past….to celebrate Holy Week?  Was there anything that struck you and impacted you?

3 Responses to “No Ordinary Home Chapter 11 – Holy Week”
  1. Dawn – i love the idea of keeping the Christmas tree for a cross. Actually I love all of your ideas:) We’re going to have quite a time since we have some family traditions that aren’t really under my control. We spend the day (after church) with my in-laws at my sil’s and they are very anti-change. I am gathering some great ideas though for the days leading up to Easter and for Easter morning. I think for now I’ll just have to find a way to deal with the family stuff:) Hopefully in a few years their kids will be grown and everyone can start coming to our house!
    Something that I haven’t really mentioned is spending some special time myself focusing on Him in the days before Easter. SOme alone time just me and Him. Ordinarily I’m thinking about what or how to teach the kids and even my quiet time is usually spent with the kids in view, but before Easter I’d really really love to get away even just for a few hours to be alone with my Father. Does anyone else ever feel like they need this? One other thing I plan on doing is watching the movie The Passion again. I don’t know if y’all have seen it and I know there are *always* differences of opinion about stuff like this, but this movie had a big effect on me. I had become so complacent about what happened on those three days. I was to the point where I could read the story and hardly be moved, kwim? It was just a story, just history (I’m in pain writing that, how could I have ever been so cold?). But the first time I saw the movie I could hear Him whispering to me the whole time “it was all for you, I did this just for you.” I know it was “just a movie”, right, but He used that movie to change me and I hope to remind myself about that every Easter.
    This is kind of long and drawn out (and a little off topic). But I just have to let me mind run free sometimes:)
    Thanks for hosting this week. Feel like sharing the re-written Clark family Haggadah? Ooh, or recipes? 🙂

  2. Javadawn says:

    Shannon, we too used to have that – but the Lord reminded me often (I’m kind of dense, ya know?) that it is for relationship with HIM that He died – so I could be Christ-like to my relatives whose total focus was nothing more than chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs. I assure you, that took a HUGE work of God in my life. (Did I mention a REALLY big work??) 😕

    As for the Haggadah – done deal. I’ll post it come spring (that way I can even post it, after any changes the Lord gives us this year) in plenty of time for you to plan your holiday. I’ll even include recipes! 🙂 (I have a killer Passover torte. Mmmm)

  3. Posting it in the spring will be so perfect. It’s much less likely to get lost that way:)

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