Jumbled Javaspeak

It’s a dangerous thing to let a non-communicative Javadawn back at her computer after several days weeks AGES away – there are SO many things rattling around in my blond brain – they just all are fighting to get out first.  (Please don’t try to psychoanalyze that statement – it’s simply too frightening – for both you and I!)    😉

So, the first thing you should ask me is “Why are you on the computer?  Is it or is it not YOUR living room that is looking suspiciously like a set out of some B space alien movie?  Do you or do you not have STACKS of books piled on your chairs?  Do you or do you not have large stacks of assorted baskets sitting on the love-seat?  AND do you or do you not have three lamps sitting on one table?”  To which I would have to answer “Huh?  ME???!  Surely you’re mistaken.  MY living room is, no doubt, perfectly quaffed and looking pristine.”  (The thump you hear following that will be me falling off my computer chair laughing.)

Ok, so my living room is a DISASTER zone.  I did do a little bit in there this morning – moved stuff from one chair to another, so I could sit somewhere for my quiet time.  Doesn’t that count?  (SO, you DO know, don’t you, that every neat-nick I know will want to drop in today?) I think I will do as Rabbit does, when Pooh calls, seeking to visit.  “There’s no one here.”     🙂    Please do not choose today to test my newly birthed hospitality wings, eh?

HOWEVER, by this afternoon, all my precious friends (read: books) will have been returned to their newly dusted places.  My prayer basket will be cleaned out and restored to its place of honor.  The room will be decorated, the rug oiled (essential oils – keeps it cleaner) AND my lovely freshly cut (by us) Christmas tree will be standing in its corner awaiting tomorrow.

(Donning my black Mary Janes and sailor dress, twirling while singing…) “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you’re only a day away….”   WHAT is tomorrow you ask?  Why, it’s the beginning of our Jesse Tree Devotional by my dear friend, Ann V, “The Glorious Coming”  That is what I was doing in Target on Monday, in fact – finding bulbs to match the ornaments.  (Thank you Lord for a gift card and a sale.  I LOVE it when Father goes shopping before me!)

Did I tell you, all my lovely plans for Thanksgiving went out the window with sick kiddos?  Yep, sure did.  Tried to readjust and make it work another time.  Know what?  It still didn’t work out.  Guess what?  I’m totally fine with it.  I am learning (gee, not a moment too soon   🙄   I mean I’m only 4..40, uh…..forty what?)  Ok, so I’m (let me do the math) 44 now and I’m just learning to let the Lord orchestrate my life?  Yeah, well, I am not the fastest learner.

Speaking of …… I had a dream the other night.  I was holding a beautiful wooden board game.  It had layers of wood, so that the top layer had a different look than the “paths” that were carved across the top of it.  The entire top was covered in different paths – think Chutes and Ladders.  Each path ended at the edge of the board, that had a small hole in the center of it.  There was one red peg at the end of one of the paths. Down in the bottom right corner, there was a wooden plunger.

After delighting in the silky feel of the wood, I pulled the plunger back and a beautiful richly colored marble rolled out a hole in the middle of the board.  I “knew” that the purpose of the game was to put the red peg into the path that you wanted the marble to follow and to roll and twist the board to make it end on that path.

There was one specific place I felt like the peg was to go.  I decided I didn’t want the peg there – I wanted it somewhere else, so that is where I put it.  I then began to roll and twist the board to make the marble go where I wanted it to.  It simply wouldn’t.  In fact, I distinctly remember holding the board at an upright angle, trying to get the marble to go where I wanted it to – it simply would not.  Instead, it went right where I knew the red peg was to go.  I was SO frustrated.  Not only would my marble not go where I wanted it to, it even defied the Laws of Gravity.  Now that just isn’t right.

I started awake from the dream with a wave of frustration and annoyance….as I opened my eyes, I had the sense that this was not just a dream ….but rather it was a DREAM.  (meaning one of import, intended to teach)  I sat there a moment, allowing the waves of deep frustration to wash away…. and I asked Father – “Ok Lord, what would You have me grasp here?”

Of course, it was totally obvious then that He was teaching me anew that my life is not my own.  It is His to move and to direct.  No matter how much I shake and fuss, my life too, will defy the “Laws” that define what life should look like and instead follow the paths that He has, lovingly and perfectly, ordained for me.  (Why do I wrestle with this yet?!) Hey – one great consolation?  I was a BEAUTIFUL marble.  😉

Well, dear ones, my timer is going off – my hot tea is done – Thank you Violet!! and my living room calls.  You know, it’s really hard to do read aloud when you can’t find the furniture, the book or the children in the mess.   😀

May Father bless the work of your hands today – may He fill you with joy at the tasks He has placed before you and may you too, be aware of what a BEAUTIFUL marble you are.  🙂

5 Responses to “Jumbled Javaspeak”
  1. winkies6 says:

    What a wonderful dream. I’m sure it didn’t feel like it when you were in the middle of it, but it teaches so much! 🙂

  2. Our Father is just so amazing. The other night after pouring out every worry/stressor/request…essentially every single one of the nine millions things that have been testing and stressing me lately…I heard Him say this “Well you can run or swim through it.” Of course my first thought was “what?! run? or swim? through what? I must be really tired. huh?” But just like He turned on a lightbulb for me, I got it. We are going through a time right now for whatever reason. So I can get with the program and start traing and run through this like a marathon, coming out the other side. Or I can get *in* this mess, I can wallow in all the troubles and let them envelope me (picture swimming in a swamp, not a pretty pool) and strain against the current all to get to the same place. So which would I rather do. Talk about a lesson that I would not have come up with for myself!

  3. Patricia says:

    I wish I still had little ones at home to use Ann’s book with. We did do something like this for years – with felt ornaments I made myself that we attached to an felt tree. Do you think Ann’s book is appropriate for teens, too?

  4. Patricia says:

    Nevermind! I decided that Emily and I would do this, too, just because it will be a blessing to know that some of our new cyberfriends will be reading the same Scripture every day that we are…and won’t that be delightful to read how God speaks to each of individually!

  5. Violet says:

    I like your dream. It reminded me of Prov. 16:9 – “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.” What a comfort to know that in spite of our best efforts to do things OUR way, the Lord is ever directing our steps into HIS way.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the tea. You just made me thirsty for some on this frigid day!

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