This post is a cross between a rant and a cry for help to understand what in the world is going on………….

“So, she says, “Your son is about the same age as mine, I’m sure you had to deal with him hanging out at the store to buy his Wii, too, didn’t you?”  (Thankfully she didn’t give me time to respond…)  “My son was there for 2 1/2 days – how long was your son out there?”

She was serious.  She meant it.  She had no strange alien features. She wasn’t drooling on herself or responding to strange voices.  She seemed quite sane.  She even thought I was going to answer her with anything but a gobsmacked look.  She was wrong.  I just gaped at her.

What is going on in Christendom when it seems NORMAL for a child to live in a store’s parking lot for…for ANY LENGTH of time to buy a new TOY?!!!!  Not for a bread line.  Not for an opportunity to work.  Not to greet a long lost relative off a plane.  Not for security’s sake.  Not for ministry.  F.O.R.  A. T.O.Y.

This mom was truly surprised that we hadn’t allowed our son to do the same.  She truly saw nothing wrong with it.  (Side note – the night before the new PS3 came out we stopped at the store.  The clerks were disgusted by all the wandering children/adults who had been hanging out there since the night before.  They were coming in and wandering all over during the day and sleeping either on the cement or in their car – or even in a shed like building they were displaying.  All this for a nigh on $700 toy.)  She was totally comfortable with this.

Will someone please explain this to me – what heart attitude is at play here?  (no pun intended)

9 Responses to “RALP!!!”
  1. Patricia says:

    Sorry! I can’t help you out here. I haven’t a clue, either, but then I didn’t even go shopping on “black Friday.”

  2. myderbe says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I don’t get it either. And I’m glad I don’t get it.

  3. Margie says:

    I am as baffled by all of this as you are.

  4. Susan says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. And I am so happy to say that. I have realized that I am so peculiar in my christian world. That is why I love blogging so much (and HSB) because I find so many more likeminded people then in my own community.

  5. Holly says:

    I made it on again!!!! There are some sites I can’t even access! And..Dawn…my kids are doing much better. I’m just sitting here having coffee with you this a.m.

    Hey. I noticed last weekend that Toys R. Us offers 6 months on payment, no interest. I couldn’t believe it. Let’s see…let’s buy a toy so expensive that we can’t afford to pay for it for six months. Let’s not be able to pay our rent or feed the kids right – so that we can buy this toy to “occupy” them and make them “happy” for a time.

    Strange. These toys are going for 3000 on ebay.

  6. javadawn says:

    Holly, you know what – that is one of the BIGGEST issues that I have with this – it encourages our kids to shut their families out.
    Apparently, however, the Wii is named such because it is being marketed as being a family toy. (Get it…we?? gag) Hmmm, makes me wonder if they have REAL families – at my house, I fear, one of the uses would be to fight over whose turn it is. 🙄

  7. It is insane. I was just talking to a friend the other day about what “deprived” children I’m going to have. It helps so much I think (for now anyway) that they don’t watch commercials. And I’ve found it really helpful for me not to watch them either!

  8. myderbe says:

    You know . . .. that’s it, Shannon! The commercials. My girls spent nearly a week with grandparents this summer and watched shows on Nick Jr., where there are commercials. I was amazed at all the things they wanted when they came home that they never even knew existed before they left!!

    Fortunately, after a while, their memories faded and they stopped the chatter about the commercials. I don’t judge those who do have cable and whose children watch commercials all the time . . . . but there is no way I would want to pump all that discontentment into my kids on a daily basis. I know I have to be careful with myself — I don’t even look in a Pottery Barn catalog — because I know how easy it is for discontentment (the grumbly, pouty sort of discontentment) to take root.

  9. winkies6 says:

    What is a Wii anyway?? We saw a line of maybe 10 people outside of Target when the PS3 was coming out. I laugh. What could be so darn important?? I guess if it’s not available for me in everyday life, then it’s not meant for me……. 🙂

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