Pre-challenge smackerel

Just like Pooh Bear, we too have been known to enjoy a pre-breakfast smackerel, or a pre-lunch smackerel. (Or a pre-school smackerel, not to be confused with a smackerel for a pre-schooler) We just like to make certain we grab as much out of life as we can, around this here Clark house. So, today, … Continue reading

Friends or food?!

Last night, my dear eldest daughter underwent quite a trial – finding the right color letters to Gimp onto my header. (I’m serious – the wonderful Old Prune went through hours of changing and messing to find an option I was pleased with. Thank you DEAR DAUGHTER #1)

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

January 1, January 2, January 3, January 4, January 5….. well, you get the idea. 🙂

When God goes cow tipping

It is the last day of this year.  Soon, the new year will be ushered in and for everyone, other than those of us who have to date things by hand still, the old year will slip away….

Problem Resolution Education

We ended up with unexpected company today. It was a pleasant diversion. However, I didn’t get a thing done on the book because of it. (I didn’t know this gal well enough to say, “It’s lovely of you to drop in….Bye.” She’s a very tender heart and so we all sat down and enjoyed her.) … Continue reading

Quote-idiots Friday

will return after this message….kind of.  Today, rather than posting quotes from some favorite movie, song or book – I’m going to post for you, our family review of “Invincible” starring Mark Wahlberg.  (for those of you my age – think Marky Mark….don’t contemplate it too long, you’ll scare yourself.) BUT first, we have to … Continue reading

“Do you have them ready?”

That’s what he asked me….”Do you have them ready?”  He asked it with a straight face.  He asked with sincerity in his voice AND he asked within the radius of my arm’s swing.  Me thinks the man has lost it. 

This blog is rated C for catastrophic

I understand that that what I’m about to share here is frightening and truly shocking, but please, bear with me….and have hope for me and with me of a safe and satisfactory resolution.


Being busy with this book writing has been SUCH a blessing. First of all, the education I’m gaining from the studying is wonderful, but better than that, WHAT A MAGNIFIYING GLASS! Every “leak,” every area of weakness is being shown under the light of the pressure this places on our family. (Ok, ok, so it’s … Continue reading

I don’t speak your language

I share this with fear and trepidation but, here goes…..we don’t speak baby-talk to our children. (Whew! I did it.) When our oldest was little, my mom used to refer to herself as the maternal grandmother, since I didn’t go for “gammaw” (We did end up settling on Grammy, btw. I’m not a total neanderthal.) … Continue reading