May I CAME!!

That John Smulo – every time I visit his blog he is tempting me to buy new books! (AND he accuses me of making him hungry!! Hmph) 😉 Early this morning (read: the before side of sleeping) I finished up “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day” by Mark Batterson (for which I thank you profoundly Mr Smulo, for the recommendation!) in it he talks of a book by Gordon MacKenzie called “Orbiting the Giant Hairball.” (One which I will, no doubt need to find…sigh.)

From Mr MacKenzie’s book, he shares the following quote ~

My guess is that there was a time – perhaps when you were very young – when you had at least a fleeting notion of your own genius and were just waiting for some authority figure to come along and validate it for you.

But none ever came.

I literally stopped reading and sat, nigh on quivering in my chair, at the depth of potential….the depth of hope….and the plummet of despair that is contained in that quote. “LORD – there are 8 geniuses in my house – 7 that are still young – fewer still that are very young…..oh my LORD – that genius, those incredible gifts in them are placed there by YOU! Have I neglected to validate them in my geniuses?”

I can not share with you the ache this places in my heart – have I missed an opportunity to validate the miracle of *ME* that each of my children are? (Not meaning ME, natch! The world doesn’t need more than one of those.) 😀 What about the people around me? How many of the adults that I worked with were geniuses in disguise, awaiting that one word of affirmation/encouragement that would have allowed them to soar above the drudgery of where they are now? How often does my mouth misplace a word that pops a hole in someone else’s flight of genius?

OH LORD, I want to be a mouthpiece for You – give me words that would set the feet of those who are held captive by the tide of normalcy, dancing! Lord, give me eyes to see the pearl of genius that You have placed in those around me – friends, family and even strangers. Once I’ve seen it, grant me opportunity to speak of it to the one who holds it. OH FATHER – PLEASE let me be an authority figure WHO CAME!!!


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