Don’t tell me I can’t do this

I have had a week full of people telling me we will never make it as entrepreneurs.  We don’t have the money, the education, the looks, the WHATEVER their personal pet thing is…. (Got a pet issue? No doubt, we don’t have it, if we should or we do have it, if we shouldn’t. One of those “shouldn’ts” being our family size, natch.)

I was told this week that the internet is “full” and that there is no place for us to make money from it.  I was told that I just don’t have a “real” picture of business and that if I did, I’d understand I needed to have a license, a degree, a face-lift, a fanny-tuck…I don’t know what all, but I need it.  (I don’t recall hearing anything about chocolate or coffee….or even gano, though)  😉  (HEY – they didn’t even say anything about a vacation, either….hmmmm)

AFTER a week of that, tonight Jeff is reading to me  – GET THIS!  (Hold onto your hat, cause this is gonna rock your boat.)

In Cape Girardeau, MO there are 3 McDonald’s owned by 1 man.  (He actually owns 12, but we’re only discussing 3 of his 12 stores in this instance) When you go through his drive-thru, you will want to brush your hair and check your make-up before you place your order.  Smile pretty, cause the person taking your order is also taking your picture.  Why, you ask?  Because, the person taking your order is too far away to make certain that the right person is receiving the right order and they don’t want to pass off your fries to the car behind you.

Yep, too far away….like 900 miles away.  The order taker is in Colorado Springs, CO.  You heard me.  You are placing your order in MO and the order is being taken in CO.  (CO to MO….there’s like what??? 26 states in-between???  😉  Movie, anyone??)  Since the taker can’t verify what you look like to the order fulfiller (?? you get the idea) your picture is taken and sent along with your order.

One might suspect that if your order is being taken in CO and delivered to the front of a store in MO, you might find mold on your fries before you receive them (for those of you who have seen “Supersize Me,” you know that means you’ve been waiting in line in excess of 11 wks)  HOWEVER, they have found instead that by adopting this system, they have improved order processing time by 33% and order errors by 50%.  (They are running at less than 1/2 the processing time of all McDonalds.)  They can now handle 260 cars per hour, 30 more than they used to.  He is expanding this technology to inside his store, as well.  In addition, you can walk in, sit at a table, place your order there and scan your credit card.  Wonder if they throw your order to you from across the room?

Business is changing so quickly, it just boggles one’s mind.  Things are so different from what I grew up with.  I can understand why people would think that some of the ideas we have are loopy, but our understanding of what is going on in the marketplace is so small, I fear….

SO, I’ve decided the next time someone tells me that there is no place for me in that market place, I’m going to tell them “That’s a Kroc!”  😀

11 Responses to “Don’t tell me I can’t do this”
  1. Margie says:

    I’d say you have something to make up for all you don’t have~One Big GOD!

    Don’t let ’em scare you off, if God wants this it is going to happen no matter what the nay-sayers say.

  2. javadawn says:

    Thank you Margie! THAT is exactly the issue – where the Lord is calling, HE is making the way. I figure, all the things I’m lacking to make it in the entrepreneurial marketplace don’t exceed all the things I’m lacking to be a good mom. 🙂

    YET, Father supplies what I need to be a mommy each day…..fresh grace for a fresh day. So, it is really just one more way that the Lord is/will be sustaining me/us.

    THANK YOU for the encouragement. It is a precious commodity this week. 🙂

  3. javadawn says:

    Hey Margie, Thank you too for not telling me to stop stomping my foot and throwing a tantrum. 🙂 (Although, maybe you should have)

  4. perhaps the occasional internet tantrum isn’t the worst thing in the world:) Just remind folks that your GOAL is not success but following the Father.

  5. Susan says:

    Hi Dawn, my hubbys schedule will change in January, so we are still on the regular schedule. Here is the thing though. HE goes in at 6:30am and last night he got home at 6:30pm. He does this 5 days a week. With his new schedule he will do that 4 days a week. SO really I think we are better off even with the adjustment of the days he is working since one will be Saturday. By the way, have I told you how well Thieves Oil has worked for us?

  6. whimsy says:

    1. Margie is right.

    2. I’ve found that “hmm.. that is something to consider” is a good answer to those nay sayers. You’re acknowledging their concern. They don’t have to know that you HAVE considered it and it’s not worth your brain energy.

    3. I can (and will upon request) tell story after story about how God has handled our business. It’s almost more than DH and I can believe and we’ve LIVED it!

  7. Sarah says:

    Ok, so everybody in Nebuchadnezzar’s employment was certain that Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s Hebrew names) really needed to eat the rich royal food in order to be healthy & fit.

    They were wrong.

    Esther was a Jewish woman sitting a Persian throne. Haman and his cronies set out to destroy the Jews.

    They were wrong, too.

    Once Saul became Paul, the disciples didn’t want him, the Grecian Jews tried to execute him, and they wouldn’t be the last.

    Wrong again.

    Gamaliel conjectured that Jesus was just another fad that would go away, His disciples would disperse & they needed not bother worrying.

    He was wrong on that count.

    He was right that if Jesus was sent by God, they would be unable to stop Him.

    He was and they were.

    Dawn, you’re in very good company I suspect. Not that it makes it easy or pleasant to hear such talk. I wish you could sit down for a few minutes after dinner with Caleb and Joshua; I’m pretty sure that their frustration over their colleagues erroneously negative reports of the Promised Land were equally infuriating.

    Just know this — The LORD will fulfill His purpose for you; you are blessed and highly favored; God has given you everything you need for life and godliness; He who has called you is able; no weapon formed against you will prosper; you are more than a conqueror; He will silence every tongue that accuses you; He will train your fingers to war and your hands to battle; He will lead you out in joy and gladness; He will bring the wealth of the nations to His people; He owns the cattle on a thousand hills; man looks at the outward, God looks at the heart; to Him alone as master will you stand or fall, and He is able to make you stand.

    I’m proud of you — and ALL of your family too! — because you’ve chosen to be brave and very courageous and live your life in the knowledge that He has given you every place your foot shall step (even the days when you can’t see where to set toes down yet). Dawn, if nothing else, isn’t this the legacy we dream of passing on to our children? Willingness to take Him up on His Word, sight unseen?

    Your children want you all to be the ones fighting the hair in your eyes and the sound of the surf as you walk toward Him; they don’t need the ones who are still sitting in the boat holding their digital cameras, waiting for what they will learn from Him instead of how they will love Him.

    You go, girl!

  8. javadawn says:

    SARAH! Girl, you sure have a gift of encouragement and exhortation, don’t you?!!! MAN. Hold on, let me tell the kiddos to pack – we’re moving in with you! (Oh yeah, you live in that BIG city….that WARM BIG city….hmmmm….OK, we’re coming to VISIT!!) 😉

    Thank you. I am going to print this out and keep it in my journal. (Not to mention I’m going to hit whimsy up for some of her stories)

    The hardest part of this isn’t getting my mind around trusting the Lord for our provision – we’ve been doing that with Jeff working for someone else, for years! The hard part is trying to remember we’re not totally nuts and that just because we’re not doing the same thing everyone else is doing, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re wrong. SO, when I have a whole week of being told we’ll never attain…. I just allowed myself to believe for a little while. (Then I got snarky and thus posted this…. Guess I need to improve on my coping skills, eh?) 🙂

    As for Caleb and Joshua, I figure their first statement is going to go like this, “What are you whining about?!!! You have other people who have gone ahead of you into this New Land – we were the FIRST. Just hush up and keep walking, would ya?” 😉

  9. Patricia says:

    I am already anticipating your testimony, Dawn, of how the Lord did what only He can do in your lives and this new venture to accomplish what in the natural is loaded with “impossibilities”. Way cool. To God be the glory!

  10. javadawn says:


    I know the Lord told me to journal it and I have NOT been good about that. I get the wisps down, but there is so much gut wrenching DEEP work that the Lord is doing…. and I haven’t spent the time recording those. I need someone to ask me on a reasonably regular basis – ARE YOU RECORDING THIS?!!!

    So, if Father lays it on your heart – ASK!! 😀

  11. winkies6 says:

    On the lighter side…… I counted. You don’t have enough eyelashes to start a biz. There’s standards and requirements ya know. 😉 Luv ya, Dawn! If anyone I know can do it, it’s you guys!!!

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