Winter Storm Warning?!!

Here I sit, broken hearted – it tried to snow, but only started.

So I look upon the stuff – “Surely, Lord, this ain’t ENOUGH!!”

To just our north, the snows astounding – COME ON LORD, WE WANT A POUNDING!!!

Our eldest told a friend of hers, that lives in the southern part of the country, that we were hoping for all 10″ of snow that was being forecast.  “OH!” she said, “Will ya’ll wear them tennis rackets on yer feet, then?”  I just love that girl to bits!  🙂  Here’s to tennis rackets on our feet – from her mouth to Yer ear’s Lord!    😉    (No offense intended to my dear Southern friends – you can write out my harsh northern accent all you want!  I’ll even help you figure out how to do it.  Just know this – up here, my name sounds exactly the same as Don.  Down your way, it’s got the lovely sound of lawn.)   😀

6 Responses to “Winter Storm Warning?!!”
  1. winkies6 says:

    Umm, I think we got your snow again! Y’all can come and pick it up any ol’ time.

  2. javadawn says:

    AGAIN?!! Listen here, if we’re going to be friends, you’ve got to stop hogging all my snow. Really, it’s very hard to be friends with people who always take your snowmen away, ya know? 😀

  3. Jenna says:

    Girlie, I think that you must be very near insane. lol

  4. Sarah says:

    Now let me tell you, Dah’lin, you can HAVE this cold front you’ve passed down to us!

    We are QUiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTE fine without feelin’ like our noses and magnolia leaves are ’bout to fall off!

    Enjoy your tennis rackets, Daaaaawwwwnnn… we ahr ready for a Gaw-juh Christmas — a fire (pronounced “far” — hence wise men confusion) we don’t half-hardly need, more carbs than Atkins can count, and watchin ya’ll’s weather (“weatha”) and saying, “Laaaaaawww meee!!!! ‘Spose Daaaaaaawwwn an’ her angels ahr aaawwwlll-right?”

    Prayin’ snow for ya, Honey!

  5. javadawn says:

    Whah Miz Sarah, youz SO kahnd to think of us. Wez jist fahn. (Although we ahr feelin’ a bit sahd aht the layck of snow)

    So, here’s blessins on yer Gaw-juh Christmas – and may yer peCANS (NOT peeKons) be sweeter than shugar.

    (I’ll be giggling about this for the rest of the day. You cutie pie, you!) 😆

  6. winkies6 says:

    Ok, so I din’t know what y’alls half to do to attract the next cold front/storm your way, but our snow’s a-meltin an’ it’s gonna be in the 40’s this week. 😉

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