Neither rain nor lack of snow….

Remember how I have shared we live in a small town? Yesterday we received mail in our box. Nothing unusual you might think….until I tell you it had the first and last name of the intended recipient wrong/misspelled. (How many ways can one butcher Clark, do you suppose?) It has our house number wrong (REALLY wrong) and it had the street direction wrong. (We live on the east end of the street, it had the west listed)

YET, our amazing postal workers knew to whom it was intended and safely delivered the letter to my box. Hooray for my mail people!!!!! (I think I better make them something yummy and take it over)

3 Responses to “Neither rain nor lack of snow….”
  1. Deborah says:

    What a blessing to live somewhere “where everybody knows your name!” Totally cool.

  2. Patricia says:

    We live in a place just like that, Dawn! Friends that live in other communities are surprised that we know and greet the mayor and sheriff by their first names. Doesn’t everyone? =)

  3. myderbe says:

    I remember receiving a Christmas card when I was home on break from college. It was addressed to me (first and last name) and had simply the name of the town and state and zip code — no street address at all. Our county isn’t all that small, though not huge and definitely has a small-town feel, but my dad is from a large family and there are several people with the same last name. I’m not sure how the postal workers figured out which one I belonged to. Someone there must have known my dad.

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