Wasting time

I should be working.  I should be listening or writing….something.  I DO have quite the project to complete.  Yet, here I sit, staring at my computer screen wishing someone would come up and IM me.  sigh….

I guess I didn’t tell you – but I’m working on ghost writing a book…or at least that is what I SHOULD be working on.  Today, I’d much rather have one of you drop in for coffee and bagels (!!)  (We’re back to getting bread, by the way – long story, kind of sad story, actually – but as of last week, we’re picking up bread again.) and natter.

Working for an RV company means we live a kind of unpredictable life.  If things are going well, you work your tuckus off.  If things aren’t going well, you end up with stray days off.  Like this past Monday.  (I’m not complaining!)  So, I started the week with a hot cup of COFFEE (real, Holly – I haven’t fallen THAT far yet!) and had quiet time with Jeff….on a Monday morning.  It was sublime.  His being home gave me a few more hours for working on the book ….but most of all, it was just yummy to have him here all day.  BUT, it’s just made the rest of the week lonelier.  (Isn’t that silly??)

So, here I am – wasting time, yapping at you about absolutely nothing, when my notebook, et al, is sitting here waiting for me to be disciplined and do what is needful.   That IS part of what it means to be an entrepreneur, right?  Being responsible for working…..all by yourself.  It’s “my” business, after all. (I assure you, this book I’m working on is really GOD’S business – everything about it has His fingerprints all over it!)

Ok, off to be a disciplined entrepreneur – a lonely one, but a diligent one, none the less.  (OH – and if you decide to stop in for coffee and bagel – call first, I’ll put the pot on.  Can’t revel in relationship with gano.)

Funny, isn’t it, how MUCH Father has made us for relationship?  Hmmm, fodder for another blog.

11 Responses to “Wasting time”
  1. myderbe says:

    I’m fascinated with the idea of ghost-writing. And, I’ll be honest, I also find it frustrating that famous people — even famous Christians — put their names on the cover of a book as if they wrote it when they really didn’t. I know most ghost-writers don’t have the name recognition to get the books sold, and a lot of people who have knowledge about something don’t necessarily have the writing skills to pull off a book. But it just seems a little bit deceitful.

    Is it frustrating to spend all this time writing something and then see someone else’s name on it?

    Just wondering.

  2. javadawn says:

    In this case, no, I think in other cases, it quite likely would.

    I am writing on something I have no personal knowledge of. I am using the course taught by the guy I’m writing for, to learn what needs to go into the book. Therefore, I’m simply taking what he is generously sharing and putting it into written format for him.

    AND honestly, this is such a win-win situation for us, I can hardly believe Father would allow me/us to do it. (We’re having our oldest help, as it involves her passion – real estate, so we’re considering her listening and writing to be part of her school for this 6 wks.) 🙂

  3. MamaKayB says:

    I can so relate! I can’t even count all the times that I am supposed to be working on my newsletter, website or learning & sit here looking at the screen, reading blogs or talking to someone on IM. I am getting better at staying focused but it is one of the biggest challenges I face as an “entreprenuer.” It is so nice to be able talk to others who are on the same boat though. 8)

    I pray that God will help you to focus and make noticable progress today on your work.

  4. We just need each other so much. God’s really did build us to be in relationship with one another. I always find that I’m much more productive when I’ve met that need. I hope you’re making some good progress today:)

  5. Kristine says:

    You and me both, girl! And I did try to IM you this morning – but you were offline. 🙂

    I’ve been wasting my morning comparison shopping online for Christmas gifts. *sigh*

    On with the day…

  6. Okay – now I understand! 🙂

    And you know, I’d like you to serve me some bat poop coffee…just so I’d know what it tastes like.

    (Forgive my bad taste in jokes. I have 5 sons.)

    I’m quite proud of you – I know you will do great with this project, and it will be a wonderful learning experience for your family!

  7. javadawn says:

    Hey Holly Belle, I’ll send you some!! 🙂 (I’m serious – I’ll stick a sachet or two into the mail for you)

    As for the guano thing – my son calls it nothing but guano. 😉

  8. I was thinking of you this am with this project… praying for you while I was exercising… Isn’t work like that the loneliest job? It is a walk of faith… where He takes your hand and leads you off with Him into the desert. Go on…it will be okay. He has good things for you. And know: we are so praying for His strength to sustain You. And know He will.

    Much love, Dawn…

  9. whimsy says:

    hmm… yesterday morning, I was still all perked up on coffee and ready to tackle my desk world.

    By the afternoon I was feeling WAY lonely and missing “working” with other people. (the guys in the shop DO NOT count. I told DMIL it was like having 6 husbands all day)
    When I worked in an office with others, when I got to something that stumped me, I could ask a coworker for input. Now, it’s just me. Well, and my internet friends I guess. 🙂

  10. myderbe says:

    when something stumps you, come to us. 🙂 We’ll gladly stop our work to help you. hee hee

    I remember in college, I would swoop into my friend’s room after she’d been studying long enough and interrupt her . . .for her own good, of course. 🙂

  11. javadawn says:

    Oh YEAH, that’s right!! WE are here for ya whimsy!! 😀

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