Move over Scarecrow!

I belong in this line first. Ok, so I went to the Christmas party Sat night – I spent the evening speaking to two young moms. I just found out that I said something that would/could have offended one of them.

OH, if I only had a brain…ok, if I only used my brain! I think I must say things that other people require alcohol or other forms of torture to spill out. 🙄

Thank you Lord for GRACE!! Apply it liberally, PLEASE!!

3 Responses to “Move over Scarecrow!”
  1. Violet says:

    Dawn, you went to that party backed by prayer that you would minister to someone there. God hears prayer and knows your heart. He can even use your words that “would/could have offended” to accomplish His purpose (in both your life and those who heard the words). It has already caused you to thank Him for His marvelous grace. Trust Him. He is the only One that can make “everything beautiful in HIS time.”

  2. javadawn says:

    Dear Violet, Thank you- yes, I am holding fast to that. I am praying that my words would be BATHED in grace and she simply wasn’t offended. It just never ceases to amaze me how dangerous I am, when left to my own devices. (good reminder of my need for GRACE!)

  3. Mrs. Nehemiah says:

    just in case you forgot, dear, the GOSPEL is Offensive! it is a stumbling block to those who cannot/will not crucify the ‘self’. Offending the self is oftimes necessary to get the message God wants to the inner man.
    as Violet said, you went backed/bathed in prayer, you didn’t go intending to hurt/offend people, you went intending to say what God asked of you, and if that hurt/offended someone then it is the hurt of a surgeon removing a cancer. not the hurt of a killer twisting the knife.
    I’m sure your whole demeanor said “love” so that surely softened the “blow”
    and the wounds from a friend are much better than kisses from an enemy.
    besides its done, stop fretting 😉

    Mrs N

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