Funny, isn’t it, how quickly one day can pass? I think of our wedding day, the first day of life of our new babies…and holidays.   I keep thinking I should be able to capture some of these special days and hold onto them to take out and enjoy again later.  Mary was a wise woman to store up memories in her heart.

I am prayerful that each of you had a wonderful Christmas day/Eve.   We enjoyed our day even though it didn’t turn out the way we expected/planned.

Today, however, we’re back to life as normal.  Jeff got a call on Friday, asking him to come to work this week.  They were in great need of his help (he’s very good at what he does – enough so that when this guy got in a jam, Jeff was the first one he thought of) as they had to have 110 units ready to ship on Saturday am.  So, what we had thought would be a rather lazy, relaxed day looks like a normal business day around here.

So far, the Lord hasn’t brought anything extra into our days, next week.  However, I just realized I told the kids we’d buy them a new game for New Year’s Day…. and I haven’t done so yet.  HELP!  Anyone got any good ideas?!  What is your family’s favorite game?

Off to be diligent.  (Man, why is it so hard to be the adult some days?)  🙂

Blessings on your holiday week!  Dawn who is hoping someone is enjoying her lazy, relaxed day, filled with leftovers and Christmas cookies.

28 Responses to “SOP”
  1. Violet says:

    Some favorite games at our house are: Tabu, Last Word, and most recently Settlers of Catan. The last one is for only 4 players, however, unless you get the expansion. It is by far the current favorite. It is quite addicting! I can’t really begin to explain it, only to say it’s a strategy-type game – kind of a combination of Risk, Monopoly, and I don’t know what – but much more fun and varied (in my opinion). You try to build settlements on the island of Catan, by using resources from the land you own, or by trading, etc.

    Have fun!

  2. javadawn says:

    Violet, I went and checked that out – it looks like a TON of fun! Thank you – where does one find this? (ie: Meijer? ebay? – I DID find it on ebay, but didn’t know if that was my best option.)

  3. Violet says:

    Dawn, it is a TON of fun! We (rather my husband) found it at a tiny store in the Mall after he had looked every other obvious place in town! Our son had played it the week before with our associate pastor at a gathering for some of the high school “guys” and was after us to find it. Ebay would probably be your best option if you can’t find it around town somewhere. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  4. MicheleinNZ says:

    We like Cranium. Suits a variety of people and doesn’t take forever. We played this on Christmas Day with our family (adults, although older kids can play too)

  5. Mrs. Nehemiah says:

    there’s nothing like a rousing game of PIT (provided you have a strong table and no lowhanging chandeliers, long story) it’s easy enough for 10 yr olds, challenging enough for adults, and loud enough to liven up winter. plus YOU have enough people around to make it a good game. 3 or 4 can play but it doesn’t get really fun until you have at least 6.

    Mrs N

  6. Jen says:

    I have enjoyed every version of Cranium (like Cadoo, etc) that I’ve played with adults and children alike. I’d like to add a new one to our collection! In a group setting (your family would count :)) I love Catch Phrase.

    Yesterday we received and played and enjoyed Patriot Challenge. Not much for a “game” game but it is a great exercise in American history for those over 10. Those under could be helped or helpers. Not sure I would recommend it for a game that they have been anticipating though…they might think you’re just trying to school them more. 🙂

  7. ReneeM says:

    Try out either Apples to Apples or Mad Gab… we tried those last year at a retreat, and they were fun. 🙂

  8. JavaDawn says:

    Ahhh, Ladies, you are women after my own heart. We already own (and damage things…I mean play) Pit, Cranium, Cadoo AND Apples to Apples. (We even have made up our own A2A stuff. TOO fun!)

    We’re pretty serious about our games here at the Clark household. 🙂 Monopoly has been known to start on a Sunday evening and end sometime on Thursday. 😀

    Now, if you have anyone who are totally whacko type people, I will tell you we’ve really enjoyed playing “Flux.” BUT you DO need to be pretty goofy to enjoy it. (the rules change constantly throughout the game. We call it Calvin Cards) 😆

    Mrs N, you realize of course now that you’ve made the comment, we’re all simply WAITING to hear the story. 🙂 We’ll try to wait patiently….TRY is all I’m offering. 🙂

    Jen, hmmm, should I take that side note as a compliment??? 😉

  9. winkies6 says:

    We love Scrabble and Super Scrabble (new one my mom got for Christmas), Apples to Apples, Phase10, Yahtzee, Skip Bo….. We like card games, can you tell?

  10. javadawn says:

    w6, we posted at the same time. Phase 10? That’s one I’ve not heard of. Hmmm….will check into that one.

  11. MamaKayB says:

    DH & I love to play Cashflow at our house. 😉 Kind of a pricey one but we have found it to be worth it & got 202 now also & we like it even better!

    We got Made for Trade for Christmas and it looks like a great game. (We haven’t had a chance to play it yet though.)

    Around here most our kids are still little so UNO, Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, Hi Ho Cherry O! & games like that are still popular. 8)

  12. Holly says:

    What does SOP mean?

    I have no game recommendations. We’re pretty boring.

  13. Michelle says:

    Holly, SOP=Standard Operating Proceedure

    ROOK is the all time Hilleson-family favorite game. We start them early I tell ya! On the Eggers side, we tend to favor a rousing game of Hearts (either for points or pennies) although the kids are fond of playing Rummy with whatever adult is handy. Cribbage is a game I have fond memories of playing when my mom was raising us as a single woman. John introduced me to “The Name Game” when we were dating. It’s so much fun to play with a crowd and the best part is it’s totally home made! Here’s how it goes:
    1. Divide into 2 teams
    2. Each player writes down a famous (or at least recognizable) name on a slip of paper, folds it and puts it in his/her team basket.
    3. The two teams trade baskets.
    4. Each player takes turn drawing a slip of paper out of the basket and tries to describe the person, while the rest of the team tries to guess the name. The player has 60 seconds to describe as many names as he/she can.
    5. Only stipulation: no rhyming clues (i.e. “It sounds like Borge Jush.)

    There you go! Oh, fond memories…. :o)

  14. Tiffany says:

    “calvin cards” *lol* too funny!!!

  15. javadawn says:

    MamaKayB, we just got our very own copy of Cashflow. We haven’t opened it up yet. We’re wanting to do that this weekend, but it seems to have a learning curve, so we were hoping to play a game that is simple and easily absorbed. 🙂

    Holly, I know better! I know your family isn’t boring. 🙂

    And you Michelle, sigh…we have Rook – I forgot about it. It’s been ages since we played. I should pull it out.
    We’re euchre players, don’t ya know. Jeff grew up learning to play at an early age (like 8, I think) We start all the kids on chess at 3. That’s part of their 3 yr b’day celebration – learning the names of the pieces. The kids all LOVE to play chess and cribbage is also a standard. We have Jeff’s Gpa’s set. 🙂 (How cool is that??)

    See, we’re just hopeless – we have SO many games. We need to live out in the boondocks where we could get snowed in for days. (Got a house for me Lynn…Molls???) For New Years, we generally start a game on New Years Eve and play through for the next 24 hrs. (Either that or we start up a new jigsaw….)

  16. Lynn says:

    Dawn, you come on up with your whole family and we’ll play games all winter only taking breaks for sledding and snowman building. That’s pretty much all us Alaskans do, ya know?

    As for games, you’ve seen the picture of our game closet and we pretty much have all the same ones. Noah received A2A Jr for Christmas and it’s a hit. We also taught our twins to “play” chess early on. They would have races to see who could set the board up the quickest – too cute! Euchre!?! We play that every time we come to Indiana – must be a midwest game because no one else we know plays. The children love it when I tell them we’re playing cribbage in place of math – gotta practice counting to 15 and 31.

    Does anyone know how to play bridge? That’s one I’ve wanted to learn for a while.

  17. javadawn says:

    Lynn, DEAL! 😀 I can’t tell you how much I think that sounds like a small slice of heaven!

    I think Euchre is a hugely popular game with the Polish culture here in our area. They literally plan bridal showers around it. (That and…ok bother….OH! Bunco.) I enjoy playing it so much, that Jeff and I have been known to bounce around a table and pretend to be two different players, before the kids got the hang of it. (Oh, did I just cause you to rescind your offer??) 😉 (You could think of it this way – you know we could handle the cold and isolation of Alaska.) 😀

    My grandmother played bridge. Every week. Faithfully. For years. Planned her week around it, her Eastern Star meeting and her hair appt. Life was not “right” without her bridge game. She never taught me how to play. (Told me I wasnt’ smart enough yet. The last time I asked, I was in NHS in high school. Not certain what qualified….perhaps a Phi Beta Kappa key?? 😀 The only thing I could figure out is, once she taught me, she’d have to take me to her bridge games and they were QUITE off-limits to kiddos.)

  18. Christina says:

    Right now our favorite is Bible Outburst. We also like catch phrase and shout really well. Shout is very loud though.

  19. javadawn says:

    🙄 Loud doesn’t scare me. Such is the way of Clark life. 😀

  20. winkies6 says:

    I first heard of Euchre when I was like 12 or something and we were visiting some family in Northern Michigan. They tried to teach me. LOL

    I always thought it was a Northern Michigan game. We love to play, but we definately don’t plan our lives around it.

    Everyone we’ve played with knows my Euchre phrase…. “Just for fun… pick it up!”


  21. javadawn says:

    YOUR phrase? HOLD ON…didn’t you have to sign the contractual agreement that said you would use that phrase at least once a game? Around here, (meaning northern IN) this is REQUIRED, almost as much as the deck itself. 😉 😀

  22. winkies6 says:

    ROFLOL! I think people actually HATE to hear that phrase come out of my mouth. Especially when I say…. “Hmmmmmmmmmm, just for fun….. PICK IT UP!” LOL

    Maybe having married a Polack ( 😀 ) and being from Michigan I didn’t have to sign anything. LOL

  23. Lynn says:

    You didn’t scare me off Dawn! Bring it on…. I dare you, NO, I triple dog dare you to come to Alaska!

    So N Indiana has a large Polish population? I never knew that. S Indiana is mostly German. I think Dubois County is the beer drinking capital of the world.

  24. javadawn says:

    W6, Ahhh, that explains everything. You’re right – that would provide you automatic coverage. 😀 😉

    Lynniepoo – Don’t make me cry. I can’t tell you how much I would LOVE to find myself eating b’fast at your beautiful dining table. The view….YOU….what more could I ask for…oh yeah, do you a good cup of hot cocoa waiting for me?!! 😉

  25. myderbe says:

    I’m coming in late on the discussion, but Phase 10 is fun. We recently learned to play. We also like Tribond, Trivial Pursuit (every edition), Guesstures, Scene It (though we really don’t know enough to be good at this), Trivial Pursuit, Connect Four (though only 2 people can play), Catch Phrase (I LOVE this game), Don’t Wake Daddy (for littles), Trivial Pursuit, . . . did I mention Trivial Pursuit? 🙂

  26. javadawn says:

    Oh md!!! I wish I knew that – I’d have given you all our old TP stuff. (I think I gave it all away, if not, I’ll find it and send it to you!) We haven’t played in ages and it was just sitting there looking forlorn in our game closet. 😦 (Not to mention that Jeff could beat all our combined toocki (you KNOW – the plural of toockus! 😀 ) in one fell swoop.)

  27. We just got back from a rousing game of Rummy Royal (and of course Rook) over at the folks’. John’s been threatening to get out Masterpiece and Authors again too.

  28. javadawn says:

    Wouldn’t ya know, I’m missing 3 Rook cards. 🙄 BUT we did get Phase 10 at the store the other night – it was on sale. 😀 (And it wasn’t expensive to begin with. I just LOVE when God goes shopping before me.) 🙂

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