When God goes cow tipping

It is the last day of this year.  Soon, the new year will be ushered in and for everyone, other than those of us who have to date things by hand still, the old year will slip away….

As I look back on 2006, I wonder what will hold reign in my memory?  I suspect it will be the number of silly idols that the Lord has spent the year tipping over in my heart. 

I’m not complaining – I’m just amazed and rather astounded first of all, that there were so many in there!  Secondly, I am rejoicing that the Lord would be so gracious and kind to me, as to continue to make me more like Christ.  Just like the children of Israel who were quick to build an idol of a golden cow, I too am quick to run to the idols in my life, as well.

Since the beginning of the year, Father has laid hold of the idols of: instant obedience from my children; the need for unification (not to be confused with unity!) in the Body of Christ; the idol of college/higher education and the “perfect” education for my children; the idol of appearing to have it all together (HA – 3 min at this blog and you’d know better); money – not the having of it, but the power I attributed to it; having the “right” job; job security and the idea that, for us, employment is ever going to be anything more than relationship; a good credit rating; our ability to cover all our own expenses, rather than depending completely on Father to meet our needs.  And those are just the ones I’m MOST aware of today….who knows how many legion more were rocked and bashed about.

I am not, by any means, thinking that my battle with these many things that vie for the attention that is to reserved for only Father, is over.  I know that these things have had reign and rule in my heart for many years, so I fear I will need to be aggressive in doing battle with them for a while.  Oh, Heavenly Father, I want to be quick to tip any “cows” that try to take hold of my heart again. 

What about you?  What will hold center stage in your memory from 2006? 

What ever memories you may hold, I pray that this next year will be filled with more of the glory of the Lord being made manifest in your life.  I pray you will grow richer in the knowledge of the love of our Savior and His plan for your life.  I pray that we will both – you and I – hold onto the recesses of our hearts with open hands, longing for His hand to touch and cleanse and purify us, that we might be more like our precious Lord Jesus.  To Your Glory, my Lord, for Your pleasure, by Your hand ~~~ for it all flows from You, to You and through You! 

5 Responses to “When God goes cow tipping”
  1. javadawn says:

    Jeff says I have to mention, too that in the last year, we’ve learned a whole new way of computer life and speak. Meeting new friends and making heart-felt relationships….all through this really weird medium. Furthermore statements like, “Hey, did you Gimp my tea pots yet?” are not a foreign language. 2006 – definitely an odd year. 🙂

  2. MicheleinNZ says:

    As I sit here only 30 minutes from the new year (one advantage to being in NZ – I get to know the future before you!) I’ve been contemplating this very question. This has been a year of more consistent and intense Bible study than I’ve ever experienced. The result being that the more I study, the more I realise that I don’t know much about anything. And I am definitely a flawed being in need of a Saviour. And this year I have also discovered the world of blogs and some of the wonderful ladies that write them. God has used this medium of communication to meet a real need in my life and allow me to use the things I’m learning from these women to minister to other women in real life.

  3. Patricia says:

    “What will hold center stage in your memory from 2006?” you asked.

    Babies. Grandbabies. The miracle of life and the responsibility of the generations.

    It is truly unbelievable how fast time slips away and that reality has come into greater focus for me over the last year or two. More and more I am committed to living in the moment to the fullest – which is the reason my latest blog header includes the quote from Jim Elliot.

  4. valerie says:

    Happy New Year, dear friend! Wishing you the best of the best as you traverse into 2007. Thank you for the friendship, encouragement and laughter you bring to our lives, you are a treasure.

    love, Valerie

  5. javadawn says:

    Val, you are such a sweetie. Hurry up and come visit me here in the US, would ya??!! Thank you so much for the blessings – same to you. (And you KNOW what I’m praying for, for your new year!!!) 😀

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