Spell check on page 65!

I am write. Write am I. I am writing by and by.

Pages here, pages there, I’ve got pages everywhere.

Front side, back side, I’m now cross eyed.

Typing, typing, day and night, typing, typing black on white.

Short page, long page, that’s the wrong page!

I must finish, due date pending. Book writing time will soon be ending.

Till this book if off my screen, I may ne’er again be seen!

(Don’t look for much from me before Thurs!! I miss talking to you all, don’t forget to pray for Holly – oh, holly, that reminds me, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas! OH WAIT, that’s over, isn’t it?) 😉

6 Responses to “Spell check on page 65!”
  1. Press on towards the finish line, my well accomplished, much prayed for friend!!!

    All is gift,

  2. javadawn says:

    Oh Ann, you are SUCH a dear. (Such an encourager as well!) Thank you for the prayers. Know that we are seeing the fruit of that.
    Jeff and the kids have done a wonderful job keeping me chained to my desk….I mean serving me while I’m working.
    I have times when I simply can’t type as fast as Father is placing it in my heart. Really, no matter how much work it is, it’s REALLY been fun. I’m going to miss not having a book to write.
    Anyone else need an ebook written? 😉

  3. whimsy says:

    Go Dawn, Go Dawn, G-o Dawn!

    whoops, that would be the cheerleader in me coming out again!

  4. ~huge smile~
    It does become like that, doesn’t it, Dawn? So hard to do… and then, in the midst, God does the impossible, and you find yourself deeply enjoying the process. I would LOVE to see what you have worked on–because I do think God has very much gifted you—so you never know—I think you may find yourself writing another book again soon!!!!

    Much love and prayers for you, Dawn,
    All is gift,

  5. javadawn says:

    Ann, 😆 What I’m writing is SO FAR out of my realm, I am totally and completely and did I say totally?? amazed that I am able to do it….AT ALL, let alone so that it makes sense to those that are reading it. (Jeff and Danica are editing and reading for content and continuity.) I am writing about real estate investing. ???? Whodda thunk?!!!!!

  6. LOL! I’ve been forced far out of my “realm” this past year as well and what is really, REALLY cool is experiencing God’s sufficiency in that time. The things He did that only He could do just put us on our faces one minute and rejoicing in dance the next! Love you ~ Patricia

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