It’s “only” 11 pm. I’m tired. You know, I forgot that people go to bed at this hour.

As I sit here, I’m further behind on writing than I had hoped, but what I have written I have totally completed and therefore I don’t need to even think about it again. (SEE! I told you I like the Scarlet O’Hara method of problem resolution!!!)

Our little Booger baby is sitting at my feet. She was put in bed once this evening, where she was sleeping soundly, until the paternal reading unit did a particularly exciting and amusing voice, which caused all Clark offspring to dissolve in boundless laughter. Suddenly she awoke, realizing she HAD to be missing out on big fun. (She was, but we were hoping she wouldn’t notice!)

So, we allowed her to sit here by me while I was working. Thankfully, I had a set of new “toys” on the floor for her to play with. These toys are the reason I’m blogging instead of a) closing the computer down and going to bed or b) being a responsible adult.

I, on the other hand, am going to play dumb, until some unsuspecting child walks in here to kiss me goodnight and when they shriek, I will slowly turn around, give the appropriate gasp, don a face of total innocence and say, “OH MY, did the baby empty the ENTIRE box of kleenex?” Then, I will discretely kick one of the pieces from the package of crackers that she tossed about the room and say, “Wow, looks like she got to the crackers too.” Think I can pull it off? Anyone want to wager on it?? 😉 We could bet the cleaning up of the box of erasers she pulled off and threw, one by one into the closet, since I started blogging.

Edit: I didn’t pull it off. The kids saw it and they bust out laughing (I guess it did look pretty silly, me sitting here, the “snow” of kleenex all about my feet and a quite pleased-with-herself baby sitting in the middle of it all – cracker crumbs all about her beaming mug) and I laughed with them and we all cleaned it – and HER – up together.  😀   You DO realize what this means, don’t you?  It means I’m on my own for the eraser clean up.    😉

4 Responses to “SHAMEFUL”
  1. winkies6 says:

    Well, it looks like she was busy too. Although in the state of mind I am in right now (due to the behaviors of my children), I would have completely and totally lost my composure and been throwing a huge hissy fit, not unlike the fits my children have thrown today WITH an overnight guest. *sigh*

    I’m glad you are able to get some things done amongst the ruins. 😉
    My mother’s quote to me this evening in regards to tomorrow: The Lords blessings are new every morning. I told her I thought that tomorrow would just be another day in you-know-where, but she assures me otherwise.

    Sorry, can you tell it’s been a rough vacation here with the children (and husband working the entire time)?

    Now, stop reading this blubber and finish up that book, girl! You can sooo do this! Maybe a few more packages of kleenex for that babe, and you’ll be all set! LOL

  2. javadawn says:

    w6, OH HONEY! I’m so sorry. Your mama’s right. God’s mercies are going to be new in the morning! He can refresh you and give you all that you need. Don’t try to tackle the day as a whole in your mind. Start thinking of it as little “bites” to get through. You can do this, and Father can do it through you!!
    ((h)) !! (and I’m still working, this was just a quick break.) 😉

  3. whimsy says:

    I’m sure you can spin the kleenex activities into some type of learning can’t you? Fine motor skills or something like that.

    Eraser and cracker throwing…hm….gross motor skills maybe?

  4. javadawn says:

    😀 I like it. Perhaps she’s an Olympian in the making. Surely eraser throwing can grow into becoming a shot putter, don’t ya think?? 😉

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